R. Bechard: Open your eyes, Americans

Once again, President Barack Obama and the far-left liberals are telling the working class and the small businesses of America that they don't care what the American working people say.

Sixty-four percent of Americans don’t want Obamacare because taxpayer dollars are going to help illegal aliens and the 50 percent of people who don't pay taxes.

The president sent our tax money to special-interest groups and more to projects in Finland and China. Yet Obama attacks big and small businesses, saying their success is not their doing, that big government helped.

The American people are asking, where are the jobs, how about fixing the economy, Mr. President?

Obama is way out of touch. It is plain and simple — he is another Jimmy Carter.

It is time for Americans to open their eyes.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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 's picture

Boy with all this spin I'm getting diszzy.

Selective use of polls by the far right wing doesn't help any dialog. But then Bechard to use his amazing mindreading skills to amuse us with this little bit: "Sixty-four percent of Americans don’t want Obamacare because taxpayer dollars are going to help illegal aliens and the 50 percent of people who don't pay taxes." First, taxpayers are contributing very little since this is not new care but reform of the insurance industry. Second, nothing new goes to illegal aliens. Third, 50% of Americans don't pay income taxes (oops he forgot a little something) many because they are too poor, some because they are corporations and some are too rich. The poor pay a higher percentage of their income than the rich do and the comparison isn't even close. The top 1% average less than 15% of their income. The poorest pay over 20% of their income in taxes and the middle class pays up to 30 some percent.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Your statistics are wrong

Your statistics are wrong even according to this left-bend report.


 's picture

First, never heard of them

Second, Their numbers are obviously wrong. They are so wrong they don't require much time spent checking them. They are contradicted by everyone including the Tax Foundation as rightwing a group as you could care to find.
Third, nothing on their website says who finances them. They are a 501 C(4) organization meaning their finances are secret
They are a part of ITEP; same story. They say they developed their own taxation model in 1996. But nothing says they have tested their model against any of the well tested models that have been used for decades more .
Their goals are arranged interestingly - first three goals appeal to the middle class last three are right out of the Tea Party handbook i.e. billionaire's dupes training manual.
So there is no basis for saying the report is left-bend.
Buffet and Romney both say these numbers are baloony so until I see who they work for; they are just outliers.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The report publisher,

The report publisher, Citizens for Tax Justice, is a very left leaning organization. Tax Foundation numbers indicate more so that higher income earners pay a majority of the tax revenue.

If a left leaning organization cannot even show the middle class pay more in taxes than the upper class, who can?

 's picture


The electrical generation/coal industry masgrades as "Clean Coal" about as fraudulent a oxymoron as can be concieved.

JEAN FORD's picture

So true...

What an amazing brain-washing job the Republicans and big business has done. Slave shops like Walmarts abound. Business has never cared about the worker - only maximizing profits with as little outlay as possible. Workers have always had to battle for every concession. Right now profits are at an all time high, wages are at an all time low and corporate America are whining they are paying too much. Americans work longer hours for less pay and less benefits (as well as having the least amount of vacation time) as other industrialized nation. Businesses are paying less and less in taxes - they complain about their "effective" rate but by the time you take in deductions, loopholes, and rebates, they are paying less than they have in FIFTY YEARS! Give me a break! You can cut cut cut but there is no way to pay down the deficit and pay for necessary services without increasing revenue. Where was the outrage about deficit spending when our President lied to get us into war? Previous to Bush it was unheard of to give tax breaks during wartime. Next time we go to war for oil let's at least get the oil!

 's picture

go get'em tiger. You are precisely on point.

Professor Stiglitz was on C-SPAN over the weekend explaining how the inequality of wealth (not incomes) has created the worst economic conditions now since the Great Depression. Your comment is one piece of the changes that have allowed wealth inequality to become the most serious threat to American democracy since Hitler.

JEAN FORD's picture

So true and the masses

So true and the masses swallow the lies fed to them by big money and vote AGAINST THEIR OWN ECONOMIC INTERESTS!!! Shocks me to the core!

 's picture

Mr. Albrecht, you seem to be

knowledgeable. What is the corporate tax rate in the US and what is the corporate tax rate of Canada? 35% and 15 % respectively. Now who's economy is doing better?? HHHMMMMM?? The poor do not pay a higher percentage than the rich because of the earned income credits they get. They can earn a pay check, pay no taxes and get a tax refund at the end of the year. I have a grandson who's mother was a full time nursing student, made little money and still, paid no taxes and got a refund of $5000.00 every year till the day she graduated. One corporation was reported not paying taxes, so now we tag all of them as tax cheats. Really??? Does the name Jeffrey Immelt ring a bell. Good friends with Barry Obama and Timmy Geithner. I believe he's the CEO of GE, the same company that paid no corporate taxes. I also think they were the only company allowed to get away with not paying their far share. Get your facts straight Johny boy.

