Chinese businessman to restart Farmington restaurant

FARMINGTON — Ricky Lam plans to renovate the former Fortune Fountain Chinese restaurant he started with his relatives nearly 30 years ago.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Ricky Lam is preparing to open the Lotus Blossom Chinese Restaurant on Wilton Road in Farmington next month.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Ricky Lam is preparing to open the Lotus Blossom Chinese restaurant on Wilton Road in Farmington next month.

Lam, from Boston, goes before selectmen Tuesday for a new liquor license for the establishment, which he has named Lotus Blossom Chinese Restaurant. An early to mid-August opening is planned.

"My main job is to turn things around and to make sure everything in the kitchen is done right," he said Friday.

The Fortune Fountain Chinese restaurant at 605 Wilton Road was closed by state health officials in early May for the second time in six months due to violations of Maine's Food Code.

"It's a new company and a new restaurant," said Lam, who retained partial ownership of the business after getting it up and running and returning to Massachusetts.

As local contractor John Dingley and his crew worked Friday, Lam spoke of changes made to the building, including a new kitchen and equipment, an enlarged storage room on the back, new handicap-accessible restrooms, a new door and handicap ramp, hardwood floors and maybe new booths.

The menu is up for a new look with some new dishes added, he said. 

Lam said he intends to "improve the food quality 100 percent."

He also intends to hire former and new employees.

Commenting on the work undertaken by Dingley's crew, local electricians and plumbers, Lam said "the people in Farmington are really nice."

With business interests in Massachusetts and a wife who has her own career, Lam intends to stay here but commute as he can. 

Lam said he isn't hesitant to try something new. For the past 10 years, he's been a stay-at-home father working only a few hours away from home each week.

His family questions how he can do the commute. With a wide smile, he said his is starting his sophomore year in Princeton and his daughter, a high school senior, will enter Princeton next year. Both are accomplished musicians and play with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, he said proudly.

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Nothing Changed

Since it's in the same family then I guess nothing has changed and I still have not changed my mind I refuse to eat in any establishment with their streak


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