Big Lots to open store in Farmington

FARMINGTON — National discount retailer Big Lots is expected to open a store in the Mt. Blue Shopping Center by mid-September.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Big Lots is expected to open another store in the former Mt. Blue Market Place on routes 2 and 4 in Farmington in mid-September.

Renovations on the 31,000-square-foot space most recently known as the Mt. Blue Market Place begin next week, Michael Jacobsen, co-owner of the shopping center under the company name, Tejas Corp. of Old Orchard, confirmed Thursday.

The owner recently filed a plan with the town to renovate the interior of the former Mt. Blue Market Place to accommodate Big Lots, a company known for brand-name closeouts and bargains.

Although some preliminary work has started, Jacobsen would not confirm the store plans until negotiations with Big Lots are complete.

He said Thursday the work involves "a complete remodel with everything brought up to energy standards." He expects the store to open around Sept. 15.

The renovation includes building a storage room, truck dock, replacing the ceiling, adding new automatic doors, lights, paint and more, according to the registration filed with the town code enforcement office.

A site plan review is not needed because the space will continue to be used for retail, Code Enforcement Officer Steve Kaiser said.

The store initially used by Grants, then Ames and then Bob's Discount has most recently housed an indoor flea market known as Mt. Blue Market Place. It closed on June 3.

Last month, property manager Renee Targett said the flea market was closing while a lease with a national firm for the space was under negotiations.

Big Lots is based in Ohio and founded in 1967. The company has more than 1,400 stores in 48 states, according to its website.

Attempts to reach a company representative Thursday were unsuccessful.

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Monica McCombs's picture


you can pick up applications to apply for the farmington store at the auburn or augusta stores. they will post when farmington will be accepting applications. just hold on to your application until that post then you will have to bring the application to the farmington store to turn it in. if you are applying for a management position you apply online at they are not going to be open mid sept. its looking more like november. i hope this helps..

Pauline Austin's picture

It's about time!!

I am so excited there will be another place in town to shop at! Has anyone heard where they'll be taking applications?

Monica McCombs's picture

big lots application

pick up an application in auburn or come see us in augusta and after you fill one out, hold onto it until they post in farmington then you take the application to the farmington store. management positions you apply online to

Roger  Cyr's picture

BIG lots

there you go farmington,jobs are a coming. you cant5 complaine thatb there are no jobs.there is a new business comming so NO EXCUSES...


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