CNN Headline News host Glenn Beck will be regular commentator on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’


NEW YORK (AP) – CNN Headline News and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck will join ABC’s “Good Morning America” as a regular commentator, ABC News said Tuesday.

Beck’s radio show can be heard on 232 radio stations and XM satellite radio, and his television offshoot has boosted the ratings for CNN Headline News, where it airs twice each evening.

“Glenn is a leading cultural commentator with a distinct voice,” said Jim Murphy, senior executive producer of “Good Morning America.” “At times, he is the perfect guest for many of the talk topics we cover on morning news programs.”

CNN Headline News said Tuesday that Beck will make several single-topic specials this year, after a previous one – on Islamic extremism – set a ratings record for the network.

Beck will make specials on people who believe in the apocalypse, Islam in America and the “myths of global warming,” the network said. The first will air in late February or early March.

“As we peel back the layers on these topics, we will likely be sparking a lot of dinner-table debates, which is exactly what we set out to do with our show every night.”

Beck has the fastest-growing talk show in cable news, although his average audience of more than 300,000 for each showing is about a fifth of time-period competitor “Hannity & Colmes” on Fox News Channel.

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