Close alternative school down


I’m a 2004 River Valley Alternative School graduate and decided my opinion should be heard. In my opinion, the school does need to be closed (April 15).

At one time, I wanted to attend an alternative school. I was accepted to RVS with open arms, only to regret my decision later. I soon learned the true nature of the school. In most cases, a book is placed in front of students, who are then expected to “teach” themselves. Most of them make a game of searching through their books for the right answer, never learning anything.

The teachers also have a remarkable way of getting to a student’s level, including the name-calling games high-schoolers often play.

I have been affected by this school, and I am not alone. Granted, the whole school is not a failure. Adult education is a great program and offers much help to its participants. Keeping adult education open would allow the ones who want their GED to continue to get it.

Let some of us have some dignity. Close this nonsense down.

Casandra Mudd, Winthrop