Motorcyclist killed on Route 202 Monday

LEWISTON — A Readfield man died early Monday afternoon while attempting to pass an Almighty Waste recycling truck on Route 202 near Schott’s surplus military vehicle storage at the Lewiston-Greene town line.

Amber Waterman, Sun Journal

Androscoggin County Sheriff Guy Desjardins looks over skid marks on Route 202 in Greene after an Almighty Waste Truck and a motorcycle collided, killing the operator of the motorcycle. "We have contacted the District Attorney's Office because there was a fatality. We've also contacted the state police for reconstruction and because a commercial vehicle was involved," Desjardins said.

According to police, Michael Busque, 59, was traveling east on Route 202 behind the recycling truck. Busque started to pass the truck as it was making a left turn into a cut-off between Route 202 and Daggett Hill Road and the two collided.

According to Androscoggin County Sheriff Guy Desjardins, the Almighty Waste truck had just finished its recycling pickup on the eastbound side of Main Street in Lewiston and the driver was turning into the dirt lane to make his regular turnaround when the accident occurred.

Busque, who was operating his 2006 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, died at the scene, according to a news release from Sgt. Brian Smith of the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department. 

The man was not wearing a helmet, according to a witness to the accident.

The Almighty Waste truck, a 2000 Mack truck, was operated by Nathaniel Greenwood, 31, of Auburn.

A portion of Route 202 was closed and traffic rerouted around the 12:10 p.m. accident. The road remained closed for hours as Maine State Police reconstructed the accident. According to Desjardins, police cleared the scene around 4:30 p.m., and the road was reopened to traffic.

Hours after the accident, the city of Lewiston posted a notice that recycling pickup on Outer Main Street would be delayed until Tuesday because of the accident.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department and Maine State Police were assisted by the Lewiston Police Department, the Greene Fire Department  and United Ambulance Service. The crash remains under investigation.

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John Ponte's picture

Helmet law, under attack again.

Yes ,the Sun Journal is at it again!!!
Truly it seem every time there is a biker that dies or has a head injury from a very bad crash on a motorcycle ,the press of Lewiston, Maine comes out swing that the HELMET would have save the day.

The biker would have walk away from the crash with out a scratch if only the biker had a helmet on .
Truly, this is not true about any bike crash!
Yes wearing as much crash grear as possable could help any one out when in a motorcycle accident .
Does anyone at the Sun really think this biker could have survive this crash with a 80,000 lb truck ,could he have walk away if only he had a Helmet?
The Helmet law has been off of the book's in this state for over forty years now .
I know real well because I was one of the people that went to Augusta in the seventy's to repeal the law .
We form a grop of motorcycles and family menbers of motorcycles to contact all of the law makers of the state at the time.
The Group Is Called United Bikers of Maine .UBM .
Freedom of choice to wear a helmat or not .
Any time a newpaper try's to inpose it's own idea's of what is right and wrong over the freedoms of it's readers it show that the new's paper is not doing what it should be doing .
This news paper the Sun Journal, for years now, has run the same line time and time again .
Bikers are to stuip to take care of them selfs and they need to lose there right and freedom to think for themselfs .

Maybe the Sun Journal needs to lose there right to the Freedon of the Free press.
Sun Journal how about reporting the facts about a story and leave out your own 2 cents .
It's the bikers right to make there own choice about what to wear and what not to wear weather it's a helmet or a leather jacket or steel toe boots .
To just a tee to cut off's to flip floops .
It's called Freedom for thinking for one self.
Some people do chose poorly .
The man that lost his life yesterday chose poorly when he passed a big truck in a real bad spot of the highway .
Nothing could have save him once he got along side of that trash truck when it was slowing down to make a left turn .

May he rest in peace,he's in the big wind for ever.

 's picture

I believe the facts were clear

I believe the facts were clear. The biker was not wearing a helmet. That is the fact. The report did not mention that helmet would have saved him or not. Re-read the story. And if it's your right and choice to wear a helmet then why isn't it my choice to wear a seat-belt?

Mark Elliott's picture

again.....NO BALLS!

again.....NO BALLS!

John Ponte's picture

The fact of the matter of Seat belts .and Helmets

The facts are there, that UBM for years fought to keep seat belts off of the books in the state of Maine,for years !

The law was inacted because the people that drive auto's and trucks didn't send any one the the committiee hearing at all and ask for the Seat Belt Bill not to past .

The seat belt bill past in the ninetys instead of the seventy's because of UBM efford's .
But in the late ninetys UBM change it's focus an just work to have input on motocycle bills .

If you or anyone wants to keep your freedoms of choice you all have to show up in Augusta, when these bills are being consider,or you will lose all of your rights to make a decision for yourself !!

The report didn't mention, if he was using a leather jacket and I don't see anything about steel toe boots or a riding back brace .or any other saftey devices that is used by bikers .Just the Helmet.
My point is that every time there is a bad bike accident and someone is killed or badly hurt the Sun Journal has to make mention that there wasen't a Helmet .
If the rider is wearing a helmet and dies there is no mention that he or she had a helmet on,that i have seen or read.
Plus there isn't never any mention about any other riding gear that could have save the life of the crash victim,just the Helmet time and time again .
This is the way the Sun Journal has reported motorcycle accidents for decades.
The story center around NO Helmet not what the cause of the accident.
Sometimes there seems to be this cloudyness in the news room at the SJ , if a biker used a helmet there would never be any accidents.

