Comic Book Workshop at Auburn Public Library


AUBURN — Local artist Mike Jordan will return to the Auburn Public Library to present another two-part comic book workshop. The workshop will be held on two days at 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Oct. 10 and 17, at 49 Spring St.

Jordan, the creator of the online comic the “Parverian Tales,” will offer the chance for qualified teens at APL to be a part of the staff that writes and illustrates the next “APL Presents” comic book.

Teens will learn how to script, draw, letter and ink their own pages and with their own character; all equipment to do so will be provided. Teens will receive a copy of the book they helped to create, and there will be a mini premiere party with prizes.

Teens wishing to participate should note the following requirements:

• Before the show, the prospective staff members need to create a character sheet. A clear drawing of the teens character from the front and from the side view (and from feet to head) with any specific (small or intricate) details shown larger off to the side;

• The character name and abilities should be listed out (on the front, or if there’s no room, on the back is fine), as well as drawing any special effects necessary to represent their powers (a back story and origin would be suggested but isn’t necessary here);

• Characters cannot be borrowed from any other existing character other than their own, and cannot even closely resemble an existing character by anyone else. Any of their own characters are fine, even if reprising their past characters from previous issues.

• Teens having difficulty coming up with a character should draw themselves as whatever they like to draw. For example, if someone likes to draw horses, cars, etc., they should draw themselves as they might appear as a horse, or a car, etc.; and

• Teens must be available for both sessions.

To see what some of the past staff members have produced, or to read Jordan’s comic, teens may visit

FMI, register: 207-333-6640, ext. 4;