Auburn Adult Ed director arrested at Oxford casino

OXFORD — Auburn Adult Education Director William Luce was arrested Monday after being asked to leave the Oxford Casino.

Oxford County jail photo

William Luce

Submitted photo

Seamus Walsh

Luce and another man were kicked out of the casino on Route 26 and arrested around 12:30 a.m. for continuing to fight with one another after being given a warning by police, said Chief Jon Tibbetts of the Oxford Police Department.

"They were asked to leave the casino. After given a disorderly conduct warning, they continued pushing and shoving each other," Tibbetts said, "so they went to jail."

Luce, 63, and Seamus S. Walsh, 53, who each listed his address as 107 Forbes Lane, Windham, were charged with disorderly conduct, Tibbetts said.

Tibbetts said he was unsure what started the fight, but the men were "clearly intoxicated" at the time of their arrests.

Both were released from the Oxford County Jail on unsecured bail early Monday morning, on the condition that neither returns to the casino. Luce is scheduled to appear in 11th District Court in Paris on Sept. 13.

Luce, a former Edward Little High School assistant principal, has been the adult education director in Auburn since 2008.

According to a 2008 Maine Adult Education Association newsletter, Luce taught high school for 22 years, taught college for four years and was a high school assistant principal for nine years before taking over the Auburn Adult Education position.

Superintendent Katy Grondin said Luce was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday pending a School Department investigation, which is protocol. Grondin anticipated the investigation would be completed within the next week.

Sun Journal Staff Writer Tony Reaves and Staff Editor Judith Meyer contributed to this report.

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Paid administrative leave !!!!

Kind of like giving him a vacation without having to work isn't it? I see this happen so much with people in higher managment positions, and it's really a joke and a slap in the face for the working class people that pay these losers salaries with their taxes. Add alcohol and there you go.


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