Colorful quilts given to maternity unit at hospital


FARMINGTON — Wrapped in a frog quilt, newborn Xzavier Lepage was unperturbed Friday as members of the County Square Quilters presented 27 handmade quilts to the maternity unit at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

Nurses unwrapped and admired the colorful creations from the North Jay club, which donates some every year. Judy Lane, a former nurse/supervisor for 35 years at FMH, and Lisa Small brought them to the hospital, nurse Mary Anne Goodwin said. The quilts are distributed by nurses.

The quilts for newborns and children at FMH vary in size and can take hours or weeks to complete, Small added.

Members also make lap quilts for area nursing homes and small quilts for the neo-natal unit at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Lane said there are 42 people in the club. They meet twice a month at the Jay Niles Memorial Library.

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