Gay marriage foes in Maine begin fundraising

AUGUSTA — Scores of churches around Maine are passing the collection plate a second time at Sunday services to raise money for the campaign in opposition to November's ballot question asking if same-sex marriage should be legalized.

Between 100 and 150 churches are expected to participate in the special Father's Day plate offerings to raise money for the Protect Marriage Maine political action committee.

The offerings represent the kickoff to the PAC's fundraising campaign to oppose November's statewide referendum.

Referendum opponents say they expect to be far outspent by gay marriage supporters in the campaign.

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RONALD RIML's picture

I learned a long time ago working as a Cop...

that trying to reason with drunks and crazy people is a "Lesson in Futility"

- Now add homophobes and religious zealots to the list.

 's picture

"I am 56 years old and I have

"I am 56 years old and I have been gay my whole life. It is NOT A CHOICE that I made,"

Keep telling yourself if that what makes you feel good. Homosexuality is a choice. The born gay theory was shot down years ago.

Barry King's picture

For some people, possibly...

...for me, being gay is NOT a choice it is what God made me, and God makes NO mistakes.
List your sources for your for statement that the "born gay theory was shot down years ago". What about the "gay gene"?

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Barry, it IS a choice. You

Barry, it IS a choice.

You may not want to accept this fact, but God made you flawed, just as he made all of us flawed. We are all born with sin. All of us. 100%. It is our nature to sin. to want sin, to seek sin and to be drawn to sin. We must choose to renew our minds through the Holy Spirit. Casting away YOUR sin is YOUR choice.

Many of us have equally heineous sinful lifestyles in our past, but as repentant and obedient Christians WE have turned away from them one by one as we recognize them. Be it drug use, sexual transgressions, immoral perversions, dishonesty, materialism, greed, jealously, anger, stealing, deciet, blasphemy, etc. the list goes on. Just because YOUR particular sin (a Biblical abomonation) would be extremely inconvienient for you to turn away from right now, does not mean you dont have a choice. You do. The truth is extremely uncomfortable Barry. Whether you like it or not, as a Christian we must do everything to Glorify Him. The Bible states again and again that homosexual ACTS and lifestyles are to be avoided. I am not judging you, I am admonishing you to get right with God.

Please take some time Barry to read this man's story. There are literally thousands like him...

Barry King's picture

Take Your Admonishments...

...Personal Opinions and Prejudice, and put them "where the sun don't shine", Mike.

And while we're on the subject, "Opinions are like Assholes, everybody has one and some of them stink."

If you aren't debating the legality of the Same Sex Marriage Amendment, WE are debating anything! I told you that your opinion will NOT change me, my sexuality or my beliefs, so:

Good bye.

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture


Barry, this isnt about opinion. It isnt about debate. If you are truly a Christian, please, ask God tonight, in your own time, alone and in prayer, to let the Holy Spirit come into your heart and guide you in your walk. You're right Barry, *I* cant change you, or your opinion. But He can and if you accept Him into your heart the Spirit Jesus gave to us WILL transform you. If you want to grow as a Christian, this must happen.

Search your heart and you will find the truth.
May God bless you and shine his light on your path Barry King.

RONALD RIML's picture

Penny for your thoughts; a Dollar for their Hate - in the Plate

At the loving Christian Church of your Choice......

 's picture

penny for your thoughts,

penny for your thoughts, dollar for their hate....i like that i gotta remember that one.

but why would the rate of inflation be so high on hate? in supply in demand, shouldn't hate be cheaper since it is so plentiful in the world, while the thoughts of one person, being a limited resource, be a higher cost?

off topic, but i'm feeling philosophical tonight, might even take it to work tomorrow.

 's picture

"Same-sex couples can not

"Same-sex couples can not ALREADY get married to themselves which is the whole point."

Jonathan, same sex marriage is not illegal. You do not need a government license to get married. The only reason for the government license is to be eligible for government benefits. The license just states that the government recognizes the marriage for said benefits. I know of several same sex couple who are married, ceremony and all. They consider themselves, married.

This referendum is about said benefits. It is not about love and commitment, if it were, they would have already married!

Barry King's picture

You are sadly mistaken, Bob.

I learned a long time ago not to make generalizations or to speak "for" anyone else unless I asked to; So speaking for myself only, I would like to say that the only rights that I expected to gain, when my Legal Spouse and I were married, here in CT, were basic civil rights.

We lived in Key West, a magnificent, diverse community of incredibly talented people, and a community that was severly hurt by the HIV/AIDS virus, for 17 years. We watched too many of our friends die alone, because their "families" had abandoned and disowned them and because their life partners didn't have the "RIGHT" to visit them on their death beds.

We have seen estates, developed together by two people who loved each other, given to "families" that hated the people who fortunes they were awarded by the courts.

