Mexico apartments going smoke-free July 1

Sandra Witas/River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition

Grand View Apartments in Mexico will go smoke-free July 1. From left are Grand View Apartments board President Timothy Kelcourse, Vice President Eddy Naples, Director Robert Young and Treasurer Donald Cummings; Annelise Witas, daughter of Sandra Witas of the River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition; Director Rose Sanders who resides at the complex; Anne Young, agent manager; board Secretary Diane Perry; and Director Beverley Cantin.

MEXICO — Grand View Apartments, a senior living facility on Backkingdom Road, will go smoke-free starting July 1.

"This really is a huge milestone in the community," Sandra Witas, River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition project coordinator, said Thursday in a news release. "Properties that already have tenants that smoke are fearful of change, as they worry that they won't be able to find enough tenants that don't smoke."

Witas said Grand View agent manager Anne Young decided it was time to approach the Board of Directors about making the units smoke-free.

"It came on the heels of an expensive unit turnover that had a smoking tenant," Witas said.

Young was unavailable for comment Thursday.

Witas said the coalition provided Young with the resources and materials for the Board of Directors to help them "make the best decision and have it be a smooth transition."

"Encouraging landlords and property owners in the River Valley to go smoke-free makes perfect sense for the RVHCC," she said. "It is about providing a safe and healthy place for the members of our community to live, and housing that contains tobacco smoke is not safe for the residents of multiunit properties.

Any landlord in the community who is interested in having their property become smoke-free and needs guidance, may call Witas at 364.7408 for more information.

"Additionally any landlord that is already smoke-free and needs materials such as signage, can call as well," she said.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

You call it what you want...

I no longer smoke. I do however, support peoples right to partake in a totally legal activities. These health committees are getting more and more intrusive into your own home. Next week you won't be able to eat bacon for breakfast. I'm just tired of these people trying to tell me, they know whats best for me. They don't. They are nothing more than a threat to our everyday rights.

 's picture

smoke free

It appears to me that if an apartment complex is going smoke free, they need a place for those elderly people who do smoke to go within the complex. How can they expect elderly people to go outside in -2o degree below zero to smoke? Especially if that person has been a smoker for 50+ years.

 's picture


These apartments are subsidized and they can not afford to smoke, so they should have kicked the habit before moving there.
Have you ever cleaned an apartment after it has been smoked in? I have and it's not healthy for the person cleaning someone else s smoke.


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