Androscoggin County Republicans ask LePage for special session to oppose Obamacare

Republicans in Androscoggin County have asked Gov. Paul LePage to call a special session of the Legislature to consider passing a resolve in opposition to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

The Androscoggin County Republican Party approved a resolution to that effect Monday after a nearly unanimous vote, according to a press release circulated Wednesday morning by Chris Dixon, director of an organization called the Maine Tenth Amendment Center.

The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution deals with states rights and grants to the states powers not reserved for the federal government or withheld from the states.

The resolve calls for nullification legislation that would declare the federal law unconstitutional and authorize LePage and state lawmakers to take steps to block its implementation.

Durham Republican Committee Secretary Jason Greene introduced the measure and suggested that Maine could mirror its opposition to the Bush-era Real ID Act.

“There is no enumerated power for the federal government to create a national ID and there is no enumerated power authorizing the feds to run the entire U.S. health care system,” Greene said in a press release. “Maine and several other states refused to comply with the Real ID and said, ‘We aren’t going to go along with it; it is unconstitutional.’ Because of this, that law is basically gone and is not being enforced. We need to do the same thing with Obamacare.”

The Maine Constitution outlines two ways the Legislature can convene in special session. One is for the governor to order it, which the Constitution says must happen under “extraordinary circumstances.” The other is that Legislative leaders can call the session, but only with a majority vote of lawmakers from both major political parties.

Greene said other county GOP committees are also considering similar resolutions.

LePage said last week that he was considering calling a special session of the Legislature in the coming weeks, but didn’t say what he would have them debate. Since then, his office has been vague about whether or not he intends to move forward with his idea. The Maine Hospital Association has said the session would deal, at least in part, with repaying millions of dollars owed to the state’s hospitals.

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Why a special session?

I'm not hearing any really good reason why this could not be done in a regular session and why we have to spend money for a special session to have this ideological griping party

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'm not Republican or Democrat or anything else, but....

I do pay attention to who is doing what, and I can't help but notice that Republicans seem to be shooting themselves in the foot more often as the elections grow near. Lets break this down, " Patient protection ", "Affordable Care ". These two items are not in the best interest of the American People. I'm sick of hearing all this crap about, having to buy something they can't afford.
What irritates me the most is that all the ones screaming the loudest, have never faced a life threatening illness, with or without insurance. I have, and I do every day. I know what its like to have to wait fourteen months to receive the surgery I needed to get the use of my right arm back. I'll be the first to admit, no system is perfect, but someone has to try. What ever plan is eventually used, will require much give and take on everyone's part. Obamacare, may or may not be any good, but its a beginning. I have yet to see any Republican option to the plan, just screams to get rid of it. I just have one thing to say, and don't bother screaming at me about it, I could care less. To the Republican Party, PUT UP OR SHUT UP......

Mark Elliott's picture

as soon as Harry Reid stops

as soon as Harry Reid stops leaving republican bills on his desk where the senate can't hear them, THEN you'll see what Republicans have to offer.


Yeah elections come before

Yeah the elections come before they would get the thing ram rodded and before they know thier goose is cooked and its bye bye to many GOPs !!

 's picture


Hilarity ensues. Is the Maine GOP really that numb? Do they come up with these ideas with or without the big red noses, rainbow wigs, and makeup? Maine taxpayers should foot the bill for a special session to pass a resolution to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional? Does the constitution really work like that? What if the girl scouts voted at their cookie convention to make chocolate cookies unconstitutional?

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Well at least it's not a tax...

Our President of the United States told us it was not a tax when his minions pushed it though in the dark on night. Now, in this electronic age he cannot run from his earlier statements.

But...when argued in front of the Supreme Court, it suddenly sheds the sheep’s clothing of the commerce clause (couldn't win that fight) and becomes the wolf (a tax) that anyone who looked at the legislation when it was published knew it was all along. A tax on a tax on a tax, business as usual in the beltway. Once again robbing Peter to pay Paul!

The highest tax in the history of the Republic and another step toward socialism, those who do not see this and fail call him on it are the true hypocrites in America!

Mark Elliott's picture

Our president lied again....

Our president lied again....


And republicans don't lie?

And republicans don't lie? What is it they do? Oh wait, they exaggerate, bully, threaten and oh yes they LIE...Charlie Summers said he would resign as Secretary of State if he won the primary ....well he won and we are still waiting for him to resign...Governor LePage....well he is just one foot in the mouth after another.....EVERYONE lies about something. Get over it already.

Mark Elliott's picture

Yes, it's possible everyone

Yes, it's possible everyone lies about something....but when someone lies about everything it's a whole new game!


I have lost track of the

I have lost track of the number of times our governor has lied to us....oh wait that was just him trying to get a point across right. That was him feeling passionate about something. Well guess what....he LIED LIED LIED LIED.....constantly.

Mark Elliott's picture

Ok Tina, you go right on and

Ok Tina, you go right on and keep smoking that stuff.....


And you Mark go right on

And you Mark go right on smoking many times does our governor need to exaggerate, threaten, bully, intimidate, and cry wolf before you will admit that he would further promote his agenda if he would just tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I once thought this state needed a businessman to lead it instead of a career I know the truth...even businessmen will lie to promote their own agendas. What the people of this state need is someone who will tell the truth without exaggerations. Let us make up our own minds and not just force an opinion on us. Don't try to bully us, intimidate us or threaten us. Just tell us the facts as they are not as you see them. A politician whether it be the President or the Governor needs the trust of the people and at this point, in my opinion, NONE of them have earned my trust.

Mark Elliott's picture

Lot's of accusations and no

Lot's of accusations and no examples......that's what I expect from a liberal. Just because you have made the choice to believe everything the democrats say, doesn't make it true..........


