Gay marriage supporters concerned about wording of referendum

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Supporters of a proposal seeking to legalize same-sex marriage in Maine are expressing concern with the proposed wording of a gay marriage referendum that will appear on November's ballot.

Maine's secretary of state announced last week that the proposed wording for the referendum reads, "Do you want to allow same-sex couples to marry?"

Mainers United for Marriage, a coalition spearheading the campaign in favor of the referendum, is holding a news conference Wednesday to express disappointment in the wording.

Coalition leaders say the question should also include wording about how churches and clergy won't be required to perform gay marriages if Mainers approve the measure.

The public has until July 14 to comment on the wording.

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politics as usual

Methinks Mr. Summers is deliberately inserting a wedge in this issue. By eliminating any requirement for churches to be part of the gay marriage issue it separates the religious from the civil definition of marriage. When I was young my church didn't even recognize a civil marriage and required people to have their marriages blessed if they were to count. The original wording is along this principle but the new wording leaves everything unclear. Could it be he is trying to stir up something? I take issue with his inserting his views into this election as I take issue with his keeping his position in the next election. The fact that he doesn't see a conflict of interest regarding running in an election and running the election makes me wonder if he even knows what a conflict of interest is. It's as if he wants to be the quarterback and the referee at the same time.

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The wording is absurd in any

The wording is absurd in any case, since the change some desire is not about what anyone is "allowed" to do, but about what it's called when they do it.

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Sounds pretty simple to me, they are dam lucky its even coming up for another vote.
When will people realize" marriage is between a Man and a Woman", what part don't people understand.

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Just keep it...

...gender neutral.

 's picture

Republicans don't know how to finish sentences.

When they cut taxes for the rich they always drop the rich part.
When they cut the deficit they forget the "on the poor and middle classes backs".
When they propose "privatizing social security and medicare" they leave out the "so middle class people will not have a safety net".
So should we be surprised they only including half of the referendum question on the ballot.


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