Strategist is central figure against gay marriage

MINNEAPOLIS — The man who is leading efforts against gay marriage around the country says his mission is to make voters understand what's at stake.

Frank Schubert used to be a well-paid political consultant for what he jokingly calls "the forces of evil" — tobacco, timber and drug companies.

But in the years since Schubert led the 2008 campaign to repeal gay marriage in California, his work has expanded to focus on gay marriage nationwide. He's running campaigns against it in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Some national polls show public opinion gradually shifting toward acceptance of gay marriage, and eight states now allow it.

Schubert says marriage between a man and a woman is "fundamental to our nature as people."

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 's picture

Gay Marriage

It should not be up to any one church or organization to decide if 2 people can be married or not. Nor should this issue be brought to the federal government to decide either. If 2 people want to be married whether they are gay or not is the issue. They should be the ones who decide if they want to persue a gay life style with a single partner or not. It is totaly none of anyones business and is between them and god himself. He who is without sin cast the first stone.


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