I, and notice that I did NOT say "WE", want only to have the "right" to be at my loved ones' side while they are dying (of course this same desire is spoken on behalf of my Legal Spouse, who's permission I do have to speak on his behalf).


I, even though we do NOT have substantial estates to pass on, want the "right" to leave my worldly goods, whatever they may be to the person of MY choice.

We have, by the way, had these "rights" for decades, but they were secured only after incurring legal expenses to have THREE different Powers Of Attorney and a Last Will and Testament drafted. I (We) do NOT believe that any legal, loyal, hard-working citizen of the United States should have to take these financially and emotionally draining steps to secure these rights.

Now, when either of us has to go to the doctors or the hospital, we no longer have to present FOUR legal documents to assure us of the basic rights that heterosexual couples are granted by a Legal (State sanctioned) Marriage Certificate. We simply present our MARRIAGE LICENSE when we go to a new doctor or hospital and have it entered into our medical records. Once we have done this nothing else is ever needed.

If you are "Legally" married, YOU have these rights, why would you believe that WE don't deserve the same LEGAL respect?

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Barry, since you claim to be

Barry, since you claim to be a "good christian", do you believe there will be homosexual sex in His new kingdom.. the New Jerusalem?

Barry King's picture

Yes, Mike...

...I AM a good Christian and I DO believe that there will be loving homosexuals in "His New Kingdom" (Heaven).

We have been through this topic on the last thread that we debated. I will NOT respond to any more religious comments on this thread because we are NOT referring to a religious issue. We are concerned with LEGAL rights, Equal Civil Rights and the governments' obligation to treat ALL citizens the same way. The government does NOT have the right single out a particular group or groups of American Citizens for persecution and discrimination.

You and your Church can do and believe anything that makes you happy.

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

You know what Barry, like it

You know what Barry, like it or not this IS about GOD. As Christians, homosexual lifestyles (a) do not glorify Him, and (b) are specifically labelled an abomonation. If you expect "good Christians" to accept homosexuality as a
"new norm" then you will be disappointed.True Christians dont hate homosexuals. But Christian love means telling those you love if they are in grave danger. True love and servitude Christ means glofying Him in ALL things. Promoting the destruction of the world's moral compass via (for example) declaring homosexual as "normal" flies in the face of every Bible believing Christian.

There are many other evils in the world and it doesnt all come down to just gay marriage. The list is huge and ranges from money, to power, to charity, to social justice issues, to greed, materialsm and war.

But this is the topic at hand Barry, and it is a religious topic.

 's picture

How can this be a kickoff when its the second collection?

Somethings wrong with the story. Either its not the second collection or the headline is wrong and its not the beginning or the story's wrong.
Sounds like an effort to get in the pay, free publicity.

 's picture

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged."

Bruce, as a retired Pastor, you should know that Matthew 7:1 is probably the most misquoted verse in the Bible.

Shame on you for carrying on that misconception. You need to take up reading the Bible again.

 's picture

"November's ballot question

"November's ballot question asking if same-sex marriage should be legalized."

Same sex marriage is not illegal. Same sex couples can already get married. What they are looking for, is a state sanctioned license that entitles them to government benefits.

This charade is all about government benefits and forced acceptance, nothing more, nothing less.

 's picture

same tired old lies

Same-sex couples can not ALREADY get married to themselves which is the whole point. This is not about getting government benefits; its about EQUALITY under the law about which the denial of government benefits is more than adequate proof. Any one who has to be "forced" to accept same-sex couples first of all can't be forced. Noone has that power and second is really stating that they will never accept same-sex couples because of their irrational prejudice.

Mike Lachance's picture


"irrational predjudice"?????

Excuse me? This exemplifies precisely how far we have sunk.

 's picture

Yes, this is how far we have progressed

The veil of prejudice is slowly fading away as we replace prejudice with knowledge. Too bad so many have still been left behind.

 's picture

gay marriage in Maine

I as a retired pastor, see no reason why 2 people who love one another can't be married in any state. We are all put on this earth for a reason and whatever we are doing on this earth, is the purpose that "GOD" intended for us here. A former older pastor friend, once told me that if a person is gay that is what "God" intended. Who are we to judge?, we are not god for sure. We certainly cannot even pretend to be "GOD".. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.

Barry King's picture

I whole heartedly agree, Bruce.

I am 56 years old and I have been gay my whole life. It is NOT A CHOICE that I made, it IS God's will, that I will not pretend to understand, that I be the person that I am. A good man, a good Christian and a good citizen.
Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Here we go again Barry....

Homosexual ACTS are an abomonation to God. Period. It is stated clearly.Yes, God made each of us as he did, and the events in ourlives may infact shape who we become, but "born gay" or not, He has given us our own challenges, temptations, weaknesses and achilles heels. If God "made you gay" thats not something to debate. The fact that you admit that God has given this condition and ignore God's warning of its abominable nature, while promoting it as a "GOOD" lifestyle for a Christian is completely and fantastically in defiance of God's word.

