A. Couturier: Common sense approach

Sen. Margaret Craven is a very dedicated ranking member of the Health and Human Services Committee. She understands the critical importance of providing quality and affordable health care here in Maine.

She has worked tirelessly to ensure that all Mainers, regardless of income, have access to the care they need. This is the main reason why she led the charge against some of the more severe cuts to health care services for low and moderate income Mainers. She recognized that the Republican proposals for the Department of Health and Human Services budget were senseless and without consideration for the less fortunate and the sick.

Her common sense approach, as well as her understanding of the intricacies of health care policy, make her an excellent and well-informed candidate to represent the residents of Lewiston.

I support Sen. Margaret Craven for the state Senate.

Aliette Couturier, Lewiston

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Richard Begin's picture

Maggie craven has been your Senator

Mr Chamberlain I will refer to Maggie craven as I see Fit and if you are so Niave that you are seduced by the Political correctness of our present Societal State than I pity you.

You certainly must be a part of those who will refuse any chance to Graduate to a new Society where everyone Pays instead of the System that Missy Craven has become a Part of.

I Do not mean any disrespect to Magret, However I simply cannot respect hardly anyting that she stands for. Her Name is on many Parcels of Legislatation that the good Folk of Maine Cannot Afford nor should be expected to be Fiscally Responsible for.

You also state that you believe that Maggies Tireless work for the John Murphy Home is a Noble endeavor. I would frankly disagree with you about that. The ammount of spending that contineause to flow into that Black Hole of a Money Pit is both Wasteful and Shameful.

Now Sam if that is you Pictured with Mike Michaud then you appear Young enough to come to your Sense's. But most likely you have been so successfuly indocrinated into the Democratic Chambers of thought control that there may be no hope for you.

Normally I would excersie caution in a Reply but Frankly Speaking Samuel that is if I may refer to you Samuel That you seem like an informed clear thinking involved Citizen.

Perhaps I may suggesst that you broaden your Horizon and get involved in the upcoming Political Season.

R Begin

Richard Begin's picture

Craven Who?

This surely cannot be the Maggie Craven that I'm familar with The Magret Craven I'm familar with just recently wasted valuable time in Augusta wher she foolishly tried to present her overbearing Personality and Out dated ideas and opinion upon those Valiant Members of Opega and really Margret Craven does not have a Hard working Bone in her Body.

But remember that Margret does originate from a Nation where being on the Dole is as easy as One Two Three. So of course she would work to create that same Socialist Environment here in Maine.

I really hope Robert Reed can throw her out.But what truly surprises me is that People like the Writer of this Letter to the Editor actually Belive that Ms Craven is really special.

Let's face the Fact that Craven,Rotunto, Wagner and on and on they all come from a group that is so completely out,of touch from what is really going on in Maine.

Mark these Words the Gop Majority inn the Maine House and Senate will increase and for a few years to come the Democrats as they have been known will be out, of the loop and Please anyone in Auburn or Minot or Durham do not fall for the foolish lines being Peddeled by John Cleveland

Maine can no Longer afford the Likes of John Clevleand .People are not stupid they can see the Good being accomplished by Governor Lepage and do not want to return to the Old Days of Baldacci,Orestis,Belliveau,Rotundo, Ect

Remember the Democtrats of Maine stand for one thing Spend spend spend spend and spend more


Senator Craven has been my

Senator Craven has been my Senator since I moved to Lewiston, and not once I have regretted standing behind this woman! Senator Craven is not only one of the most amazing, and hardworking individuals I know, but she also has a heart. Senator Craven goes door to door and personally talks to her constituents. Senator Craven has been working diligently not only for her constituents but also at John F. Murphy homes, working with adults who have mental and physical disabilities - a noble profession I might add.

I do not regret voting for Senator Craven, and will absolutely vote for her again this fall.

You are more than welcome to your opinions, as that is your right - but calling someone by anything other than their name or a variation of their name is a form of disrespect. If you are going to address anyone, no matter their political party, or their governmental employment - you need to call them by their name - Margaret or Senator Craven.


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