New Auburn night spot to offer 'affordable upscale'

AUBURN — Dane Morgan is calling it "affordable upscale."

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Dane Morgan, left, owner of the new Dreamz Ultra Lounge at 34 Court St. in Auburn, plans a grand opening Saturday; staff from left, are Chasity Coy, Elizabeth Forbes, Amanda Gurney, Katelyn Parsons, Courtney Flanders, Ashley LaGrange, Kate Hood, Morgan Theriault and Alexis Jay.

Dreamz Ultra Lounge

FMI: 319-2307 or 418-1477

Valet parking. Concierge service. No hats, no hoodies, no T-shirts. And a VIP section where a $110 alcohol minimum will secure a table for three.

On Saturday, the Brooklyn native is opening what he hopes has the air of an exclusive nightclub, Dreamz Ultra Lounge, inside Naral's restaurant at 34 Court St. in Auburn. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the tables will be pushed aside, a light show turned on and a dance floor opened up.

"We're here to create an experience from the time you hit the crosswalk till the time you leave," said Morgan, 22, the club's CEO.

Morgan, who lives in Auburn, got to know the area when he was stationed at the Brunswick Naval Air Station and frequented the Twin Cities for two now-closed hip hop clubs. He said he has a background in party promotion and events, operating SWAG Music Entertainment.

Morgan wants a more professional crowd. He's trying to emphasize a safe environment with four security guards, two doormen and the dress code.

"We want you to come comfortable but we want you to have spent some time figuring out what you're going to wear," he said. Morgan's theory: The more you think about your outfit, the fewer issues you have when you go out.

"You look well, you act well — everything comes from that self-esteem," he said.

He has a team of 11, with bartenders, VIP hosts and "shot girls" wandering the floor with trays of signature drinks in tubes.

"Everybody we've hired lives within about 15 minutes of right here," Morgan said. That was on purpose, for a sense of ownership. "If I bring somebody else in, it's 'They did it' versus 'We did it.'"

Friday night is 18 and older, Saturday is ladies' night. The club will offer a pared-down, late night Naral's menu with falafel, kebab and chicken bites.

A VIP area with tables and booths requires reservations and starts with a minimum of one bottle for a table of three or two bottles for a table of four. Bottles, from Absolut to Courvoisier XO, range from $110 to $300. Tables come with a plate of garnishes such as chocolate, strawberries or cheesecake, Morgan said.

Drink prices are $4 to $10, cover charge from $5 to $10.

DJ's in a second-floor balcony overlooking the crowd will play hip-hop, R&B, Top 40 and the occasional country song.

Starting Aug. 4, Morgan also plans "Rock the Mic" nights on Saturday: Patrons hop up on stage and join the house band, bringing their own music if they want.

"It's not karaoke," he said. "This is where talent comes in."

Morgan's other plans include expanding the club to the space beside Naral's, at the corner of Main and Court streets, bringing in musical acts and hiring campus ambassadors at local college campuses.

Rapper Loc D.A.B. will be on hand opening night.

"Our mission is to change the community and bring new life and new perceptions," said Chasity Coy, a Lewiston native and the club's chief operating officer.

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Jeff Douglas's picture

i was there on opening night

they completly ignored the dress code and its just another place for the grubs to go. no thanks.

Whitney King-Buker's picture

Start a new trend

I think the $110-$300 is a little steep for a VIP table for three here when you purchase drinks and cover charge.

I think it could be more in the range of $50-$75 top end. Make $$ off the drinks and $5 cover. I'd understand if this was casino (which $500 I think is ridiculous) pricing.

I think too many clubs are going all VIP-status (for a chance to sit you have to pay/sit out with the smokers)...sort of separating the big spenders from the real people...degrading and frivolous.

Just have some plush seating and the dress-code for a level of class.

Fuel has a VIP area, but it is if you ask/if it is open. That is a nice touch of class on top of class.

Audrey Alcala's picture

Is it legal to allow anyone

Is it legal to allow anyone under 21 in a bar? This place will be serving alcohol and if I chose to check this place out, I don't want to hang out with teenagers! And I agree....what's up with $100 - $300?? That's pretty steep!


The title

of this article is a "bit" misleading.

Dan Auger's picture

$110.00 to 300.00 in THIS

$110.00 to 300.00 in THIS area?.......good luck.

Johanna Fair's picture

I smell trouble

I seriously hope they really check id's and be careful who they let in there. I smell trouble brewing coming their way. Anytime a new bar comes along it goes good but then something happens. I dont think allowing 18 year olds is a good idea im sorry something always happens in places like this. Im sorry im not saying all 18 year olds are trouble makers but there are 18 yr olds that ruin it for them. They are going to have to watch really closely.

Richard Begin's picture

New Club New Idea

Ho Hum Please spare me the details.

Bring Back the Cellar Door and No Tomatos with 'Grease' Dumais .
Tending Bar and Lenny Breau Whaling away on the Fender Telecastereven add Peter Baylos and Rick Gatchell to the Mix and for all around Long last Good times bring in 'Guard Akerley'

As if Hip Hop is really Music, of course the current Lame Supporting Argument is that Hip Hop is really Artful Music

As If

No I won't be dropping in for an Appearence, but I'll enjoy seeing the Police visits add Up


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