Close encounters


Has anyone ever figured out what that UFO in the Strong area was? The one a few weeks back? I don’t believe it was a F-14 or other military aircraft, at least none that belongs to the United States.

Lately the F-whatevers have been flying over the area, making all kinds of noise and are visible. So what was flying that evening, and is anyone even interested?

What if it was some new Iranian aircraft?

Could it be that some of the air bases here in Maine aren’t really closed down but doing secret government work?

Does the government even have a clue, or is the government’s technology too primitive for whomever is flying the UFO?

I can remember back in the 1950s when UFOs hovered right over the White House for a week or so. No explanation, then or now, that I can recall.

Maybe a citizen-sponsored UFO search might be the right thing to do. Keep the government out of it so no one gets their pictures taken away or whatever.

If the UFO seen in Strong cannot be named or defined, how do we know if it’s friend or foe?

How does one protect one’s self from an invisible foe?

Where is this aircraft now? What was its mission? Will it be coming back?

If so, when, and for what purpose?

Joel Denison, Strong