T. Carroll: Cost-effective renewable energy

In Alice Barnett's letter (Aug. 2), she likened me to “a wind lawyer,” saying I use fancy words such as "proprietary" to avoid sharing wind data that my company measured and paid for with private funds.

I am not a lawyer. Patriot Renewables does not publicize wind data for a simple business reason: we must compete to sell power. Sharing wind data would be like telling competitors your price before bidding.

Because my company donates funds to worthy causes, Barnett accused me of bribing communities. She goes on to accuse me of handing out $20 bills to Carthage villagers, which is rubbish. Even worse, after reading her letter, many are now asking me for their $20 bill.

Barnett, a person with no background in energy, finance or technology, has decided that wind power is not cost effective, but she has based that decision on faulty or made-up information.

Modern wind turbines are amazingly efficient, generating electricity more than 75 percent of the time, even in low winds. The electrical losses for wind turbines are no different than for any other form of electricity generation.

It is by far the most cost-effective renewable energy technology available today.

Tom Carroll, Quincy, Mass.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Maybe Tom could explain to us

Maybe Tom could explain to us in another letter why wind power which generates electricity only 75 percent of the time and is available only when the wind blows, is superior to natural gas which can generate electricity 100% of the time and is available for doing so 100% of the time and exists in abundance on American soil.

 's picture


tom could explain 75% of time as everything i read equates to usable WIND about 25% of time.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture



Norman Mitchell's picture

A little about Alice Hope she doesn't mind

Alice was the secretary of the Dixfield area business association / and didn’t she serve on Dixfield Finance committee / wasn’t she a small business owner of Opera House Restaurant in Dixfield / Isn’t she the same Alice Mckay that worked with the MMA and did a needs assessment survey for the towns of Machias, Lubec and Princeton Maine didn’t she serve on the Community Action Program Board of Directors for Kennebec county People should know who there talking about before they point fingers I wonder What Background Tom Carrol has in energy, finance or technology their web site states Tom Carroll
Community Outreach
Tom is responsible for Patriot’s outreach activities in New England. He has over 20 years experience in community outreach in the construction industry. Isn't this just a propagandist ?

Norman Mitchell's picture


Why didn't Tom Carrol tell the people that it was 20.00 gift certificates to Walmart not 20 dollar bills oh that wouldn't serve the propaganda machine would it !! You have got to love people from big wind who have a boss like Jay Cashman dare to attack our Sheriffs dept , our select board and our concerned citizens check out the connections between Jay Cashman and Sal DiMasi who was sentenced to 8 years in prison on corruption charges ! these 3 links are just some of info




Jason Theriault's picture


Ok, first off, where is the source on the gift certificates? Meaning, where did you hear or read this?
Two:What is Jay Cashman's connectiong to this?

Norman Mitchell's picture


Where is the source on the gift certificates? I was told this by Tom Carrol himself in front of many others in Canton Maine on Aug 9 2012 so it is right from the horses mouth and is a fact ! Jay Cashman owns Patriot renewable who Tom Carrol works for you know the company that wants to build the wind farms in Canton, Carthage, and Dixfield and who owns the ones in Woodstock and Freedom !! Like I said before get an education information is king !!

 's picture

Hello Maine. Meet Hydro

Hello Maine. Meet Hydro Quebec. Look at these numbers. Compare to Maine, which has 4500 MW of capacity and only needs an average of 1500 MW. Quebec heats with electricity because the electricity is so cheap. Their demand drops in the summer, which is when our demand rises. So they have the juice when we need it.
Because it is predictable, reliable, and dispatchable, their power can serve as b
ase load, load balancing, and peak load generation. That's versatile. And valuable. But we would rather destroy our mountains with useless make-believe electricity generators called wind "farms" than procure a long term good buy. Not that we NEED more electricity, but good to have the relationship open. Let's get smart, Governor LePage.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“It is by far the most

“It is by far the most cost-effective renewable energy technology available today.”

Then why in the hell are we subsidizing the wind industry with tax dollars?

If it is such a great technology, then the industry should be self-sufficient without the use of my tax dollars – go figure.

 's picture


Why does not Tom Carroll address the issue of flicker and sound "receptors" not notified about their projects?

24 "receptors" in South Carthage have NO recourse as the town lawyer considers a citizens petition redundant. A vote was made in Carthage about a moratorium on Wind power. The meeting was held illegally. No handicapp accessability, the building settled in mid meet and an exodus of 20+ people scrambled down the shaky stairs out the door. The moderator in jected his opinion all the way through, the head selectman chose to leave out facts concerning half the project til after the vote. I think civil liberties is calling the vote counting for that meeting illegal.

So many illegalities and I cannot afford a lawyer. I cannot even afford stamps to notify the citizens with-in 2 miles of Canton and Carthage projects.

Yes, Tom, your company may win but it is not because, as I quote King Angus saying you, "make energy right out of the air."

Canton Mountain Wind Project has a list of 60 "receptors" with only 2 participating. Do these 58 people know they are "receptors"?

Jason Theriault's picture


Just as an FYI - you might want to consider toning the rhetoric down. Just on the $20 thing, he could sue you for libel.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If what you say is accurate,

If what you say is accurate, and I have no reason to believe it isn't, I'd say Romney could have a hell of a libel suit against Dingy Harry Reid if Mitt chose to pursue that path.

 's picture

sue me

that would take me for all i am worth...as my land is worthless on the threat of the turbines alone...beat up the little guy......

Jason Theriault's picture

All I'm saying is be careful

All I'm saying is be careful. If you state something that you are representing like a fact, you best have some evidence.

Saying "Wind turbines are bad/evil/whatever" is ok because it is an opinion.
Saying "So and So was handing out $20's" can be dangerous if you didn't see it, or if your source isn't rock solid.

 's picture

lesson learned

thank you for the lesson and I apologize here to Tom Carroll. It was a gift certificate to WalMart not 20 dollar bills.
Point trying to make is the gift is from you, the taxpayer, in the end.


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