Brunswick superintendent lambasts LePage

AUGUSTA (AP) — Gov. Paul LePage is taking exception to scathing criticism directed at him by the Brunswick school superintendent in a welcome-back letter to school employees.

The Portland Press Herald quotes the letter from Superintendent Paul Perzanoski as saying an anti-bullying law passed by the Legislature this spring failed to include the governor.

The Aug. 17 letter also says LePage "needs remediation in civility, public speaking, telling the truth, diplomacy and following the law." It challenges him to take the SAT "and make the results public."

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett calls Perzanoski's comments "wildly inappropriate" and "defamatory," and says he used taxpayer dollars to personally attack the governor.

LePage, who's made education a priority issue, has recently exchanged sharply worded criticisms with the Maine School Management Association.

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Plays well with Others?

Mr. Perzanoski's letter was WAY outside the scope of his duties and responsibilities as superintendent. I hope the folks in Brunswick hold him fully accountable. I wonder how he would have reacted if one of his subordinates sent out a letter on district letterhead praising the Governor's education initiatives to the parents of his district? I wait and see the final outcome, it will speak volumes. Once again an attack against the individual, I thought we just passed anti-bullying legislation? ....or did I miss something. (tongue firmly in cheek) I guess Mr. Perzanoski fails in “playing well with others.”

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Fair is fair.....

Why shouldn't the superintendent use taxpayer money to publicly question the governors intelligence? The governor uses taxpayer money to be publicly stupid.....

 's picture

So it's okay for the Governor

So it's okay for the Governor to tell the President to stay out of our State? And it's okay for the Governor to insult Maine residents, insult just about everyone actually. There has been very few times that our great state hasn't hit the National News because our great Gov. hasn't made a fool of himself....but someone FINALLY stands up to him, and he is insulted??? Really??? Mr.Perzanoski is accused of wasting our tax dollars in doing so...... oh I think not! The Gov. has wasted more tax dollars embarrassing us then I care to think about!!


He takes exception to

He takes exception to scathing attacks? I take exception to his bullying, intimidation, exaggeration and lack of respect for the people of the state of Maine.

 's picture


Perhaps if the school administration were to put out a quality product, the Gov wouldn't have as much to say.


Maybe if parents would be

Maybe if parents would be parents instead of letting kids do what they want the school administration would have something to work with. Maybe if the government stopped setting mandates without funding them the school administration could do something. Maybe if standardized tests were repealed the teachers could actually teach instead of having to teach to a test.


A wonderful way to teach the

A wonderful way to teach the next generation how to respectfully disagree with your "boss". This is wrong on so many levels.


And the governor bullying,

And the governor bullying, threatening, and exaggerating is the proper way to be a role model for the next generation? Give me a break.

Jason Theriault's picture


The Governor misuses tax payer resources to attack his opponents far more than EVERYONE ELSE in the STATE COMBINED.

Maybe if he didn't use tax payer dollars to attack our schools, workers, women, children and poor people I wouldn't be laughing as the Governor whines about this


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