 's picture


It doesn't matter what the accident is the questions is always asked and reported. The Helmet statement is told my all news outlet not just the SJ. Also when ever a drive is hurt or killed in a automobile accident the statement of weather or not a seat-belt was worn is also report. So is has nothing do with views on trying to make helmets mandatory.

John Ponte's picture

Seat Belts are the law Helmet's are not .

Yes ,it does matter if a seat belt isn't used in a story the SJ runs, that person was breaking the law when the accident happen .
This is why I agree with the reporting of the used or not used of seat belts .

The helmet ins't law, so why is it reported ?
Plus why isn't all the rest of the saftey gear he could have used mention in this story?

The SJ has always been pro Helmet .
They really isn't any wiggle room at all on the SJ part they have a pro Helmet history that goes back to the seventys .

At of all the news prints in the state ,SJ has the top marks on being pro Helmet conpair to the other papers in State ..

Pro Choice Freedom .it's up to you to make the right choice .
The person that lost his life yesterday ,his poor choice wasen't that he did not have a Helmet on.
His poor choice was he went to pass a truck that was slowing down to make a left turn .

 's picture


I believe the facts were clear. The biker was not wearing a helmet. That is the fact. The report did not mention that helmet would have saved him or not. Re-read the story. And if it's your right and choice to wear a helmet then why isn't it my choice to wear a seat-belt?

Mark Elliott's picture

Because you didn't DEMAND to

Because you didn't DEMAND to keep that just allowed it to happen. Exercising your rights is how you keep them!

 's picture

I'm sure that the driver of

I'm sure that the driver of the truck is feeling absolutely horrible about what happened, especially considering that if, as the accompanying photo seems to show, that the accident happened in a no-passing zone.

 's picture


If it was a car wreck the seat-belt questions would have also been asked so get over it. Furthermore if I have to wear seat-belt in my car then wearing a helmet should also be mandatory for anyone driving a motorcycle.

Mark Elliott's picture

Michael, would you like to

Michael, would you like to know the REAL reason you have to wear a seat belt while we don't have to wear helmets??? It's because the motorcycle community has the balls to stand up and say "NO". We put in the time and effort to defend our rights together with facts and COMPLETE data, not the half truths the NTSB pushes out every year.

I will ask you though, did you say "NO" to the seat belt law? Or did you just let it happen?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Story is still not complete......

As a former truck driver, and having been hit in the fuel tanks three times while turning left. I'm curious as to whether or not the truck indicated his intentions. (used a turn signal). Like I said, this has happened to me three times. I always use turn signals, yes even in Maine, The last time it happened to me, the driver,as usual, swore up and down that I had no turn signal on. I was driving a seventy two foot long vehicle with six turning signal lights on each side of my truck. There was also a state trooper right behind the guy who hit me. He was unaware of that little bit of information. As it turned out, the troopers cruiser's dashboard camera clearly showed the turn signal.
What I'm saying people is this, Slow down, no destination is worth getting there five minutes earlier, at the expense of your life. Don't ever be afraid of being late....

Story changed...

I'm curious as to why the story changed from earlier without stating that it has been changed, including not the time that the new one was put up?

Jason Theriault's picture

They do that

It's annoying - They should just treat revisions as new stories.

Makes my helmet comment make less sense as there were few details with the story except for the helmet info with the story I commented on.

Anywho - This story does make more sense now.

Mark Elliott's picture

or segregate the revision

or segregate the revision under the original story......

There aren't enough facts to

There aren't enough facts to know whether or not a helmet would have saved the motorcycle driver... Personally, I find it more troubling that the article also has two COMPLETELY different theories, one according to the *eyewitness* and one according to what the sheriff *thinks* happened... The fact that it says he wasn't wearing a helmet is information given by the eyewitness to the reporter and could be KEY information as to what happened. People have survived being run over, and some have died ONLY because their skull was cracked. There's a chance that wearing a helmet COULD have saved his life, we don't know yet because there isn't enough information...

Mark Elliott's picture

Ok...I'm coming to Jason's

Ok...I'm coming to Jason's defense......there's a first for everything. It was unlikely the helmet information was voluntarily given to the reporter. It seems to be a standard question given by reporters every time there is a motorcycle is a question asked merely to further an agenda. Notice they never ask if a car driver was wearing a helmet?? If a helmet will help on a bike, it will help in a car too, hell, it will help in the shower even!



This is so very sad both parties... Truck and motorcycle. This seems to be a typical move of a lot of drivers, myself included. Don't want to wait for traffic, so you go around the right side of a vehicle. SO SO SO sad.... Prayers and thoughts being sent.

Jason Theriault's picture

He was not wearing a helmet?!?!

He was run over. Helmet wont help you much in that case.


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