CMCC Junior Volunteers ready to help


The Junior Volunteer Summer Program is under way at Central Maine Medical Center. After completing an orientation program that introduced them to such topics as patient confidentially, safety, infection control, body mechanics, nursing unit etiquette and customer service, the students volunteer several days each week for four-hour shifts. Some return to volunteer during the school year. Several students returned from previous summers.

Volunteering for the summer are from left, first row, Morgan Gilbert of Greene, Chelsey Provencher of Lewiston, Phoebe Tamminen of Brunswick, Nicole Smith of Greene, Melissa Ulin of Auburn, Alycia Walsh of Minot, Kyle Frazier of Durham, Nicole Kearns of Lewiston, Kirsten Kinder of Auburn, Allison Lewandowski of Lewiston, Emma Dillion of Auburn, and Rebecca Lessard of Lewiston.

Second row, Alyssa Janke of Canton, Robert Link of Auburn, Bruce Soper of Lewiston, Ryan Landry of Lewiston, Kamuran Paradis of Falmouth, Abby Suresh of Naples, Teila Gagnon of Lewiston, Shelby Lawrence of Lisbon Falls, Hannah Costa of Auburn, Brandon Chaloux of Lewiston, CMMC Volunteer Services Director Susan Bowie, Shawn McKeown of Lewiston, Catherine Bauer of Auburn, Sarah DiVello of Lewiston, Samantha Augello of Turner, Kayla Richardson of Turner, Shonah Russell of Lewiston, Kelsy Ouellette of Lewiston, Brian Parker of Lewiston, Sarah Durgin of Turner, Hailee Mulherin of Leeds, Mariah Mosher of Auburn, Tyler Shennett of Auburn and Tom Applegate of Lewiston.

Absent were Kaitlyn Bowie of Mechanic Falls, Cassie Brown of Leeds, Sage Carpenter of Monmouth, Alex Carver of Lewiston, Katherine Harmon of Auburn, Chad Jones of Lewiston, Jenna LaBrecque of New Gloucester, Sarah Simpson of Auburn, Katherine Harmon of Auburn, Elise Applegate of Lewiston, Selina Gable of Lewiston, Brianna Janke of Canton, Whitney Stone of Minot and Tamara Roy of Lewiston.