M. Morin: Will bankrupt the country

In March of 2006, Sen. Barack Obama openly criticized then President George W. Bush for "increasing America's debt, which will lead to weakening us domestically and internationally." He went on to state that leadership means that "the buck stops here."

He has now increased the national debt more than all previous presidents combined. The U.S. now borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends.

If voters keep him in office for another four years, he will surely bankrupt the country.

I usually shout at the TV screen when I see President Obama, or I start to cry. The man is a serious danger to this country.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I burst out laughing when I heard Obama chastising European countries for "not living within their means."

Does the man really believe we are all stupid?

Marcel R. Morin, Auburn

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MARC A JALBERT's picture

Mr. Morin Please:

Marcel regarding the comments of four more years of the President “he will surely bankrupt the country”. Excuse me but wouldn’t you say given the country’s current deficit is an indictment that we already are?

Yes he did increase the deficit, but a lot of the effects of what he did were positive. Regardless of Fox news and the Republicans the Stimulus plan did work

Of the comments regarding your letter everyone seems to have sidestepped the very real problem the President has had, and that is the Congress, specifically the Republicans. They have stuck to their stonewall tactics and have prevented positive legislation that could very well have brought about some benefits by now.

I personally feel what they have done, and are continuing to do is just short of treasonous. They are not doing the jobs which they were elected to do, and certainly not representing their constituency honorably. Any of us in the private sector would have been fired by now.

 's picture

First the premise is false

"He has now increased the national debt more than all previous presidents combined." This is flat out wrong.
Bush ended his term with a national debt of $14 trillion; even using the completely inflated $5 trillion debt assigned to Obama by Foxnews that isn't 1/3 the national debt of all previous Presidents. In fact, programs proposed and passed by Congress by Obama have added less than 1 trillion to the National debt nothing close to the $6 trillion added by Bush II or $3 trillion added by Reagen. In fact, Obama has eliminated the growth in Federal spending.


The real world

Every time I hear someone talk about how God awful Obama is I have to ask myself who they are comparing him to. It must be God because it sure isn't the alternative we are being offered. I also think there is something inherently unfair about comparing the budgets of a president who inherited a huge surplus and peacetime with one who inherited two wars and the biggest economic mess since the great depression. True he had 2 years of a democratic majority in Congress to fix all that but he also had 2 years of the worst Congress ever to serve in the history of this country by all polls and by their own admission and one of the most activist Supreme Courts we have ever had. He may be the president but he doesn't do magic. If you look at the real life alternative to Obama you can sum it up as Bush Redux. To some people that may seem as the lesser of two evils but no one will ever convince me that is the cure all this country needs.

Jason Theriault's picture

Monsieur Morin, you are wrong

Why are you wrong? Well, this statement is false:
"He has now increased the national debt more than all previous presidents combined. "

Now, before you get into a Fox News inspired huff, let me explain.

This statement would be correct:
"Under President Obama, the national debt more than all previous presidents combined. "

Where is the difference?

Spending put in place by President Bush is still running.
Examples are the Tax cuts that are set to expire in December, Medicare Part D, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, TARP.

Put it this way - Name me programs Obama has put in place that have cost $5 trillion. That is how much the debt has increased in his presidency.

Stimulus and extending the Bush Tax cuts cost about $1.7 trillion.
Obama's Health care package over 10 years is estimated to be about $1.7 trillion as well(and that's over 10 YEARS. The parts that add to the deficit haven't gone into effect yet.)

That's way far away from $5 trillion. So you may disagree with how he spends your money, but lets try and sort the facts from the fiction. Otherwise don't expect me to give your argument much weight

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"Examples are the Tax cuts

"Examples are the Tax cuts that are set to expire in December, Medicare Part D, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, TARP."

1. Obama extended the Bush tax cuts that were originally set to expire in 2010.
2. Medicare Part D – could have easily been modified during the 2 years Democrats controlled all three houses.
3. Wars – Obama could have pulled out much sooner.
4. TARP – Obama could have returned 700+ Billion of the TRAP he spend during his administration.

Clearly Obama could have taken action, but he did not. It is time you and your clan stop blaming Bush - man up.

Jason Theriault's picture

1. Yes, Obama extended the

1. Yes, Obama extended the cuts. Hence why I included that in my original figure.
2. Really? I dunno if you noticed, but any program that aids seniors is a black hole. You cannot escape alive. Anyone who touches any medicare or Social Security program without full support of both parties will get destroyed in the next election.
3. ....and Bush could have never started them. I'm not saying I disagree with the reason to fight them, but Obama is ending them as quickly and safely as possible.
4. Again, Bush could have never started Tarp. But he did. That spending is on him.

Again, I'm not blaming Bush, I'm just saying blaming Obama is inaccurate.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I don’t understand why people

I don’t understand why people cannot grasp the concept of dealing with what is today, not what was or could have been yesterday. You cannot undo what Bush started; wishing Bush never start those items is a useless thought.

Three plus years of blaming the previous administration is a clear sign that the current administration has not a clue, for that you can blame Obama for he is at the helm. This president really does not understand the problems; therefore, he cannot effect the appropriate change.

