SAD 44 lunch prices rise

 BETHEL — The SAD 44 board approved a hike in lunch prices for the next two years and accepted the resignations of two teachers at Monday's meeting.

Superintendent David Murphy said lunch prices for elementary-age pupils will go from $2 to $2.10; and for high school students from $2.25 to $2.35 in the fall. The following year, prices will go up 10 cents.

Breakfast prices will remain the same.

The board also accepted the resignations of Crescent Park Elementary School first-grade teacher Megan Kelly, and half-time mathematics teacher at Telstar High School, Mark Antell.

The district is expected to save about 10 percent on heating fuel and diesel fuel costs next year with locked prices of $2.96 per gallon for large heating oil deliveries and $3.11 for diesel fuel for school buses. The previous prices were $3.32 and $3.40, respectively.

In other matters, the board was updated on an energy and efficiency audit of the Telstar complex by Honeywell. Murphy said the company will provide several options for doing work in phases. The report will go to the Facilities Committee to make a recommendation to the full board in July.

The district has access to a no-interest $1.3 million Quality Schools loan and has saved $1.2 million for the work.

Residents must approve the project.

Bids have also been sent for resurfacing the high school track and modifications and upgrades to the Woodstock Elementary School water system. Funds from those projects will come from the capital reserve account.

Directors scheduled a meeting June 25 to certify passage of the $9.9 million budget for 2012-13.


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school lunch prices

I remember as a youngster in school during the mid 70's early our school lunches were only .35 cents a day and our lunches were wholsum as well, and well balanced meals. All of our school lunches were homemade too. Everything was homemade, our hot dog rolls,our dinner rolls,our desserts. The kitchen staff was great and the kids enjoyed the meals. Even our hamburger rolls were homemade too. They had a bunch of ladies that were at the school to start supplying lunches @ about 6:30 AM to have all lunches ready by 11 AM. for about nearly 300 hundred students and teachers, in the whole district consisting of nearly 9 different schools in the district


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