Lewiston store accused of welfare fraud

Mark LaFlamme

Union Super Market at Union and Elm streets in Lewiston

LEWISTON — The owner of the Union Super Market has been indicted on charges that he defrauded the Maine welfare system of more than $5,000 over five years.

Andre A. Beaupre, 61, of Auburn was indicted on a felony charge of theft by deception following an investigation that involved Lewiston police, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, the Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

According to the indictment, Beaupre fraudulently accepted payments from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program known as SNAP.

Police said Beaupre allowed some of his regular customers to buy products such as cigarettes and liquor with  SNAP benefits. Police said that by letting his customers do so, he gave himself an advantage over other stores that can't legally accept those payments for liquor, cigarettes and other banned items, such as hot, prepared foods.

According to the indictment, Beaupre is accused of committing the fraud between June 2006 through September 2011.

The indictment of Beaupre is part of an ongoing investigation that aims to crack down on cheats in the welfare system. Lewiston police have been working with local and federal agencies as part of the crackdown on abuses of the system.

Union Super Market sits at the corner of Oak and Union streets in Lewiston.

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 's picture

should of said if there is

should of said if there is one meaning adult

 's picture

caught for selling booze and smokes

what about the persons holding the ebt card shouldn't they be reprimanded as well. that's the way you would also clean up some of the fraud. At least they have taken some action rather then turning a blind eye to it all. the other day I was in seven eleven on Main st Lewiston. There were three children there none being older then 10 years old purchasing ice cream for the three of them and then putting the code in for the ebt card as the adult is there is one let this be known to the child. Only in America


No fraud?

Nobody ever said there was no fraud. That's like saying there is no crime. Just because a crime occurs on a street doesn't make everybody who lives on that street a criminal. Just because there is welfare fraud doesn't make everybody on welfare a thief and it doesn't mean that no one has a legitimate need for help. The government needs to be vigilant both in stopping welfare thieves and criminals in order to protect law abiding citizens. You don't do that by painting everybody with a broad brush. And you don't do that by laying off the people who should be doing the investigating. Investigations are not free and neither are prosecutions and incarcerations. Somebody has to be paying for all that. Should it fall on the shoulders of retirees and young struggling families or on those so called "job creators" who are hoarding their profits and not creating jobs or on the investor class who make their living closing businesses, laying off workers and gambling with our pension funds ? That's the question.

 's picture

but i thought that there was

but i thought that there was no fraud in maine, and that people on snap and who use ebt cards are just folks down on their luck who want only to feed their hungary children.

Pamela Belanger's picture

There's fraud happening just

There's fraud happening just about EVERYWHERE not just in Maine....but when something bad happens in Maine...especially Lewiston Maine everyone starts saying yup only in the dirty lew...like nothing bad happens anywhere else...people need to wake up n realize that bad things don't only happen in the dirty lew or just Maine....it's all over

MEGAN PARKS's picture


Children from Hungary use our food stamps?


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