King outpaces Summers in campaign donations in race for U.S. Senate seat

LEWISTON — U.S. Senate candidate Angus King continued to outpace his rivals in raising campaign cash, according to July reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The reports show the former governor raised nearly four times the amount in donations as his closest cash competitor, Secretary of State Charlie Summers, the Republican candidate.

King's campaign had collected $897,545, while Summers' campaign had raised $239,081 in the race to replace outgoing U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine.

The Democratic candidate, state Sen. Cynthia Dill of Cape Elizabeth, had accepted $91,165 in donations, according to records on the FEC's website.

King's quarterly report, which details the campaign's contributions and expenses, is 258 pages, while Summers' report is 52 pages.

King's report shows he had just over $500,000 on hand at the end of the reporting period in July. Summers' campaign had about $120,000 on hand. Dill's report showed a balance of $28,500.

Notable King donors include Tom's of Maine founders Thomas and Katherine Chappell. The couple donated $2,000 to the campaign. Others include Bath Iron Works Vice President and General Counsel Jon Fitzgerald ($1,000); Kevin Dean, owner of Electricity Maine ($2,500); and former Maine Forest Service Director Thomas Doak ($750). Doak is currently the executive director of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine.

Also giving to King's campaign were Dr. Dora Anne Mills ($1,000), former director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Peter Geiger ($2,000), executive vice president of Lewiston-based Geiger; L.L. Bean executive John Oliver ($1,000); and Jackson Parker Jr., president of Maine construction giant Reed & Reed ($5,000).

Former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Michael Saxl, a Portland Democrat, donated $250 to King's campaign. And King's wife, Mary Herman, had donated $5,000 to his campaign, according to the reports.

The race is looking to be one of the more costly in recent Maine history as King approaches the $1 million mark.

The U.S. Senate race in Maine in 2008 between incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins and former Democratic Congressman Tom Allen saw total spending reach about $1.7 million, said Jim Melcher, a political science professor at the University of Maine at Farmington.

Melcher said it was too early to say for certain whether this campaign would become the most costly in Maine history, but it wouldn't be surprising if it did.

"We are easily on a path where that could become the case," Melcher said. "But it's not all that unusual for an open race."

Melcher said the cross-section of donors to King's campaign was indicative of a broad base of support, including business and industry, and large environmental and social welfare organizations.

"It's ideologically diverse, and he highlighted that very effectively when he announced his campaign committee, as well," Melcher said. "He's drawing a lot of support from a pretty wide range of the political spectrum."

Such diversity of donors supports King's campaign rhetoric describing him as a true independent who is able to work toward compromise among divergent groups, Melcher said. "So, it really reinforces that campaign message."

He also said it was telling that as an independent King was able to raise far more money than his rivals in the mainstream parties.

"It's really remarkable," Melcher said. "You hardly ever see an independent candidate in any other part of the country do so well drawing so much support and such a broad base of support."

The numbers in the finance reports also told the story of a real struggle for Democrat Dill, Melcher said. 

"She's really in this Catch-22," Melcher said. "Because she doesn't enjoy that name recognition in Maine, she's the type of candidate who really needs to spend a lot of money to establish that, but because she doesn't have that, it's difficult for her to capture the financial support to fund that kind of campaign."

Melcher said King's support was also eroding some traditional sources of funding for the Republican candidate.

"In Maine, a lot of the business community really likes Angus King," Melcher said. "A lot of that traditional business support might well be going to a Republican candidate, but not all those avenues have been open to Charlie Summers here in Maine."

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Richard Begin's picture

a Reply to reverend Cyr

Mr Cyr let's get one thing straight.

I never did say any thing about Truth and Change. so pay attention. Secondly I never implied that I am or ever have been a supporter of President Obama.

As a Matter of Fact I think he is the most Unexpierenced Presdient we have had in Modern Day History and he will be soundly defeated this fall by Mitt Romney and the Silent Majority of Americans who have had enough.

Now apparently you do not approve of what I said about Angus King. Well you have that Right.However I happen to disagree with you

.Also Reverend Cyr ;
The Fact that you wrote something here tells me you are a Decent Person ,who is concerned about our State and Countries future.

Reverend Cyr

I am also convinced that My Good friend Agus is an Independent in his Thinking. In spite of what you Imply here on this Forum according to what you wrote.

Angus is Deliberately trying to fool People by pretending to be an Independent instead of what you refer to as a Democrat.

You I' m sure have never met Mr King but you act and write as though you do know him.I would suggesst when you have the chance say hi to him if he is in your area.

