J. Ziehm: No exemption for political activism

The argument of gay marriage is now not a biblical issue, and as it pertains to the churches. It is a political issue.

Churches that have become politically active should be held to lose their tax exempt status. What they have done is a perversion which suits their own interests.

This seems, in all honesty, to be little more then a shell game in donations and forming capital to advance other political interests.

Many people seem content to label the political process as a free-for-all and that religious donations do not play a part. That is something which should not be ignored.

As a Baptist I have come to witness that the church has become much too involved in our personal lives. The issues of the bedroom, who to vote for, and what we should or should not watch is none of the church's business.

I cannot agree with the profiting and shell games of a church bent more on control and less on biblical teachings.

What happens to the money, who pockets the interest, and who benefits after the church raises millions of dollars for the outside interests of the "conservative" values party?

Joseph Ziehm, Lewiston

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Funny...is there another one....

I was always taught about a loving God in church...is there another one out there I don't know about? To me the things I learned at Sunday school make a lot more sense that the "BS" that is spread by a lot of folks today. I know many people who survived many a life's crisis by acknowledging a higher being...there was just an article about the daughter of the folks at Ruby Ridge in the paper last week...a shame it takes tragedy to open some of our eyes. If you don't believe fine...just tired of the bashing of those who do.

Joe Morin's picture

Really Joseph?

Your article is akin to going to the circus and writing to the Sun Journal about your displeasure with seeing elephants. Life is full of choices, one being which church one attends and which denomination they practice. Pick a different church or a different brand of Christianity. Writing to the Sun Journal about your Baptist church actively persuing traditional conservative values and how that is wrong or surprising? Really Joseph?

Amedeo Lauria's picture


It's funny how people rally around an organization when it is on your side, but oh my goodness, let that organization take the other side of an issue and get out the tar and feathers! They are always looking to pounce on any human transgressions that occur in every large diverse organization. So they conveniently ignore the many fine works done on behalf of their fellow man. So they threaten to take away their tax exempt status or picket outside their doors on a Saturday or Sunday. Most religions of the world exist to provide a positive moral compass and to attempt to convince their congregations to live life in a certain positive way; hopefully in an ethical and honest way. Many churches are losing their congregations because modern society does not like to be told what is right and what is wrong; preferring the grayness of "if it feels good, do it." I will now await the onslaught of the secular humanists that have no empathy or understanding of those of faith and wish to turn America into a Godless country. After all it worked so well for the Soviet Union, why wouldn't it work here?

RONALD RIML's picture


LtCol Lauria writes: "Many churches are losing their congregations because modern society does not like to be told what is right and what is wrong"

Actually many Churches have lost their Congregations because people have learned to stand up to threats, bullying, stories of imminent immolation, etc.....and have learned there is a Loving God.....


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