God doesnt judge us by our inner-most weaknesses. God doesnt judge us by WHAT tempts us and the cracks in our armour. We are saved through our faith and God's grace. Faith without works is dead. You pretend to have faith, but if you do nothing change a wicked and abominable LIFESTYLE (the word of our Lord) then your "Christianity" should be questioned.

My issue here is your attempt to hide behind Christianity for no other reason than you keep saying how "good" you are. What does THAT mean? Are you "more good" than me? Who is "less good" than you? What is "good"???

Jesus had enough with "good people" who only viewed themselves as good through their own selfish and sinful eyes. As a Christian you should know that there ARE absolutes, there IS a differnce between right and wrong, and disclaiming your own sins as "not countable" because you see yourself as "a good person" is everything that Jesus railed against while on this earth.

As a fellow child of God I love you, but as a Christian I implore you to take a serious look at the lifestyle you choose to continue living. It is NOT acceptable to God to LIVE the LIFESTYLE. You are who you are, but the unrepentable sinner is the lost sinner. Please repent, be reborn ask for His Spirit to enter your heart.

Barry King's picture

NO, We Will NOT "Go There Again"...

...I DON'T CARE what you believe about my salvation! YOU will NOT be judging me when I ascend to Heaven. I neither need nor want your assistance with "being saved". That is YOUR belief, NOT MINE. Your further words will be wasted on me, you cannot "convert" me.

I am, as I said before Mike, concerned ONLY WITH LEGAL EQUAL RIGHTS under Man's Law! Since no one that I know is asking any Church to sanction these marriages you can go on hating and believing in "Hell Fire and Brimstone" for as long as you like. This issue NOT A RELIGIOUS ISSUE, Mike. Period!

Barry King

Jason Theriault's picture

Abomonations to God

I committed an abomination to God this weekend.

It was soooo good. There was 4 of us. My wife, and both of my parents. Hell, it was my dad's idea.

Lobster is delicious.

Leviticus 11:10
King James Version (KJV)
10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you

Barry King's picture

Mike LaChance's Problem...

...At least the way I see it, is that he is a Christian Fundamentalist and believes that every word in the Bible in literally God's word. I DO NOT believe that. He has the right to believe anything that makes him happy, but he doesn't have the right to preach his "Holier than thou" Evangelical beliefs to those who don't want to hear it.

Your subtle sarcasm may be wasted on him, Jason, but I applaud your effort to make the point that the Bible CANNOT be translated directly. Now that being said he chided those who don't believe as he does for "picking and choosing" verses to suit "our" needs and desires, when in fact he and all of his type do exactly the same thing.

Peace, Jason,
Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Here we go again

Here we go again (again)...
...same old ignorant OT-Only arguements.
OT=Old Covenant
NT = New Covenant

Christianity without Christ is nothing.
Christianity without the New Testament is nothing.

Therefore Christianty makes your arguement quite futile.

Barry King's picture

I try not to be redundant, Mike... please read my reply to the above post, authored by Jason Theriault.

Barry King

Jason Theriault's picture

Oh, btw

By the way, Mike, Jesus also had enough with people judging other's sins. Every minute you spend reflecting on other's sin is a minute you're not reflecting on your own.

Barry King's picture

There is only One...

...who will Judge, and it ISN'T Mike or any his peers.

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Really Jason. Jesus was clear

Really Jason. Jesus was clear on what we, as Christians, were to do. I judge no one, but I do call out people for defiling His word. We are to be born again, and repentant. I reflect on my own sin every day of my life, both in my past and in the present.

If you saw your brother running around on the turnpike with a blindfold on, i dont believe rebuking and warning him would qualify as judgement. The 80mph Mack truck would do the judging.

Barry King's picture

You have no right... "call out people for defiling His word", simply because I do NOT believe that I am defiling His Word, I believe that I am FOLLOWING His Word. God made me who and what I am today, and no one, least of all you, can know what he had in mind for me.

So what you SHOULD have said is, "I call out people for (DOING WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE) defiling His word."

Barry King

Mike Lachance's picture

Barry, what did Jesus say to

Barry, what did Jesus say to the harlot? After all God made HER the way she was.
You are claiming God told you have gay sex and continue to live that lifestyle???

How much of the Bible must you completely ignore to support such a belief set?

You've claimed here over and over you are a "good christian".... that claim is what I am calling you out on, because i'm just not sure what "bible" youre reading...

If you are a Christian, then it is my duty as your Brother in Christ to rebuke you. Am I your Brother in Christ? I must assume so, and for that I speak to you in love and sincerity. Please search your soul and let the Spirit draw you closer to the truth of His word, His law, and His compass. This life is not easy, and being a true Christian is even more challenging. Dig deep Barry, please.


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