L. Hoy: An unbridgeable chasm

I skimmed through the letters to the editor (July 16) and marveled at the seamless and unbroken display of leftist sentiment and thought as letter followed letter.

Without reference to any one particular letter or issue, what struck me about the collection was how absolutely foreign it all felt to me as a conservative American. These writers and I share completely different dreams and visions for our common country. I shudder when I think where we’re headed under the present regime; they rejoice. They feel inches away from Utopia; I feel at the edge of a deep precipice.

The late 1850s saw our country, with reference to slavery, exhausted from failed compromises, arcanely written Supreme Court decisions and desperate political gamesmanship. North and South looked across an unbridgeable chasm; they had one more election to hold in the shadow of the dying old order, one which had pretended we could be two kinds of country: slave-holding and free.

In 2012, Right and Left look at each other across a similarly unbridgeable chasm, ready to hold an election in the shadow of the last century’s dying old order. For too long, we, too, pretended we could be two kinds of country: capitalist and socialist, free market and state-controlled, libertarian and highly regulated.

I want something other than chaos to emerge from the victory of either side, but what is at stake in this election isn’t merely power and policy, but heartfelt dreams and visions.

The time for compromise has ended.

Lenny Hoy, Greenwood

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Bernice Fraser's picture


Claire, you seem to take that I am against welfare, shouldn't everyone?Wouldn't it be a better country if everyone pulled their weight and contributed to their lively hood? They then might appreciate what they had acquired.
I am not naive and know that many are unable, due to illness (mental or physical) old age or the very young. but in my 60 pus years I have taken care of many of these people, the proud would do whatever they could so not to be a burden on those providing care.Then you had the other side who felt it was a game to see how much they could get out of government help, because it was easy to do and they were entitled. I would take these people shopping so they could use their food stamps, but always had cash for cigarettes and beer. Yes, we have all heard these stories and they do exist. And when they would get away with it I would think,is this what I work for and pay taxes? And have you seen how some of these people lived you would had thought the same. As I said in my 1st comment , welfare should be a helping hand not a way of life.
I have never been a political person and have been voting since the age of 21,
( that was the voting age back then. ) I never voted for the party, but whom I thought would better serve the country. Each party had their good and bad points.
Being brought up in a family that went through the great depression and second world war, we learned to be frugal and only spend what you could pay for up front. Credit cards were not used and considered evil, causing you to spend what you did not have.
Thus I feel the same about the federal spendings. Spending money and getting the country into deeper debts every year by both parties. Not really spending to better the country but to improve their chances of being re-elected. So if you give this large company or bank a bail out it might improve my chances of being re-elected. Is this for the betterment of the country? But I have noticed that the democrat party more than the republican do need to always have some one to blame. When things goes against your thinking it is always some else fault. The never admit that they might have messed up on their own. When someone makes a comment about our president you and many commenter on this page a quick to blame it on the Tea Party. or that the person opinion is a racist. Well I know many whites and Blacks who do not agree with the present president, and are getting tired of the racist card. It is no longer working. To quote the late MLK, judge a man by his character not the color of his skin. I am glad not to be a progressive, for I would always have to be on the look out to blame someone else on the woes of the world.


The eye of the beholder

Call me crazy but I'm reading a whole lot of blame in your post. Seems to me you see blaming where you want to see it.


Where to start

Nice take on life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness but definitely an interpretation on your part that everyone may not agree with. The KKK was started by Southern democrats. They became Republicans after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill. I don't accept your claim about voting against too many taxes, Otherwise you would also be complaining about the tax dodgers who lobby for loopholes and leave the wage earner to pick up the bill, and the utterly bloated defense bill with their no bid contracts, and the free use of government lands for mining by wealthy corporations, and the farm and oil subsidies to companies that earn billions and the many oil wars.. All you care about is welfare. That's not hating taxes that's hating welfare. And what makes you think that most people on welfare today aren't people in need getting a helping hand? All the ones I know of (kids, sick elderly in nursing homes. the disabled) are getting just that. You are right about the UN gun bill. I don't know a thing about it but I also don't see what it has to do with the political situation in this country. I'm not presently seeing a whole lot movement towards restricting access to guns in this country. Europe has been following conservative fiscal policies of austerity since the crash of 08. They are therefore mired in recession for the foreseeable future. Obama's policies have been those of stimulating the economy. The exact opposite. Otherwise good post.

Bernice Fraser's picture


The conservative party stands for less government intervention,and more self reliance. Not depending on the government for our basic needs. All men are created equal does not mean share the wealth. To quote the Declaration of Independence,"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowedby their Creator with certain inalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
Life is yours, and up to you to do what is needed to sustain life. Liberty, gives you a right to a fair trial if accused of a wrong, and the pursuit of happiness is yours if you work hard to reach this goal that you call happiness . Nowhere does it say that you can stay home and do nothing and receive a check, food stamps , free medical care, all for doing nothing. While the other half of the country are working hard to reach these goals, but must also support those unwilling to help themselves. Welfare, used to be a helping hand in time of needs but has now become a way of life for many generations, feeling they are entitled to these things, yet are unwilling to pay the taxes that supports this lifestyle.
As for the land grabbing just look at your countries map and see how much land the Federal government has confiscated in the last one hundred years, starting with Teddy Roosevelt.They can take away yours with the stroke of a pen.
You are apparently un aware of the U. N. bill out there for gun control, or the U.N. child protection act, all of which our current administration supports.
The new TEA party which stand for Tax Enough Already, is not a Republican party or Democrat party but a group of like minded people who want our freedoms promised to us returned.
We want our first and second amendment, we want our freedom of religion and not have the government tell the churches what they should do. That is what the division of church and state is all about, to keep the government out of the churches not the churches out of government.
Through the history of this country there have been good and bad people from both parties, since you are so versed in the civil war you must know that it was the Democrats that started the K.K.K. History repeats itself and right now we have a president that is trying to make this country like Europe, and you know how well things are going there. Since the start of this Republic it has remained as such. Many leaving the anarchy of other countries to come here so they may have their taste of freedom. And we now have a president who wants to take some of these freedom away, and turn this into a socialist country. Some day the freedom you value may also be a thing of the past.



The new conservatives, mostly exemplified by the Tea Party, are promoting a rehash of ideas promulgated by Confederate leaders after their loss in the Civil war. Fear the Federal Gov., they preached, it will confiscate your land , your weapons and tax your whiskey business. Fear dark skinned people for they will attack your women. When ex soldiers were denied the right to hold office , they formed a pseudo gov. in the churches, so fear godlessness. Some of them also lost their land and went West and gave us anti-establishment, individualism via heroes like Jesse James and Wyatt Earp. Traditional conservatism values such things as patriotism, hard work, devotion to your community and your church and freedom. Not the same thing. During the Bush years some Southerners began to think they could reverse the result of the Civil War. When the next president turned out to be a Northerner and a black one at that , some rich Southerners began to fund the publicity campaign that created the Tea Party. The way to the future is not to redo the Civil War. Those who live in the past will not dream our future.

RONALD RIML's picture

Lenny Hoy's 'Highly Regulated' Legislators......

All having signed an oath to Grover Norquist rather than honoring their Oath of Office ..


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