I truly believe that in his Heart Former Governor King Believe that he has the best interest for the Voters in Maine . I have been involved with Numerous Political Campaigns in my life. This Race could be interesting espicially if Mr Summers develops a viable message.

Angus King is Beatable no doubt but where things stand now I think Mr Summers is all but invisible




So much spin

All this talk about how Angus was the worst governor ever and yet his poll numbers don't seem to reflect that at all. Funny how nobody remembers it that way except the drum beaters for Summers. All that talk about his spending can also be called investing in Maine's future. Many of the benefits we enjoy in Maine today, and take for granted, can be traced back to his vision. What I'd like to hear about is what kind of vision we will get with Summers. Lord knows with the fog factory we have going in Congress and at the Blaine house we could use a little vision.

Richard Begin's picture

worse governor be serious

Fred stone

I seriously doubt that Governor king was one of the worst we ever had, what about Baldacci?

 's picture


I said he was one of the worst which he obviously was, and yes you could put Bald assi in that pot too.

Richard Begin's picture

King is Raising them $$ Shaking Dem Trees

There should real no surpise here. Charlie Summers is not what I would call a strong Contender. Angus king is a stronger campaigner with a Record to run on. Charlie may have won the Primary but he has not captured the hearts of the Party.

This is a Party that is as dysfunctional as the Democtric Party but the difference there is the Republicans will increase their Majority in the Maine House and Senate. But they will lose the Senate seat in Washington to Angus King.

Angus is a more viable candidate who has many more positive things going for him than Poor ole Charlie Summers.Yes Charlie Summers has Charlie Webster on his team but that team does not have a very deep Bench,

Think about this what Iditot would be so stupid and shortsighted not to have openly endorsed Senator Olympia Snowe when given the Opportuinty? Think about it Senator Snowe provided Summers with a staff job in Washington and Maine for what and then he had that Plum Job with the Small Buisiness appointment.

Charlie does not know what gratitude is all about .Why should Mainers give him the chance to become our Next Senator?

I'm Voting for Angus and would not consider Charlie because with him it's all about him and that will never change. I'm also supporting Governor King because I know him personally and have since 1993,

I have met Charlie Summers twice and he wouldn't give me the time of day if I asked him.Angus King is a People Person Sincere through and Through and I can honestly say Charlie Summers is not that is from my observation.

I know that Angus King is an Independent because he says he is and I know that he is Sincere about that pronouncement.I personally have no problem with Wind Power what so ever.
I did have an issue with Charlie Webster and Charlie Summers when they tried to Maniupulate the Voting Process in Maine with that Stupid ill advised law about same day Registration.

So when it comes to Money Raised I am not surprised that Angus has out done charlie so far.

But Mark my word that is about to change the Huge Money out there is looking for a Home and it sooner or later will come, to Charlie Summers but Mark my words that will not make a difference Charlie will still lose to Angus Make no Mistake About it.

Charlie also has one addittional Arrow in his Quiver that is Lance Duttson who his a Master when it comes to using the Internet to dredge up anhything remotely related to Former Governor King.

So please do not be surprised what you read about in the Next Ten Days. I have seen some of their material and it will not pass the Straight Face Test. But as we have come to understand In Politics playing Catch up comes at a Cost. There has to be a sacrifice in trying to Catch up to the Leader,

How much will Lance and Charlie and Peter Ciancette and others be willing to gamble to win this one this Fall?? This Election will be about only one issue that Resonates with all Mainers. Who will we want to Represent Us in the Manner that we all Mainers derseve ?

That Candiate must be Honest, as Non partisan as possible when it comes to negotiating for the Best of Maine.That Candidate certainly must demonstrae that he or she will have the Best Onterstys at Heart for Maine and the Nation..

The Change has got to come sonner or later and I think with Angus King it will be sooner.

But make no Mistake about it when it comes to getting Republicans Elected in Maine you can Bet your Bottom Dollar I'll be there doing all I can to make sure Mainers get a chance for True Change.



Jim Cyr's picture

Mr. Begin, you say

" a chance for True Change" will be supported by you for "Mainers" ? How has your "Hope & Change" president been working for you and your family ? King has never been nor will he ever be an independent. Just a "progressive" in sheeps clothing. Anyone who supports Obama is "Anti-Capitalistic & Anti Free-Enterprise". Certainly not what any State needs, now or ever.

 's picture


The sad news is neither Summers, or King is worth any ones vote so we will more than likely elect a person who was by far one of the worst Governors the State of Maine has seen, so he can continue his legacy.


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