R. Caron: Separate church and state

In Mark 12:17 and in Luke 20:25, Jesus said: “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

With marriage, what belongs to Caesar (the federal government) in the issuance of marriage licenses is the financial outcome of being married. Couples do not have to turn to any church to have their union validated. A justice of the peace, notary public or others can perform a legal ceremony outside any religious group.

Under God, are they living in sin?

Religious groups deal with the four “S” principles. Marriage saves the couple’s souls from sin by granting them full sexual pleasures by allowing them to marry legally.

God’s motto, on the other hand, is, “You are all my children.”

So, let religious groups worry about saving the souls of their flocks while allowing the government to do its job, without discrimination, by allowing lesbians and gays to marry.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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 's picture

Both the Bible and Charles

Both the Bible and Charles Darwin are against homosexuality. Try reading Darwins views on homosexuality. What else ya got Jonathan?

Zack Lenhert's picture

...then its a good thing that

...then its a good thing that we don't base our civil laws on the beliefs of Darwin, or the bible. The old testament has some wacky rules in there.

 's picture

The social conservatives will not tell you why they are

really opposed to same-sex marriage. If they did they would be laughed out of the state. So they use the bible as authority for their bizarre old wife tales which were never true in the first place and have only gotten more rancid as they aged.
The courts have tried. But the social conservatives defended Prop 8 in California with "two experts" that the judges ridiculed. They have never won a case before a judge or anyone who is trained to think through a problem logically.
Don't argue with them. Just bring you friends and mature responsible people to the polls in November and equality under the law will win in Maine.


Good letter

Sadly, on this issue logic, facts, and compassion will get you no where.

Conservatives feel compelled to control others and the first argument out of their mouths usually comes from the Bible. If you point out the fact that we are a very diverse nation governed by a secular government, the hysteria is ratcheted up another notch or two. We are assured ours is a Christian country or, at least Judeo Christian and,besides, civilization will end and we must protect the children. By that time eyeballs are spinning and the spittle is flying.

It's a bit like shoveling the tide to speak truth and compassion to those who call themselves conservative Christians.


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