Police, drug agents search Lewiston store for bath salts

LEWISTON — Police and drug agents searched Paris Adult Book Store on Thursday after receiving tips that bath-salts-like substances and other synthetic drugs were being sold at the Lisbon Street store.

Half a dozen agents, police officers and a detective went into the store at about 3 p.m. to execute a search warrant. By the end of the search, they had seized more than $10,000 worth of items that will be tested at a state lab.

Nobody was charged. Police described the investigation as ongoing.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Supervisor Matthew Cashman said police had received numerous tips over the past six months that people from several areas, including Oxford, Portland, Farmington and Skowhegan, had been buying synthetic hallucinogens at the Lisbon Street store.

A girl in Skowhegan was recently hospitalized after taking synthetic substances police say had been bought at Paris Adult Book Store.

While they searched Thursday afternoon, half a dozen customers walked up to the doors of the store, saw police inside, and got back into their cars.

Illegal synthetic drugs are often marketed as bath salts and given colorful names such as "Barely Legal," "Meow, Meow" and "Zoom." Users typically snort, smoke or eat the chemicals for an amphetamine-like high often accompanied by wild hallucinations.

In September, Maine lawmakers passed a bill to increase the penalties for selling or possessing the synthetic drugs typically found in the product sold as bath salts. The law recently went into effect.

Paris Adult Book Store is across Lisbon Street from the police station and is owned by Dan and Diane Beauchesne.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

A drug agent walks into the Paris Adult Book Store on Lisbon Street in Lewiston on Thursday.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Its kind of a strange infestation...

Since I first started hearing about bath salts, there seemed to be pockets of incidents. Bangor was a big player in this. Some very bizarre crimes committed. Nothing like the over the counter substances of yester-year. This stuff is bad news......

Barry King's picture


Okay, 'Nuff said, LOL.

But, seriously, Frank, I agree, this is very dangerous.

By the way, how hard up for a buzz would the first person to discover this have to be to even try it?
Thanks for sharing.

Barry King

Barry King's picture

Oh, Gimme a Break, Man!

I, and most of my friends from back in the day ('60's and '70's), smoked, snorted or popped just about everything that was available, but NEVER have I even heard of someone snorting BATH SALTS!

Oh, well, live and learn as "they" say, but in this case, however, I think that anyone who does or has done this, should "live and learn" what NOT to do.

And my mother thought that I was a challenge! (((Shaking Head))).

Barry King

Jeff Johnson's picture

Not quite, Barry...

Barry, these are synthetic drugs similar to methamphetamine with halucinogenic qualities. They're packaged and marketed as "Bath Salts" to get past customs, and federal/local laws. Because some of these compounds are so new, the legislature has to create and pass laws banning them as 'scheduled drugs'.

These are not the "Bath Salts" that Grammy dumped in the tub to make her skin smooth, and gave her that old lady smell. These are serious 'designer' drugs, created by chemists for exactly the effects they produce.

I don't think the local news/police/drug enforcement agency has been making that clear enough. You can't go into your your mom's bathroom cabinet and smoke up her epsom salts... that's not even remotely the same chemicals.

Barry King's picture

Thanks, Jeff...

...and to everyone else, I offer my apologies for making light of a very situation situation.

Barry King

Barry King's picture

Ok, All at Once, Folks...


I guess I should have proofed my comment before posting it, LOL. Obviously, it should have read..."a very serious situation".

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!

Barry King


Across from the police station huh. Imagine that.. And this is the same police station that never pays attention to gangs of youths that roam around in the park and harass kids that go there to skateboard. Looks like someone isn't doing there job...

 's picture

Never pays attention?

Wow... Linda. From your comment I assume that you know something about the Lewiston PD. (That's a laugh!) Bad things happen near police departments worldwide. In many, if not most cases, PDs are purposefully set in or near the "worst part of town". FYI, those 'gangs' of which you refer to, are nothing more than large groups of teens with nothing better to do. (Can you think of a program in Lewiston that would attract teens away from this behavior? I can't. ) In many cases, they are Somali youth. Which is probably why YOU refer to them as gangs. Because you're frightened of darker skinned people? Yes, there have been documented incidents concerning these groups. But then again, there are many more documented incidents (police reports) of domestic violence (which accounts for the majority of police calls) between welfare-bound, poorly-educated WHITE people here in Lewiston. Perhaps the police should stop going to those calls because groups of Somalian youth are roaming the park. Maybe they should stop doing all of the unappreciated things like patrolling the 4th of July festivities, or numerous other patrols they do for YOUR safety in order to hang around the station looking for instances of harassment near the skate park.
Wake up Linda. The PD is already under-funded and under-staffed. At least THEY have their priorities straight.


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