E. Graham: America defies God's moral laws

In his letter to the editor, July 29, George Jones of Otisfield questioned whether the Sun Journal has an ideological agenda. I wonder if it has a bias against biblical Christians. Many folks question just what are the agendas of the media.

My second issue is AIDS/HIV in America. I watched the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. — the very heart of the American government and also the epicenter of HIV/AIDS infections.

There had been a ban on HIV/AIDS carriers coming into the United States but I believe that President Barack Obama, by executive order, lifted this ban to placate his base, the gays.

Speaker after speaker at the conference emphasized that most of the new HIV/AIDS infections are occurring with men having sex with men. The speakers also emphasized emphatically that ObamaCare must be passed in order that retroviral medication for AIDS carriers be covered. Both the Wall Street Journal and C-Span have reported that the lifetime costs of retrovirals is $367,000 (in 2009 dollars). AIDS is a lifetime virus.

The state of Maine is, once again, confronted with the gay-marriage issue: I believe passage of gay marriage will give yet another stamp of approval to that way of life.

America the beautiful, America the biblical? The nation defies God's moral laws and America will pay, pay, pay.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

Editor's note: In 2009, President Obama eliminated the HIV travel and immigration ban put in place as part of the National Institutes of Health reauthorization in 1993. In doing so, he praised Congress and President George W. Bush for beginning the process to lift the ban in 2008, saying "they ought to be commended for it," according to National Public Radio. "We are finishing the job," he said.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

E. Graham: America defies God's moral laws

Elaine ? 16:32 Tuesday
America defends God's moral laws and quite frankly , some of us scratch our heads in confusion when confronted with homophobes who fear gay guys or lesbians
Raise your hand if you fear a special gay guy , anyone
HIV/AIDS is 50 \ 50 female / male these days and is not the death sentence it used to be to us here in these very United States . Just look at Majic Johnson and Greg Louganis and Go Team U S A !
Forgiveness , recociliation , acceptance and redemption
Are these words in your vocabulary ? They are in the New Testament . There was this unmarried guy who had a gang of 1 2 male friends and a female prostitute who died about 2 0 1 2 years ago and who used to drink and carry on
We won't go there
Become more informed & less fearful Ms. Graham
What if your child or grandchild was L G B T . Would you love her or him any less ? Of course not . Preposterous
Learn to love love and eschew all hatred , misunderstanding and bigotry . Ignorance is not bliss . h t h • /s , Steve http://www.mainersunited.org ( not necessarily an endorsement :)

 's picture

Hear the drum beat - or drum BANG if you will

How many different way can Mrs. Graham write a letter saying the same thing over and over and over again?

But understand this Mrs. Graham HIV and AIDS are not stricly a homosexual disease. Look world-wide for results and you'll see! Shame on you for spewing such distortions.

And seriously... if President Obama only had the "gay base" to get him elected than either this nation has more homosexuals than we all realize or Mrs. Graham can't do addition and subtraction.

RONALD RIML's picture

"America the Biblical," Elaine??

What references are you using???

FRANK EARLEY's picture


I think it's time we institute a total ban on "blankets" at any protests..........

Jason Theriault's picture


Just googled Ms Graham. She was the one holding up a blanket to try and cover up the women who went topless to protest the double standard when it comes to shirtlessness.

She's coo-coo

 's picture

Elaine....naw, forget it. I'm

Elaine....naw, forget it. I'm just too tired for your crap this morning.


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