Lewiston shooting victim lured by text message, police say

LEWISTON — Police believe Scott Anctil, 24, of Lewiston planned to rob 63-year-old meat salesman Kristopher Klimek of Naples, luring him to the corner of Bates and Granite streets with a text message.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Steve Anctil appears in 8th District Court in Lewiston on Friday. He is charged with robbery and elevated aggravated assault in the shooting of Kristopher Klimek, 63, of Naples. 

"Be available about 4 and and I live on bates street BLOODED," read the message from Anctil's phone.

When they met shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday, Anctil hid his face beneath a bandanna. He demanded money from Klimek. When he refused, police say Anctil shot Klimek in the belly and fled, according to court records.

Police arrested Anctil hours later. He has since been charged with elevated aggravated assault and robbery.

During Actil's initial court appearance in Lewiston District Court on Friday, Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz read the detailed charges aloud and doubled the state's request of $50,000 cash bail. Anctil remained held at Androscoggin County Jail.

No new information was released about Klimek's condition. At his request, officials at Central Maine Medical Center could not release information. He has been recovering at the Lewiston hospital since undergoing surgery for Wednesday's gunshot wound, described in court records as entering his lower abdomen and exiting through his thigh.

Klimek appears to have become a target for Anctil because he was known as someone who had a lot of money, according to the police affidavit.

The four-page sworn statement describes a female witness who told police Anctil and two other men had been hatching a plan to steal someone's money one day before the shooting. The next day, she and a friend spotted Anctil carrying a handgun outside 2 Granite St.

Moments after the shooting, she saw Anctil leaving the scene.

Police arrested Anctil on Wednesday at his home at 129 Oak St. They searched his home but found no handgun.

He denied any involvement in the shooting, according to the affidavit. He said his cellphone, which sent the text, was stolen earlier in the day.

Anctil has a long history of assaults, domestic violence assault, theft and robbery. He was convicted of violating bail five times. His rap sheet with the Maine State Bureau of Information stretches across 40 pages.

He most recently worked at a local Big Apple convenience store.


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Andrew Jones's picture

40 page rap sheet?!

40 page rap sheet?!

 's picture

Worked at a local Big Apple Store?

If this person worked at a local Big Apple Store he obviously lied his way into getting a job there. I can see why he's not as good of a b.s. artist as he's not a good robber either. I hope when he goes to trial he gets the max sentence for his crime and not just a slap on the wrist as alot do.

Kim Berry's picture

ok, found the "add comment"

why cant people add a comment in the actual section where the story they want to add the comment is? I looked top to bottom several times, before I had to read a long list of OTHER stories, before I could comment on THIS ONE. I didnt see a "comment on THIS STORY" OPTION, ON this story. I saw the other stories listed, and figured, well, I guess it is no longer an option. haha :( Well, at least I am trying.

I am apparently not adjusting well to the new and improved format. I see there are no other comments as well.
Where are all of the folks that USE TO comment on stories, at these days? We cannot find this feature at all, or not easily.

Wishing for the older method now. :)

Kim Berry's picture

girl friend? accomplice? Informant?

If money was stolen AND shared with said girl friend, would she have been an informant?

People! STOP STEALING! and dont shoot some one, it is loud, and people will take notice! Dont stab some one, either! It is a discusting & cowardess thing to do! And, I know this may not have occurred to a person who has done such a despicable act, but, it is wrong & you are securing your seat in Hell, if you keep this up.

sickening to see some one innocent being hurt this way! I hope for their recovery, and pray for their emotional healing after such a violent crime like this.


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