Clever ways to give gift cards


Clever ways to give gift cards


Gift cards are a staple of the holiday season. Often a go-to gift when other options just do not seem to suffice, gift cards remove the worry about whether or not the item will fit or if it’s the right color or model.

Gift cards can make ideal gifts because they are chosen with the recipients’ likes and tastes in mind while allowing recipients to shop without spending their own money.

Today’s gift cards are better than those of yesteryear, which typically came with expiration dates and onerous fees. E-gift cards, which can be purchased and redeemed online, are among the most convenient of all gift cards.

Although gift cards have many positive attributes, it’s difficult to overlook that gift cards are viewed as a safe gift lacking in originality.

But the National Retail Federation notes that in 2011, 57.7 percent of survey respondents said they would prefer to get a gift card that year. This ranks gift cards higher than electronics, clothing and accessories as desired gifts.

Recipients of holiday cheer seemingly would like to pick out their own presents, which can ease the burden on gift-givers searching high and low for the perfect gifts. Still, giving a gift card can remove some of the excitement of unwrapping a mystery gift.

By employing a few creative tips, gift cards can be fun and unique.

Scavenger hunt

Have the gift recipient work a little in a clever way for the gift. Plant clues around the house that will gradually lead to the hiding spot where the gift card is stashed. Clues can include witty poetic verses or tie into recipients’ personal interests.

Nesting boxes

Another way to present a gift card is to hide it inside of a box that looks like any other gift. However, once the person unwraps the gift, he or she will discover another wrapped box inside. This prank can be repeated over and over as many times as desired until the gift card is unearthed.

Gift basket

A gift card can be ensconced with other trinkets and tied into a theme. For example, a gift card for a spa massage may be complemented by lotions, massage oil and a terry-cloth robe. These items can all be packaged together in a decorative basket to make the entire gift eye-catching and appealing.

Themed wrapping

Place the gift card inside of an item that epitomizes the gift. A card for a bookstore can be nestled inside of the pages of a classic book. A gift card to a hair salon can be attached to the end of a hairbrush. For those gifting to a favorite coffee shop, place the gift card inside of an empty coffee mug.

Shopping savvy

Offering a gift card as a present is entitling the recipient to a day of shopping. Wrap the card with a reusable shopping tote so that he or she can carry purchases inside. You can monogram the bag with initials or even decorate it. Otherwise, purchase a new wallet and place the gift card inside. Wrap the wallet and encourage the recipient to go on a spree.

Special delivery

For a creative spin, work with a retailer that offers home delivery service. Ask to have the gift card attached inside of a pizza box or nestled in a bouquet of flowers. When the recipient receives the delivery, he or she will be surprised by the added gift.

Gift cards make convenient gifts, but they may not carry with them the panache of other holiday gifts. Dressing up gift cards in creative ways can make them even more appreciated.