S. Mendros: All about the debt

The June 12 Republican primary is one word — debt.

Bruce Poliquin is uniquely qualified to solve our nation's biggest problem. With a degree in economics, an incredibly successful career in finance and the elimination of billions in state debt, he has the education, experience and results desperately needed in Washington.

He is not only the best candidate, he will be the most qualified U.S. senator at grasping and solving this enormous problem.

Maine and America need Poliquin’s leadership. Maine’s tradition of sending great leaders, instead of party hacks, has given our small state immense stature nationally. We must continue that tradition with Poliquin tackling the debt problem like no other.

Any Republican nominee must contrast with Angus King. Poliquin can raise money, inspire the base and most importantly, his record of debt elimination contrasts best with King’s record of debt expansion.

On June 12, I will vote for Bruce Poliquin.

Stavros Mendros, Lewiston

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Jason Theriault's picture

Debt is misleading

First off, debt isn't the issue we need to address. We need to address jobs and economic growth, not take money out of the economy with austerity measures. With a European collapse threatening, we're going to need to maximize our economic strength. Once the uncertainties of the next year are settled, we can work on long range issues.

Richard Begin's picture

Poliquin =Mendros=Debt= ???

In Fairness I have to Agree with Mr Gravel. Crook is very Harsh.
I strongly defend and Encourage My Friend Stavros to choose whom ever he decides to support in this Primary.

We both have Starkly Different ideas about who should represent Maine > I Like Rick Bennett and Stav likes Bruce Poliquin

May the best Candidate win


Richard Begin's picture

All About what Debt?

Mr Wrenn;
I think you have it right but had you considered the fact that by mr mendros supporting Bruce that Perhaps . What is it the Mr Mendros recieves by supporting Poliquin ? ?

Think about it Conventional Wisdom would Suggest that My Long time Friend Stavros would be supporting Rick Bennet for Congress.

In Fact Mark'. When Stavros ran for the Legislature back in 1998 he enjoyed the strong support of Brent LittleField and Dan Billings who both are strong supporters of Rick Bennet and were close friends of Mr Mendros.

Now it appears that this letter may have Burned those Bridges. As For Bruce Poliquin he Certainly behaves in a very Questionable Manner. When it comes to the Truth Candidate Poliquin does appear to Parse the Truth

Good observation Mark

Mark Wrenn's picture


Poliquin is a crook. And what's all this bs. about raising money? He's writing himself checks, trying to buy a senate seat.

MARK GRAVE's picture

Please specify what exactly

Please specify what exactly makes Poliquin a crook?

Richard Begin's picture

Stavros I think you have it wrong


My Old friend stavros you have opted to go with a Candidate who can not possibly defeat Angus King. I actually considered you to have Good Judgement. What Happened here?

Hey Stavros could you tell Me and others Just How Bruce Poliquin earned his Fortune?

He has been very Vague about that. and Yet he has not Faltered at all in his Mantra about how he and Governor Lepage Turned things around.

I think Truth be told the Governor would sooner hope that Bruce Poliquin start to distance himself from the Governor. Perhaps Bruce should start to stand on his own achievements.

Oh Also Why was Treasurer Poliquin So eager to Judge and Convict Former Maine State Housing Director "Dale Mc Cormick' in the Court of Public Opinion?

Yes he Bruce has been an Outstanding State Treasurer but that Maine State Housing Director Ousting demonstrated Treasurer's Poliquins' Rush to Judgement. Imagine if he Behaved as a US Senator that Way?

R Begin


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