D. Bergeron: Another bit of nonsense

A February Gallup poll showed 90 percent of voters disapproved of the U.S. Congress.

On June 28, the House of Representatives voted, largely along party lines (with 12 Democrats "owned" by the National Rifle Association), to hold the U.S. attorney general in contempt of Congress.

Contempt of Congress? I believe that acknowledges that the attorney general agrees with 90 percent of the rest of us.

Instead of dealing with important issues, such as energy policy, the environment, emigration, or working constructively to improve the lot of the rest of us (the 90 percent), this Congress continues to march along a path dictated to them by wealthy contributors.

Maybe, with this politically motivated move, Congress can get even more than 90 percent of us in contempt, and hopefully, we will all remember this nonsense when we vote this fall.

Denis Bergeron, Auburn

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Joe Morin's picture


The vote wasn't close, 17 democrats voted in contempt. Just release the documents to Congress and lets get some truth, act on it and move on. By the way Dennis, I do believe the Congress has the ability to deal with more than one issue at a time. The sad part of all this is that the Dems that walked out created great theatre for the media but are not interested in the facts. Also, please just try in envision a (R) appointed AG being involved in a fiasco like this. Would you feel the same??? Probably not. Your perception of this is partisan.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Why does the Attorney General

Why does the Attorney General fail to hold those individuals responsible for the Fast and Furious debacle? Heads should roll. That kind of policy is nonsensical and lead to the death of a border patrol officer and the deaths of many Mexican citizens. Isn’t that important business?

Top officials who concocted this plan should be summarily dismissed from their duties if not prosecuted.

Perhaps you want to burry this issue for partisan reasons, but I what to know the truth. If the Attorney General is not capable or fails to perform his sworn duty, then he needs to go too.

 's picture

But they didn't

"Top officials who concocted this plan should be summarily dismissed from their duties if not prosecuted." Why, no top officials concosted this plan. Was no plan. As the Fortune article well documents, Fast and Furious was a debacle because the Arizona Prosecutors felt the laws did not give the ATF authority to pursue legal gun purchasers who later turned out to be straw puchasers. Had the Prosecutors decided differently the NRA would have been all over them for harassing honest US citizens.
In fact the AG has held accountable the people responsibile, who did not manage this affair well, but many are beyond his reach like Wayne LaPierre (who invented this conspiracy theory), Issa (who pursued this conspiracy theory), FoxNews (which gave legs to this conspiracy theory), and generally the anti-Obama fanatics.


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