Woman killed in Turner crash

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Daniel Chabot, center, looks at what remains of his truck, foreground, which was involved in a crash on Route 4 in Turner near the former Chick-A-Dee Restaurant. The female driver of the vehicle in the background was killed in the accident.

TURNER — Police say a woman died at the scene of a crash on Route 4 near the former Chick-A-Dee Restaurant at about 3 p.m. Friday.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

The scene of a Route 4 fatal accident Friday afternoon.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

The scene of a Route 4 fatal accident Friday afternoon.

Route 4 fatal accident
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Scene of a fatal accident on Route 4 in Turner Friday afternoon

Susan Fortier, 46, of Minot, was the sole occupant of a Buick sedan that was pulling onto Route 4, turning left to travel south from Conant Road. Her car was hit broadside by a Toyota pickup driven by Daniel Chabot, whose leg was injured. He was treated at the scene.

Chabot was passing a northbound tractor-trailer as it slowed to turn. When the truck turned right into Conant Road, it apparently blinded the woman and Chabot from each other, police said.

Traffic was narrowed to one lane in each direction. Maine State Police conducted an accident reconstruction.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

They fixed what wasn't rally broke

First of all my heart goes out to this poor woman and her family.
I've read the posts on this story and there seems to be some dispute as to who was at fault. I don't think anyone was intentionally at fault. they were however victims of a terrible chain of events.
The state changed the whole traffic pattern around in that area for easier and supposedly safer turning into The Chickadee, and the store. Obviously not knowing that both would close, but that's not exactly the problem that caused this accident.
From examining the skid marks up to and after the point of impact, its quite obvious what happened.
The tractor trailer was approaching the industrial park entrance rd. and preparing to make a right turn. A lot of times, to avoid causing rear end collisions they will start to slow and move into the paved shoulder. The pick up was traveling in the only north bound travel lane. Upon seeing the truck approaching to make the turn, the poor woman pulled out toward the center turn lane. Unfortunately she had absolutely no view of north bound approaching traffic for several hundred feet. The pick up happened to be in that small blind spot at that particular time. Even at the posted speed, he had no time to react. You can see from the pick up's skid marks, he did hit the brakes , but probably while still beside the tractor trailer. the collision happened square in the middle of the travel lane and the pick up was going strait, as apposed to steering to the left to avoid the impact. He had no time, maybe two to three seconds at most. the marks from the car show a sudden and violent change of direction. Those marks were not skid marks but slide marks. the car was heading north and slightly to the right after the impact.
I may be totally wrong, but from experience That's what I feel happened. It was a case of two blind spots. If anything can be learned from this it's this. When in doubt make sure you have clear views in BOTH directions. Waiting that extra few seconds could save your life........

 's picture

Sue, you were a wonderful person.

Love you, Sue.


The outcome is the same who ever is to "blame" I am sure that none involved had malicious intent, and all involved and their family and friends are in enough pain without strangers making assumptions and judging.


Deja vu

I came within a hair of having that same accident when someone passed a turning truck in the turn lane as I was coming out of a driveway. People should know that driving in the turn lane is very dangerous. I think this happens more often than people realize.

 's picture


So, he was basically passing in the left turn lane?

 's picture

From the pictures it looks as

From the pictures it looks as though he was in the travel lane, not the center turn lane.


accident photos

In the initial story we published online, we reported that Mr. Chabot was traveling in the middle lane, designated for turning only, as that is was some witnesses said. Later I was told that some said he was not. From the skid marks, it appears he was not, but he could have started to swerve to the right to try avoiding the car pulling out in front of him, and by the time he applied his brakes, he had traveled out of the turning lane. Or, the tractor trailer that was turning could have been in the gigantic breakdown lane and Mr. Chabot was indeed in the travel lane all the time. The state police reconstruction teams are really good at what they do and with the evidence and eye witness accounts, I am pretty confident they will figure out exactly what happened. One thing for certain is that there was a tragic loss of life. I have seen so many of these over the past 30 years I have been a photojournalist, but it still breaks my heart when I am at a scene like this. Perhaps the woman had a mechanical issue with her car, she could have missed the brake and hit the gas instead. However, I would not be surprised if it was just a case of not exercising enough caution. Driver inattentiveness, distractions, and being in a hurry seems to be a factor that is causing more and more accidents these days. Folks, take a little more time, caution and care when driving. As the saying goes, "the life you save, may be yours." My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the woman who lost her life today.

Mark Elliott's picture

Is there even a designated

Is there even a designated turning lane there? I thought that stretch was still 4 full lanes of travel, meaning one should actually expect traffic in the left lane. Either way, you should never pull out if you can't see down the road and this is why.


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