L. Anthony: Governor is addressing the problem

In her letter "Maine a fine place to live" (Aug. 2), Colleen Quint mentioned a recent observation by Gov. Paul LePage regarding school ratings.

I agree with the governor that since the state has such a low rating, officials have to improve education by assessing what it is that is making Maine educators less effective and unable to achieve higher ratings.

The governor is serious about bringing business to Maine which, in turn, should create more jobs. He should be concerned with how potential relocating businesses view state school systems.

I understand what LePage means that students are "looked down upon," but I am concerned that Quint would not understand the intent of LePage’s statement. She did say, but in a different way, "yes, we can do a better job at educating our students."

Why don’t people who are attempting to make a difference in our great state seek to work together to make it happen, rather than constantly pick at how something is said? We are on different roads but going in the same direction.

Our children deserve the best education possible. Quint needs to work on making a difference instead of using what is popular among particular political parties as the buzz of the day. She didn't offer any solutions yet attacked the governor who is addressing the problem.

Of course he believes Maine is a fine place to live or he would not care and would not have campaigned to be governor.

Linda Anthony, Lisbon

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Richard Begin's picture

What About Ms Quint?

Linda well done good sound accurate Letter.

One thing you Left out is that Ms Quint ought to get out and Pick up all those signs left over from the Primary.

Also Ms Quint will not have a Prayer with her Opponet.

Keep up,the Good Work Linda


Rebecca Webber's picture

Quint has offered solutions all her life

Collen Quint has worked harder for the Maine educational system than most in this state, except for our teachers and other educators themselves. She was executive director of the Mitchell Institute, whose mission is in fact furthering the educational goals of Mainers. She has not only had that focus but, in the process, has run that business, knows what it is like to be an employer and deal with jobs, and has conducted herself as George Mitchell himself did -- with diplomacy, professionalism, and dignity. I do not agree that others look down on Maine students and it is too bad that opinion exists out there. Time to take a more positive approach!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Most, if not all, people who

Most, if not all, people who don’t live in Maine really don‘t care about Maine’s image.

Jason Theriault's picture

There is one problem facing our schools

There is one problem facing our schools, and the proof is in what was written here by Ms Anthony and Ms Fraser.

Critical thinking.

See, critical thinking is when you take in all the information and process it correctly. The example is the Harvard study, which showed Maine had not shown alot of improvement. They were measuring the change from older score to the new scores. States that showed the most improvement ranked high.

The problem is that most of the schools that ranked high on the Harvard study did so because their scores were horrible and went to mediocre.

Maine, however, had good scores and improved only a little bit. So we ranked near the bottom of the Harvard study, but our scores are near the very top(160 out of 164 I think in Science)

Anyway, critical thinking is an issue because instead of taking in the two arguments and doing even a little research. they took what LePage said, and accepted it as writ. LePage said what he said because he is looking to pass charter school legislation, and he has been waiting for ANYTHING bad to latch onto. He has his agenda, just like Ms Quint has hers. If you can't look critically at the arguments, and see through the BS, you are failing as a American.

 's picture

Do you see through the left's BS?

All problems can be solved by throwing more money at them, money collected from higher taxes, especially on the "rich", and administered by Democrats occupying their rightful seats of power.

In the important area of education, that plan (term used very loosely) has directly produced today's ludicrous situation where a typical incoming Maine college freshman has to waste his first semester taking remedial courses to learn basics he should have learned in high school.

Jason Theriault's picture

You got a source for that?

"..typical incoming Maine college freshman has to waste his first semester taking remedial courses to learn basics he should have learned in high school."

Please provide a citation on that source.

 's picture

As you wish, Master Jason.

Underperforming high schools are costing universities millions, as they have to spend a part of their budgets providing remediation to newly enrolled students who are unprepared to tackle college-level work.

.. source ..

Jason Theriault's picture

Very good

Feel free to refer to me as Master Jason at all times.

Anyway, your source says 20% of students entering the University system need remedial classes(50% of those entering the community college system).

That's a far cry from a majority.

But more importantly, schools determine who needs prep with their ACCUPLACER test by the same people who do the SATs. If they don't want remedial students, look at their SAT's or make them take the ACCUPLACER test before accepting them. If they are too low, don't accept them.

No one is forcing them.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“All problems can be solved

“All problems can be solved by throwing more money at them, money collected from higher taxes, especially on the "rich", and administered by Democrats occupying their rightful seats of power.”

Are you serious?

 's picture

Sorry, Mark.

I forgot to surround that with <sarcasm> ... </sarcasm>

Bernice Fraser's picture

Quint misunderstands the Governor

If Ms. Quint can do a better job of educating the students it is surely no visible in her RSU16 district which she works for. Her solution is to throw more money at the problem and hope it goes away.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Good observation. Isn’t more

Good observation. Isn’t more money always the solution to improving education? How about better students and parents?

RONALD RIML's picture

You can' make Chicken Salad outa Chicken Shidt....

You can' make Chicken Salad outa Chicken Shidt....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Time flies like an arrow;

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana...

 's picture

Did you pick up that gem in

Did you pick up that gem in the 6th grade? Or 7th? Or was it below decks with your buddies, all trying to be the most juvenile.

Thanks, however, for giving all the rest of us a break for a few days.

RONALD RIML's picture

Just your common, 'Garden Variety' wisdom.......

 's picture

I have a couple remaining

I have a couple remaining jars of "fra diavolo" for you. It's tomato sauce with hot peppers. It's the only condiment guaranteed to make palatable your diet of sailor porn books.

RONALD RIML's picture

So saith

Your 'In-House Taste-Test' panel.......

Who am I to argue.......?


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