Man charged with beating woman, dog

MEXICO — A local man charged with beating a woman and his dog remained in Oxford County Jail on Wednesday night, officials said.

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casey flagg

Casey Flagg, 33, of 48 Main St., was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police investigated a report of a man beating and kicking his dog on Main Street, Lt. Roy Hodsdon said. Casey was charged with animal cruelty.

Further investigation by officer Michael Cook led to additional charges Tuesday night of domestic assault of a woman and nonpayment of fines for operating under the influence, Hodsdon said.

The injured woman was taken to Rumford Hospital for treatment and later released. No information was available on the dog's injuries.

Cook was assisted by Rumford police officer Joe Sage and Cpl. Don Miller.

Flagg remained at the county jail in Paris on Wednesday night on $1,500 cash bail. He is scheduled to appear in 11th District Court in Rumford on July 3.

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Jeff Douglas's picture

once again our bail system shows its flaws

1,500 bail is a joke. nonviolent drug possession gets a higher bail!!! why is our system so focused on drugs an lets people like this out on $1500?

Tony Capola's picture

A REAL man

The true measure of a REAL man is determined by his ability to beat a woman or a dog. Flagg is somehow able to accomplish both of these tasks. Thankfully, he was arrested. Unfortunately the Courts will likely treat him carelessly and but him on the street to beat another woman or dog. This bane of proper society should be locked away with his kind. This coward is not likely to take on someone that can hit back... or bite him in the most painful place known to man.

Dog & Woman Beating

I certainly hope that this guy gets more than a slap on the wrist for his action. He should never have access to any pet of any kind again. And as far as the woman goes she definately needs to take this guy to the fullest extent of the law and not drop the charges as many women do in this type of beating.


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