Industry man dies after falling from tree

INDUSTRY — Police say an Industry man fell to his death Saturday night after climbing a tree during his birthday celebration.

Jacob Chick, 21, climbed the tree and fell about 60 feet around 9:30 p.m. during a gathering at his home on the West Mills Road. He died from the fall, Lt. Niles Yeaton of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department said.

Chick's birthday was two days before on Aug. 23.

The death was deemed an accident, according to Cpl. Kenneth Charles' report, Yeaton said. Yeaton could not say whether alcohol was involved or why he climbed the tree.

Industry Fire Department's first responders, NorthStar ambulance and police responded to the call.

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Daily Bulldog did a much better article

Birthday celebration ends in accidental death
Posted by Bobbie Hanstein • August 28, 2012 •

Jacob Chick

INDUSTRY - A man celebrating his 21st birthday died after he accidentally fell from a tree on Saturday.

Jacob Chick, 21, died after climbing up and then falling from a tree in the yard at his home on West Mills Road, said Lt. Niles Yeaton of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

His girlfriend and two or three other friends had gathered on Saturday night to celebrate Chick's birthday two days before on Aug. 23.

"For some reason, he climbed up the tree, slipped and fell straight down, 50 or 60 feet," Yeaton said.

Emergency crews from the Industry Fire & Rescue Department, the sheriff's department and NorthStar EMS ambulance were called to the scene at 10:08 p.m. Saturday to find Chick had died at the scene. It was ruled by police as an accident.

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My point is if you don't know the truth keep your mouth shut, but I see your in the same boat, I just hope none of your children ever die and you see this written in the paper about you child. I just glad it's a free paper because I definitely would never buy another copy do to in inconsideration of a family in morning. Just because he turned 21 was does not mean he is was drinking. So I stick by my word If you don't know the truth don't report it. I could sit here and make stories up all day but I have a respectable life to live. No More Untruths.............

Jennifer Chretien's picture

Ann, my sympathy's go out to

Ann, my sympathy's go out to you and the family of this young man. It's clear you cared for him very much. I did not know him but it's always tough to see someone so young die when they have so much life left to live. Again I'm sorry for your loss. Having said that I think it's a bit unfair; for lack of a better word, to trash the reporter for doing her job. Given the circumstances of the accident; I don't think asking if alcohol was a factor was unreasonable, regardless of his age. I'm sure that if I had the personal connection to the victim I might feel differently. If you didn't have the personal connection you might not have given the alcohol statement a second thought. I'm not judging you reaction, I guess I'm just saying that the reporter was doing her job and asking that you don't judge her. I don't believe that by asking that question or printing the officer's response she was in any way intending to judge your friend.

 's picture

Nothing wrong with the reporting

There is nothing wrong with the reporting. Ann was just reporting what other readers may have thought. The kid just turned 21 and it happened during his birthday party. What readers would have assumed was that the kid was drunk climbed the tree and fell. Ann was just setting it straight that its unknown weather alcohol actually played a factor.

 's picture


This was my neighbor, and excellent kid, how inappropriate to even say "Yeaton could not say whether alcohol was involved or why he climbed the tree." If you don't know then don't say nothing. You don't even know the kid, I hope his parents never ever see this. and would like to see the Alcohol part removed, Just think Ann if this was your son, it's sad enough this tragic accident happen, I don't see any need to write more into then what there actually is if you don't know then don't mention. Sorry Neighbors for the ignorance of the writer and the paper, very poorly written and no thought into. I KNEW THE KID SINCE HE WAS TWO. It's hard enough with adding to it, I hope your ashamed of yourself, don't report unless you have the FACTS.


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