 's picture

Oh Mark, be serious

1. You know and I know and everyone reading the Sun-Journal knows that a majority in the TWO houses of Congress does not give your Party "control" especially when one of those Parties is committed to defeating the President and will do so by any means necessary including the all time record number of filibusters (last I heard we were passed 140). Any change to Medicare including Part D would have been prevented by the Republicans and you know it except of course eliminating it which was and is never going to be on the table.
2. Yes Obama could have pulled out sooner and gotten a lot of Americans, Iraqis, and allied troops killed. Wouldn't you have liked that and the ammunition it would have given Fox News. Obama followed the advice of his military commanders in the field and has withdrawn in a controlled, responsibile and above all relatively safe manner.
3. While TARP, designed, passed, and implemented by the Bush administration; Obama had nothing to do with it, was a poorly designed and implemented program it did help end the Recession and therefore was successful and it may in the end return a profit to the US taxpayer. Last I heard its cost was down to $20 billion and falling as assets were sold. Just how do you think Obama could have "returned" the money the Banks had already gotten. Please let us know.

We blame Bush because his actions and policies are still having an effect and Obama has been prevented from taking action by the Republican control of the Senate. Obama can be blamed for one and only one major mistake. He pushed Health Care reform (which is absolutely vital to our business competitiveness so its understandable) instead of forcing the Republicans to agree to a recession fighting jobs program. That was a political mistake only.

Zack Lenhert's picture

1. Obama extended the Bush

1. Obama extended the Bush tax cuts that were originally set to expire in 2010.
What is the GOP position on this? Any Idea how Mitt Romney would deal with this, double down on them? Don't tax cuts pay for themselves?

2. Medicare Part D – could have easily been modified during the 2 years Democrats controlled all three houses.
Has anything really been that easy?

3. Wars – Obama could have pulled out much sooner.
Should he have gone against the advice of his top generals? Speaking of... The wars WEREN"T EVEN IN THE PREVIOUS BUDGET. So once they got put on the books (during Obama's term), BAM!.. new spending. But it wasn't really new was it? How dishonest is that?

4. TARP – Obama could have returned 700+ Billion of the TRAP he spend during his administration
How do you propose he do that? The money was already committed. Remember how the GOP defended still paying out the bonuses to wall street traders? And you think they would of gone along with taking the money back from the banks?

Its not blaming Bush... Its remembering history

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Make History not Remember History

1. The takeaway point here is that Obama could have eliminated those tax cuts, but did not; therefore, you cannot blame Bush. BTW Obama is likely to extent those tax cuts again; again he can alternately publicly encourage the house appropriations committee to reduce spending. He can veto any budget that does not have spending reductions. What will he do?
2. If his administration can ram through Obamacare while his party controls two houses, passing Med-D legislation when the Democrats control three houses should be easier. Again, not impossible, but he did not act.
3. Yes he could have gone against the advice of his own generals. Obama could have stopped more than financial bleeding. In the end, we will have little effect on either of these countries.
4. Just because the money was appropriated, does not mean one must spend it. The money never really existed in the first place, so he could have just removed the unspent balance from the ledger.

In closing, all these damn excuses, no wonder why there not behavior change in government. Obama could have attempted all of the above, but he did not. Fear of failure is again a lame excuse.
Remembering history is just making excuses – how about making history instead!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Debt acquired during a

Debt acquired during a Presidential administration has always been measure from inaugural date to departure date.

Why should we make an exception for Obama? Oh, you’re in love with Obama, and it makes him look better in your eyes if you change the unit of measurement.

Jim Cyr's picture

Monsieur Morin, you are

correct in that the "Man" is a serious danger to our country !! But the worst is the "Progressives" we keep electing and reelecting, from the school boards all the way up the scale !! The electorates are too busy making ends meet, hence we let "Big Brother" do for us what we should be doing for our selves. We need to make sure all our citizens keep the "Constitution & Bill of Rights" on the front burner and understand it as it is intended !!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps we are already at the

Perhaps we are already at the point of no return. We have leadership (crocks in my opinion) that will not balance the budget; will not enforce existing law; impedes states from enforcing existing law; ... etc.
While many of us realize the precarious situation the country is in, somehow these bozos keep getting elected. It really boggles my mind.

I really hope that we can get this president out of office this November. That is not to say that the alternative will be any better.
The countries financial problems are ostensible and so is the unwillingness to address it.

RONALD RIML's picture

Forget something your mother told you, Marcel????*

"Now children, the Man on the Television really can't hear you"

Smiley face

*Marcel Morin writes: " I usually shout at the TV screen when I see President Obama, or I start to cry."

 's picture

It's good therapy.

Yelling at the TV is sort of like posting comments on an online forum. You can say whatever you want, subject to Pattie's ruler across your e-knuckles, and then ignore the responses.

Not too long ago, Ron, you called yourself an SOB, revealing in public your feelings for your mother. What did that dear lady tell you?

RONALD RIML's picture

And your 'true feelings'

for your mother would probably get you charged with incest.

But why start this game, Mike???

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Better to yell at the TV. If

Better to yell at the TV. If I ever met the President in person, I would say things that would likely end with me in jail.

Notice I used “the President” since I think any President who maintains budget deficits is continuing on this path to perdition, whether they have R,D,I or other by their name.


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