Daley, Belskis win Dixfield board seats

DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen will look very different when it meets next week, thanks to Tuesday's election when residents voted in Oxford County Sheriff's Office Capt. Hart Daley and local automobile business owner Scott Belskis.

Longtime Selectman Norine Clarke was defeated in her bid for another term. Board Chairman Stephen Donahue chose not to run.

Voting totals for the two open seats were: Daley, 193; Belskis, 140; Clarke, 118; and Janice Merrill, 91.

Both Belskis, 47, and Daley, also 47, have opposed going forward with a plan by Patriot Renewables LLC to erect an industrial wind turbine project on the Colonel Holman Mountain ridgeline.

Clarke and Donahue devoted a considerable amount of time to writing a wind turbine ordinance that residents may vote on during the November elections.

Daley has said that he believes a committee should write such an ordinance.

Both Belskis and Daley also believe that the town has not been as transparent with information about a wind project as it could be.

The new board will meet for the first time and reorganize at 5 p.m., June 18, at the Town Office.

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Norman Mitchell's picture

Maines Power

So if you think we get our power from away think again !!
There is no shortage of Electricity! Maine has 4300 Megawatts of Electric generation Capacity we only use 1500 Megawatts in fact wind power cost as much as 3 times current power your electric rate will likely increase!
Wind power will not get us off oil or coal less than 2% of electricity in Maine and the US is from Oil !! Natural gas provides about 50% of Maine’s electricity with no particulate emissions and half the CO2 of coal. Coal is only ½ of 1 % of Maine Electric Power
Wind Power in Maine will have no impact on CO2 windmills built on 300 miles of Maine Mountain’s would only reduce co2 output in US by less than Four one hundredths of one percent 0.04% and if they build these wind monsters the power will go to Mass so Be careful what you vote for, folks !!!!!
also 75 % of the time the Wind mills will not Produce power the wind is only right for them 25% of the time the rest of the time we will need another source of power generation !! so again so Be careful what you vote for, folks !!!!!

 's picture

Good points, Norman. Thank

Good points, Norman. Thank you for making them. I think the Maine people are waking up.

Jeff Johnson's picture

*Click!* It's ON!

So let me get this straight... Everyone wants new, renewable power... except if it's in their back yard.

Be careful what you vote for, folks. When was the last time you saw a power plant being built? Are power companies constructing new oil-burners? No. Coal-burners? No. The environmentalists are taking OUT hydro-dams, not building them. Any new Nukes? Nope. Boston built a gas-burner a few years ago... and it's already operating at capacity.

The infrastructure is getting older, and older, and older. Power demand is going up, and up, and up...

California continues to have rolling brown-outs because they can't generate enough electricity. What do you think will happen up here in the cold north if there's a fire or a major shut down at one of the major generation stations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts?

 's picture

like when the ice storm hit us?

we dusted off the woodstove.....pulled a cord on the generator and presto.....us Mainers made it.
We never shut down the woodstove and replaced the small generator with solar panels and batterries.

 's picture

Good points, Alice. I didn't

Good points, Alice. I didn't even know the ice storm had caused such massive power loss until I went to work that weekend. Living off grid has its benefits, and nothing beats a woodstove for cooking and heating. Point of source alternative power, solar and wind, is beneficial ONLY with battery storage. Industrial scale propeller style wind turbines have yet to shut down ONE existing power plant, world wide, after over thirty years of trying, and their environmental footprint is huge. It's time to explore real and environmentally sound solutions to feed a power hungry planet.

Alan Michka's picture

Good for Dixfield

Now, maybe Dixfield has a better opportunity to protect themselves from unwanted industrial wind development like so many other Maine towns have done.

 's picture

moratorium, moratorium

no petition at polls for lack of WIND warriors. Help Daley and Belskis win this war against GRID scale WIND.

Offer your support in more than just voting.

Become an activist.

thank u Hart and Scott, you have a tuff job, call if u need help.

A Wind Warrior-amb

 's picture

Hopefully, the animosity of

Hopefully, the animosity of the past board towards citizens is over with. Re-establish "Public Comment " to the board meeting agenda.

 's picture

Now defeat the ordinance in November

two down one to go.

 's picture

Now defet the ordinance in November

two down one to go.

Norman Mitchell's picture


I hope the town manager, the CEO and the rest of the select board get the message we dont want wind power in this town !!!!! this was a clear and decisive vote no wind for Dixfield !!!! we need to get a moratorium on wind in place !!!


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