Auburn crash sends two people to hospital

Andie Hannon/Sun Journal

A 2001 Dodge Intrepid is towed from the scene of an accident in which two people were injured at the intersection of Hotel and Stevens Mill roads in Auburn on Saturday evening.

AUBURN — Police on Saturday night were investigating a two-vehicle crash that sent two people to a local hospital.

Brenden Giambra of Lewiston and Teresa Bennett of Harrison were taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston following the 5:31 p.m. crash at the intersection of Hotel and Stevens Mill roads. Giambra was not listed as a patient at the hospital Saturday night, according to a nursing supervisor.

Little information was available about the crash Saturday night, in which a 1999 Toyota Camry driven by Giambra collided with a 2001 Dodge Intrepid driven by Bennett.

"I'm literally so lucky," said Stefan Vallee, 18, of Lewiston. "I wasn't even looking up when it happened."

Vallee was a passenger in Giambra's car, which ended up in the woods following the crash. He said the two were heading to a friend's house when the crash occurred and that they were traveling on Stevens Mill Road. There is a stop sign on Stevens Mill Road, while Hotel Road has a flashing yellow light.

Vallee, who looked disheveled following the crash, said he made sure his friend was OK before rescue crews arrived.

"I said to him, 'Are you OK?' I made him say yes and give me the thumbs up," Vallee said.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Someone needs to look at that intersection......

That stop sign seems to be one of the most ignored signs in town. There has been numerous accidents there, including at least one fatality a few years ago. I can not drive straight through on Hotel, without slowing down at the yellow light, those stop signs can't be trusted.....

 's picture

Sadly, it's not just that intersection..

I work in the neighborhood and drive through there regularly. I used to work at a home 2 driveways down from that intersection and it seemed like a couple time a week we would see the blue lights responding to yet another accident there. What bothers me most is that it's not just that intersection that people ignore. People turning right from Court St. onto Minot Ave drive through the red light like it's not even there. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to slam on the brakes to avoid someone there. The biggest problem is enforcement, the police simply can't (and sometimes won't in my opinion) take the time to stop these people and make their presence known. I don't think there's an intersection in L/A that a full stop occurs at unless you have the misfortune to be stuck behind me! I've nearly been hit at intersections in both towns as a result of people ignoring the stop signs and numerous times there has been an officer right there at the intersection and they have done nothing. I have been rear ended almost a dozen times in the last year and twice there were officers right there that simply turned their heads and drove on. Thankfully my truck is old and can take a beating and none of the accidents have been major, but a little, "Everyone okay here?" from the officer sitting across the street wouldn't hurt.


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