Summer camp owners charged with hosting underage drinking party for counselors

WATERFORD — Oxford County Sheriff's deputies broke up an alleged underage drinking party last Friday night at Camp Waziyatah, a summer camp for children ages 7-17. Three were arrested, including the brothers who serve as owners and directors.

Oxford County Sheriff's Department

Mitchell Parker, left, and Greg Parker, right, owners of Camp Waziyatah, are accused of furnishing a place for underage camp counselors to consume alcohol.

Oxford County Jail photo

Camila A. Medina

Gregg M. Parker, 46, of Boston and Mitchell G. Parker, 50, of Miami were each arrested on charges of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Deputy Matthew Noyes said an informant told him the Parkers had hosted the party as an “end of the year” party for counselors, who were younger than 21. He said the children who attended the camp had all gone home to their families.

“From what the complainant told me, this is something that happens every year,” Noyes said.

One counselor, Camila A. Medina, 20, was charged with furnishing liquor to minors. Noyes said police believe she used a fake ID and supplied some or all of the alcohol to the party. He said there may have been others supplying alcohol, and the case is still under investigation.

Noyes said he received a complaint from an informant, who wanted to remain anonymous, that the directors were hosting a party for 25-30 minors. Noyes along with Deputy Josh Wyman, Deputy George Cayer, Cpl. Brian Landis and Sgt. Matthew Baker went to the camp Friday night.

According to Noyes, about 15 minors received civil summonses for alcohol possession. Noyes arrested Gregg and Mitchell Parker on charges of furnishing a place. Noyes said both brothers were in the building where counselors ages 18-20 were drinking.

According to jail officials, all three suspects were released on bail over the weekend.

Camp Waziyatah, located on Lake McWain in Waterford, offers a range of activities including horseback riding, wake boarding, sailing, musical theater, jazz dance, whitewater rafting, pottery, golf, archery and dozens more, according to its website.

The website said the camp “does not permit alcohol in any form on camp at any time.” Rates range from $2,950 for a two-week session to $8,950 for a four-week session.

Editor's note: On May 21, 2013, Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne dismissed the charge of minor consuming alcohol against Camila Medina after Medina completed 100 hours of community service.

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Seth Mattson's picture

They will probably get

They will probably get punished to the fullest extent of the law since nothing bad happened. Even though the state lets sex offenders and people who KILL people driving drunk walk with no jail time. Such a great justice system.

Rayne Poussard's picture

Camp Waziyatah

I think the Oxford sheriffs office did a good deed and served the public interest well. The ability of the two Parker brothers to license and operate a summer camp through the state for children from 7 to 17 should be in jeopardy. As owners and operators of such a camp their responsibility is enormous and I am not the least persuaded just because all the campers had gone home the summer staff would be authorized to consume alcoholic beverages. The Parker brothers clearly authorized the event where underaged staff would be drinking alcohol in violation of state law and therefore their recklessness places their operating license and reputation in jeopardy and will have to answer to the state for alcohol related violations as well. The risk of this party getting out of control where medical services might have been needed, a fire erupting, injuries sustained, automobiles being driven by impaired underaged drivers to name a few are all real possibilities that should not be overlooked. As a former state trooper I am well aquainted with the effects of underage drinking and I do not take it lightly. The owners do not have the maturity and judgment to protect the public safety interest and should serve as a warning to others to be more vigilant.

PAUL MATTSON's picture

What will the insurer and

What will the insurer and town do if convicted?


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