 's picture

And how effective is pixy dust.

What's the effective tax rate in Canada. I assume 15% and in the US 8%. The published rates are a fiction. Whose economy is doing better. Maybe the tax rate has little or nothin to do with macroeconomic growth. What a thought. A thought virtually all economic schools agree with. Demand pulls growth because businesses will hire people only as a last resort. Demand is consumer demand (at least 70% of it.) Increase consumption you increase growth. Taxes can play a positive part by re-distributing income to consumers and away from savers (there are limits of course). And Taxes can play a negative part when the reverse is the case as it has been along with other factors over the last 30 years.
Sorry friend. In Main and Nationally after all the games are played, the lowest 20% of taxpayers pay just under 20% of their income taxes the top 20% just under 10%. I'm glad your daughter got her refund. Wonderful. But hardly relevant. Not one. Few of the corporations in the Oil and Gas industry pay federal income taxeson $400 billion of profit.
GE has not paid its share of taxes for generations. Has nothing to do with Obama and Geithner. They are one of hundreds of US Corporations that pay little or no Federal Taxes. You get your facts straight. Stop being an apologist for corporate elitists.

JEAN FORD's picture


You are only talking about FEDERAL TAXES! When you consider state taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes and things like user fees (Republicans significantly raise things like drivers license, registration fees, marriage licenses which adversely affect the middle class and working poor BUT they get to say they didn't raise taxes on EARNINGS) yes the poor ABSOLUTELY pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes - the FEDERAL tax is just a very small piece of the pie.

 's picture

Sounds to me

like the local liberals didn't really listen when Berry spoke. What I got out of that message was that he finally came out of the closet concerning his being a socialist/statist. You believe we should invest in our children Miss Ford. I beg to differ. We have invested more money towards education than you could shake a stick at, with poor results for the money invested. Those same businesses your complaining about are the tax payers and true builders. Do you pay the road taxes that those same companies pay for the trucks they use to take their goods to market? I don't think so. If you did you would be suffering from shock. They pay the majority of the road and fuel taxes. Those road use taxes are the true source of revenue for building roads and bridges, along with the higher toll rates on interstate highways. You turn a blind eye to liberal Democrats like Beldaci (twice he raided Maine's highway fund) who keep raiding their highway funds in order to pay for the social programs their states can't afford. Business pays property tax at a much higher than you do, to help pay for those police and fire departments. Romney is not the the liar here, it is your beloved President that is the liar. When he finally came out of hiding, allowing all to see the statist he truly is, he spoke with anger. That anger confirmed what I have suspected of him since the day he first ran for President. As for Obama Care, you had better hang on to your hat cause its about to be blown off your head. It will fail like all social medicine programs have.

JEAN FORD's picture

What is your solution?

Do you even know that there are only toll roads in New England and not anywhere else in the rest of the country? Gas taxes from ordinary citizens pay a vast majority of the nation's infrastructure bridges and roads. And what do we do about schools? Just give up and not require anyone to go to school anymore? And what do we do about the poor, elderly and disabled? Let them beg in the streets? And the very fact that you don't think Romney tells me you haven't paid much attention to him.

 's picture

In case you would like

to enlighten yourself on the toll highways that are not in New England. Give or take.


JEAN FORD's picture

Toll roads

I stand corrected...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Tolls, you got to love them.

Did you know most of the toll highways in the north east are designed after the Pennsylvania Turnpike, one of the first toll roads to open in the U.S. I'm not sure what they cost now but when I used to have to pay cash, I would get an envelope full of fifty dollar bills for a run from Boston to Miami. Hell just the bridges in New York City were twenty to thirty dollars a pop. Not every toll road is a well maintained road. I went over a highway overpass over water, on interstate 95 south in Connecticut just four hours before it collapsed, killing six people, who no doubt paid their toll.

 's picture

Should I name all

the roads that trucks have to pay tolls on. Apparently you think only New England has toll highways. Wrong! Higher fuel taxes and road use taxes (not paid for by ordinary citizens) is what pays for those roads and bridges. Ill compare your excise tax to a trucks excise tax any day. Unless you have been in the trucking industry like I have in my former life, you wouldn't know the the first thing about who pays the lions share of those taxes. Your to eager to believe those who demonize those same businesses. As for schools, throwing more money at a system that is failing does not solve the problem. Get rid of the pile of excrement called the U S Bureau of Education and return control to the individual states. Only then will things get better. The poor and elderly will always be taken care of. We don't need the Federal Government to tell us how to do that. Charities are hurting cause of the Fed's involvement in taking over these programs in order to buy votes. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Democrat Socialist Party is taking this country down the toilet and your not seeing it. Your beloved Obama has lied to all of us since the day he came on the national scene. His first words spoken were a lie and you choose to look the other way. He is a statist and you choose to ignore it.

