Hoffman enters not guilty plea in bomb threat case

FARMINGTON — An attorney for Rumford-based defense lawyer Ronald E. Hoffman, who is accused of calling in bomb threats to two Wilton elementary schools, said Thursday he entered a not guilty plea on Hoffman's behalf with the court by mail.

Sun Journal File Photo

Lawyer Ron Hoffman is pictured in this 2007 file photo during a hearing for Christian Nielsen at Oxford County Superior Court  in South Paris.

Attorney James Martemucci said he also requested the case be transferred to Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington for jury trial.

Hoffman, 52, of Sumner, is charged with two counts of misdemeanor terrorizing by making bomb threats March 29 to Cushing and the Academy Hill schools.

He was scheduled to be arraigned in Farmington District Court at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

When Judge Joseph Field called out his name in the courtroom, Franklin County Assistant District Attorney James Andrews said the case was being handled by Somerset County District Attorney's Office due a conflict because Hoffman also practices law in Farmington.

Andrews said he spoke to Somerset Assistant District Attorney Brent Davis on Wednesday and was told Hoffman's attorney planned to make an appearance at court to enter a plea.

Field said nothing had been entered with the court when he was interviewed Thursday.

He issued a bench warrant for Hoffman's arrest with $1,000 cash bail.

Outside the court, a clerk said she had just received a call from Martemucci telling them he entered his appearance and a plea by mail. The court had not received it as of Thursday morning.

“We mailed it yesterday,” Martemucci said Wednesday by phone.

The situation is resolved, he said.

Field struck the warrant after Martemucci faxed a copy of the information entering his appearance and the not guilty plea to the Franklin County District Attorney's Office. A representative of the office brought the paperwork to the court.

The criminal case is being handled in a joint investigation by Wilton police and Maine State Police.

Hoffman has handled several high profile cases during his career.

NOTE: The story has been updated since its initial publication.


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If there is ever a real bomb

If there is ever a real bomb or any kind of emergency for that matter, none of these schools will know about it in time, because they now have a policy of not answering the phone. In response to this guy's threats, if you try to call one of their schools and your number is unlisted or otherwise private, staff have been instructed to pick up the phone and then immediately hang it up again. So good luck if you need to warn them of anything or try to get to your kids if you have a family emergency.

Sharon Dudley's picture

What's up with the photo?

I wish you would use a better picture. Moulton is clearer than Hoffman and the story isn't even about him. If they arrested Hoffman, perhaps you can use a mugshot.

Moulton had his day in court and justice was served. Leave a pic of him out of this.
If you cannot find a better picture. Don't use one at all.

Fred Stone's picture


I commented the last time you ran a story about this case and what do they do, they do it again.
This picture with Moulton has no bearing on Hoffman's case and your always stressing that people need to be polite and make sure our comments are appropriate, this is the most blatant case of poor journalism that the S/J could display, not once but twice.
If I was a member of the Moulton family I would be livid, there is no reason why this article needs to be published with Mr. Moulton's picture in it. And the Sun Journal should remove it as soon as possible.

Fred Stone's picture


Now take it off Facebook.
Thanks for your understanding.


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