Colpitts’ contract extended one year


OXFORD — The Oxford Hills School District Board of Directors on Monday night unanimously approved a one-year extension of Superintendent Rick Colpitts’ contract.

The contract now expires on June 30, 2016.

The directors will vote on his compensation in the spring or summer. Colpitts currently earns $107,161. The directors have increased Colpitts’ original salary from $103,000 in 2010. His contract was extended one year last  year.

The board spent about 25 minutes in executive session to evaluate the superintendent before going into open session to act on the contract.

Board Chairman Ron Kugell previously explained that directors and the superintendent each participate in the evaluation process, which is done in both ranking and essay form. The directors evaluate the superintendent on issues such as goals and how well they are met.

Colpitts, of Peru, came to the Oxford Hills School District in 2009 under a pilot program that employed him as a half-time assistant superintendent. He was serving as part-time superintendent of SAD 39 in Buckfield at the time.


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