J. Kelley: Disregarding American people

For eight years, George Bush and the Republicans had their way with massive tax cuts and slashing regulations. Where were the jobs?

Barrack Obama has created more jobs in three and one-half years than George Bush did in eight years. And there would be millions more if the obstructionist Republicans in Congress did not have as their number one goal refusing to pass any legislation initiated by the president.

They have so cynically put party before country it takes my breath away.

The House Republicans decided, back in 2008, that to keep the economy from recovering was their way back to the White House and they have done everything in their power to crush any legislation that would create jobs or help the economy. Their callous disregard of the American people is a national disgrace.

What does Mitt Romney have to offer? More massive tax cuts for the top 1 percent and gutting regulations — the Republican answer to everything.

Romney and his company, Bain, were the industry leaders in outsourcing jobs to China and India; corporate raiders who thought nothing of slashing wages, benefits and pensions in the name of profits; of loading up healthy companies with massive debt, taking huge management fees and letting businesses go bankrupt.

As to personal character, he has flip-flopped on every conceivable issue there is.

As governor, his state dropped to 47th in job creation and he left Massachusetts loaded with long-term debt.

Romney is the exact opposite of what this country needs.

John Kelley, Mexico

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RONALD RIML's picture

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Here is the citing asked for:

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Civilian Labor Force Employed (in thousands)

2009: 139,877
2010: 139,064
2011: 139,869
2012: 142,415 (June)

Civilian Labor Force Un-Employed (in thousands)

2009: 14,265
2010: 14,825
2011: 13,747
2012: 12,749 (June)

 's picture


No one is going to take a job that pays them less then what they get for doing nothing. We have created monsters and the system is to blame. When I used to see someone standing on the corner with a sign saying homeless I used to feel so sorry for them and to an extent the legitimate ones I do but when I go by places that have a sign "now hiring all 3 shifts" makes you wonder why these people aren't taking them instead of standing on the corner and when you see people lined up waiting for a free meal smoking a cigarette and talking on a cellphone it kind makes you not want to donate anymore. Anyone that can afford 7 bucks for a pack of cigarettes can get a "happy meal" and a big reduction in their EBT cards or whatever they call those Free Cards nowadays.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Pull your tongue out of

Pull your tongue out of Obama’s mouth and listen up.

It is funny how Obama measures job creation only over the past 24 months and not over his entire administration – why? Does Obama adjust his numbers to compensate for all those lost green jobs?

Moreover, I have never heard a sitting president blame the previous administration for what it controls for so long, 3 years and continuing. That is just a red flag indicating this administration has no clue.

I’ll vote for Romney for the simple fact that he is not Obama. We all know what we’ll get with Obama – more government that we cannot afford.

I will give Obama credit for one thing. He successfully pitted Americans against each other – war on the rich, war on women, ..., etc. This is the only thing Obama can do to obscure his real record.

 's picture


I to will vote this year as always as it is still a right that I have but will vote for neither of these guys. To elect one because you don't like the other is dumb and certainly no asset to this country. Either one will sell us down the river for their own good. Neither are gonna disagree with the one handing them the most money and here we go again. No difference. All the people that are now signing up as independents and can't vote in the primaries cuts back the chances of getting someone that could really do a better job as for the most part you don't get to vote for who you really want for Pres. I didn't want Obama either but McCain was a worst choice but now all those that hate Obama now will vote for Romney who is no better if you check his Mass. record. This is the reason he is running again as knows there are so many that dislike the Pres. that he can win by default. Hillary where are you when we need you?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I was with you until the last

I was with you until the last sentence – Hillary? Have you been hitting the sauce?

I have never pulled the lever for a candidate who will be good for this country. I always hold my nose and pull the lever for the candidate who I think will do the least harm.

Obama has done enough harm to this country, he needs to go.

 's picture

What long term jobs did Obama

What long term jobs did Obama create? Cite your source please. Perhaps the only people who have benefited from him are employment counselors, social workers, and homeless shelter workers. Yeah, three years down the road and he's still blaming Bush. Why don't you remember his campaign promises? Get the troops home...nope. Marriage Equality...well, he strangely paid lip service to it in the election year but has done nothing. More jobs...pffft. Improved economy...yeah right. Didn't he say if he didn't accomplish these things he didn't deserve to run a second time? He's your guy...don't YOU remember? Moan about Romney all you want but I would sooner vote for a spoon full of peanut butter than that loser Barry.

 's picture

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Private sector jobs created in last 3 and a half years = 4.2 million.

 's picture

Still no credible citations.

Still no credible citations. I realize short term jobs were created with the infrastructure scheme but no long term solutions.


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