MARC A JALBERT's picture

Reggie, booby>

First of all to say that the President doesn’t care what American workers say is absurd.

About those percentages of people who do not want Obama care, I can only guess where you got those numbers. I believe when all is said and done the health plan will prove to be excellent. The problem with it is that the startup was too long, allowing time for the rhetoric we are hearing now.

I have a hard time differentiating special-interest groups in other countries, or our country? Special-interest groups are just that, people that only see their plans, and no one else’s.

American jobs are being held hostage by the Congress because they are sitting on their hands to accomplish only one thing and one thing alone, destroy the President. Never mind what should be done for the people, their only interest is politics.

Yes it is time to open our eyes and see our government only doing their will, not the people’s will or needs.

JEAN FORD's picture


I couldn't agree more! Someone who actually sees the President can only do so much and that it is Congress that is tying his hands every step of the way.

JEAN FORD's picture


I couldn't agree more! Someone who actually sees the President can only do so much and that it is Congress that is tying his hands every step of the way.

JEAN FORD's picture

And another lie...

Obama DID NOT say successful people did not get there on their own. He said they were helped by public education, that the government built the roads that people transport their products on, that businesses are safe because of police and fire departments...that we have to invest in our children and our schools so that we nuture innovation. Of course Romney had to immediately lie about what the President said. If Obama lied about anything Romney said we would never hear the end of it but it seems to be okay for Republicans to lie about whatever they want to. I don't understand this blatant double standard but I see it every day.

 's picture

Successful people and businesses ...

... pay federal and state income taxes, sales tax, and property tax. That is, they contribute and have contributed as much as any one, maybe more, to build roads and bridges, to provide police and fire departments and education. The blatant double standard is the constant harping by the left that business just feeds off all the rest of us.

JEAN FORD's picture

More distortion...

The only reason people have a negative opinion of Obamacare is that Republicans have spent A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS distorting the truth and running negative ads. I have no doubt when this healthcare law begins being implemented and people see the benefits it will become more and more popular. We are the only civilized nation that does not offer basic health care to its citizens. I have excellent coverage but cringe at the thought of not having health coverage.
And the huge distortion about people that don't pay taxes. They don't pay FEDERAL taxes because they don't make enough money. You know how low your income has to be to get a refund??? But they do pay state, sale, gas, payroll...all in all lower income people pay a hugely disproportionate share of their income in taxes. I am way more outraged about someone like Romney paying 13% on 47 million dollars of income or corporations like General Electric paying NOTHING or oil companies getting 4 BILLION in subsidies. By the time the wealthy take their deductions, loopholes, and rebates they're paying less than what a working stiff ends up paying.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Open your eyes and ears...

Obama, didn't say small business owners didn't build their businesses. It was clearly shown over and over, that what was heard was not what was said. It was simple trick editing by the GOP campaign.
I don't particularly like either candidate, as usual its going to be the lesser of two evils. What really irks me is how many people refuse to see the truth because the trick editing helps their cause. People listen to what the guy said, not what you heard. Its no wonder I hate politics. If I was to believe everything written about both of them. Neither one is presidential material. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just, if your going to quote someone, don't quote intentionally altered phrases......

RONALD RIML's picture

Reggie says there's 50% of people who don't pay taxes???

Must be talking about the dead.

You can't buy a candy bar without paying taxes, Reggie.

 's picture

Federal income tax, Ron.

The dead just vote in Chicago elections. Lay off the candy bars - they obvious cause myopia.

RONALD RIML's picture

He did'nt write that, Mike. Try reading comprehension.

Rather than ASS-uming.....

 's picture

Give it a rest.

It's been public knowledge for at least two months, maybe longer, that 50% of US workers pay no federal income tax. That's the tax that most people mean, whether explicitly or implicitly, when the subject is taxation.

Most people except, of course, you - and others who get defensive at the fact that half the country's fair share is zero. So you open the leftie play-book to the line: "Oh, yeah, well what about all them other taxes, huh, huh?"

Your backside spelling is amusing, in your usual juvenile way, especially from someone who couldn't find his own with a mirror on a stick.

RONALD RIML's picture

As it was once public knowledge that the world was flat.

Now be a good dog and fetch authoritative sources for your claim.


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