L. Giard: Stand for important changes

In the coming election cycle, a significant voting block of people of faith will likely vote against the full equality and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender people because of their religious convictions.

I was raised religiously and can very well relate. There came a time in my life experience that I evolved enough to have the courage to follow my own true feelings. I had a relative in my past who was gay. He was a very caring person, with flaws, like everyone, and because of my own religious training and lack of understanding, I misjudged him.

I don't feel that way anymore.

In Revelation 1:8, the Lord says "I am the alpha and the omega, the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty."

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed "We hold these truths to be self-evident . . . that all men are created equal."

To me, that is very clear.

After many years of reflection on those writings, I understand that to mean that God is all there is; that we are all a part of God and perfect in our own way of being.

The time has come for us to have the courage to stand for the important changes that will be good for all people.

In November, I will be voting for marriage equality for all people.

Lou Giard, Turner

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Bernice Fraser's picture

stand for important change

Lou, has you state," a significant voting block of people of faith will likely vote against the full equality and dignity of lesbians, gay , bi-sexual and trans- gender people, because of their religious convictions"
This is true, for many believe that this law is against God's law, and many will give you Bible verses to defend their positions. Same as you have done. Isn't strange that whenever we have a moralistic opposing view we quote the bible to enforce our views. I for one could use John's 8:3-11, when Jesus said " Go now and leave your life of sin". Just a few words and you can use them anywhere it applies.
The lesbians, gay bi-sexual trans-gender people are looking to legitimate their lifestyles so that they may claim access to their partners Social Security, health insurance, pensions etc. It's about the money and trying to make their lifestyle the norm. They now have the right to live openly together, are seen publicly together.
After all what is a marriage but a contract saying that you will love and be faithful to that one person, and you can go see any lawyer to have this contract written.
But should this become a law, Now you are opening a whole new can of worms.
Will they force religious organizations to perform their ceremony in the church of their choice, if the said church is opposed to this union? How about another group of people, say those who want to have 2 or more wives( husbands), how about their rights and the list can go on and on. Since the bible people can bring up Abraham and Solomon.
You bring in the government if you get this passed as a law, then you have more trouble ahead of you then we now have, with the problem of abortion and right to life, contraception etc.
It has been the Socialist/ communist agenda for over the last 100 years to destroy the morality of this country, thus making it possible to take over our country.( Lenin's words not mine.) The removal of school prayers, abortion, pornography, teaching profanity to our kids, turning them away from moral values. These are just not accidents, but a well planned agenda's of these people who want to destroy the United States and it's constitution as we now have. Just think back the 70 or so years you have been around and all the freedoms you have lost, all the regulations added on every year, that many of us maybe breaking laws that we don't even know exists. The dumming down of our school children making them more dependent on the government to take care of their needs, because the government says you are not smart enough to think for yourselves let us take care of it. You say it long enough and loud enough, and make it comfortable to let the government take over your rights and in a few generations you no longer recognize your country and you are a slave to your government . Look across the ocean and see what is going on and learn from history. We do not need this as a law.
I don't advocate mistreating these groups of people, for I know a few myself and they are good people, but the law of one woman and one man which has been the Judeo/ Christian law for centuries should stand.


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