What part of NONE of them did

What part of NONE of them did you not understand?


socialism IS NOT Communism

socialism IS NOT Communism that is what republickians ;: try to mix words. truth is social rule is to rule for the societies best intrest not the 2% of population plus thier chain of boot lickers.

Mark Elliott's picture

If we were a democracy you

If we were a democracy you might be partially correct Danny, but we are a republic. In a republic, the rights of individuals are protected even against the majority. In this case, individuals are going to be forced to purchase something they do not want. The tenth amendment gives states the right to override the federal government in the interest of individual rights.........

PS: Communism always starts with socialism.........



Sorry to burst your bubble not all have to buy insurance that is a falsehood pushed by republicans and another of thier LIES is that all empolyers will have to furnish health insurance EHH Sorry both are total hog wash those companys who hve over 50 employees come under the law and 90% of those companies already have insurance for thier employees, while those whose cost for insurance exceeds 8% of thier income are exempt from this tax. Sorry but we are a Democracy and a republic but then again the USSR is a republic and people there dont have the right to speak out maybe you wish we were more like that.. Oh by the way they have healthcare for all thier people. and according to the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA no state can overide a federal tax FOR ANY REASON. again sorry to burst your bubble.

Mark Elliott's picture


You said: "Sorry to burst your bubble NOT ALL have to buy insurance" after I said: "In this case, INDIVIDUALS are going to be forced to purchase something they do not want." .........again, In a republic, the rights of INDIVIDUALS are protected even against the majority........even if just one person is forced, it is unconstitutional. The majority does not rule when such rule infringes on another's rights.

You said: "90% of those companies already have insurance for their employees," <--- and as soon as those companies realize it is MUCH cheaper to pay the "fine", what do you think they'll do? They'll drop the insurance and force employees to go on the government a decade, we'll have complete and total socialized medicine.

You said: "Sorry but we are a Democracy and a republic but then again the USSR is a republic and people there dont have the right to speak out maybe you wish we were more like that.." can't be both. We are a republic, plain and simple. Just because the Russian government calls themselves a republic does not make it so anymore than and El Camino can be called a truck.........and as you get older and require more healthcare, feel free to go to Russia and take advantage of their "free healthcare"....see how it works for you.

Obama is STILL insisting it is not a tax, since when do you folks not believe him?.......since it no longer supports your argument! Next week, you'll tell someone else it isn't a tax.........




thanks for the history lesson however though we are ruled by law not by majority your claim has faults as far as the individuals right, is it right that an individual does not have insurance has a heart attack and has little monies to pay for his medical care so his free right infringes on those rights of other individuals therefore inviolation of the others constitutional rights correct. furthermore we are ruled by a majority (or minority with today's corrupt Supreme court) The representives,Congress,Senate, and presidentual can take over your house your belongings everything you own by a majority vote so therefore it is still a domocracy no a group of peolpe can not rule an other except that if all executive branches rule in favor of the group. Also your claim about the companies leaving thier people without Insurance due to the fact it would be cheaper to pay the fine than insure them however that does not float since today there is no fine therefore it would be even cheaper for them to drop coverage to thier employees NOW (or if Obamacare is stopped) since there is no fine yet they DONOT drop the coverage for thier employees since they are a vital part of thier company and without them the company fails to function. enough said! Obama care may not be the best thing but it was put through in BOTH a democratic ( by majority) and Republic ( by Law) manner, however it is a start to the increasing burdon on all of us for those who do not carry insurance yet expect full medical care when they need it ( and will get it) even though they will never pay for it costing all of us billions of dollars. Do'nt get me wrong I was not in favor of this move and felt it was unconstitutional however the final decision was made BY A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY SUPREME COURT and since the law has now made it through ALL EXECUTIVE branches it is therefore LAW. now we will see in the next few years if this was for the best of all americans and I think later Obama will be looked upon as a man who had the courage to pass a bill which benefits the entire country and will be worked on in the future to become better once the Medical and Phamicon learn to abide by the laws instead of greedy little CEOs, FEOs and admins trying to steal patients blind. I went for a blood test (what do they do- put vial in machine then get printout in about one min. cost... over a thousand dollars this is bull but why cause I have i nsurance and I have to pay for the 1000's who had the test that did not pay, did they not infringe on my individual rights?

Mark Elliott's picture

They did not infringe on YOUR

They did not infringe on YOUR right because YOU CHOSE to purchase your health insurance. That's how insurance works. Those who voluntarily purchase it pay into a pool to help cover expenses of everyone in the pool.......the problem with Obamacare is that Owebuma insists it I'SNT a tax.......the supreme court says it is. Being a tax makes it constitutional, but will also cost Owebuma the election. Being anything else makes it UNconstitutional and will cost Owebuma his "baby". So, NO not all three branches of government are in agreement on this issue and not one branch is supreme over the others. If it isn't a tax as Owbuma claims it isn't, then under the commerce clause of the constitution, he can not force us to buy into it as he is doing.

All Owebuma has to do to put an end to this argument is tell everyone that, Yes it is a tax........and then plan his early retirement.

Jason Theriault's picture

These guys are funny.

The Supreme Court ruled it is Constitutional. And last time I checked, the Supreme Court is a higher authority than the Androscoggin County Republican Party.

Mark Elliott's picture

It isn't the republican party

It isn't the republican party claiming to be a "higher authority" with your eyes, not your mind. It is the "Tenth Amendment Center" protecting the tenth amendment......something the US Supreme Court must ALSO protect and something even democrats should want to protect!


Tax money?

It's interesting how these guys are always flush with taxpayer money when it comes to their ideological pet notions. No cost is too great to score political points. When it comes to serving the community, representing the voters and doing their job, however, we get all these lectures on how the government is broke. What a bunch of hypocrites !


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