N. Bourgoin: Facts speak for themselves

In response to Marlene Engdahl's letter (Aug. 19) that was in response to my letter of Aug. 14, I do very much respect the office of the presidency, as well as the U.S. Constitution. I just wish the president, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other member of Obama's administration would as well.

How many other presidents have had a communist in their cabinet and appointed unelected czars to help with their agenda?

I wasn't disputing the president's citizenship. What I mentioned was that there wasn't much effort by the media concerning it, as compared to handling news about the other party.

The president did have a very substantial education from some of the best universities and law schools. It was never revealed, though, how he got into those schools, who paid for the tuition or why his papers were barred and never released.

Is that transparency?

Concerning his ties to Chicago, I admit that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has a large following, but when he damns America, what kind of free speech is that from a pastor?

Barack Obama said he hardly knew him, yet Wright is the one who married the Obamas. Another Chicago tie (Obama called him a "guy down the street"), terrorist Bill Ayers, was one he not only gave speeches with, but started his campaign in his home.

As far as being mindful of the facts, I can say that I have researched them extensively.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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CRYSTAL WARD's picture

regressive vs. progressive tax.

A flat tax in not a fair tax 10% of an income of $20,000 would hurt much more than 10% of 1 ,000,000 income -- flat taxes hurt the middle and very much hurt the poor.
If indeed they were great the people would have voted them in but have not done so when given the chance.

an entitlement is something you have paid into like social security and medicare and are entitled to get a benefit from because that was the deal you made with the government. If you paid into social security and medicare for 32 years you are entitled to get your benefit from the governmentor or they should not have taken your money out of your check .
welfare programs are different remember the constitution says one of the purposes of the US government is to "promote the general welfare"

Walter williams is an economist whose theories are far right , conservative and he replaces Rush L some on his show -- There are many outstanding well respected economist who do not agree with his ideas -- I am sure you know that all economist do not believe in the same things

 's picture

The Rich Don't Pay Enough?

The Rich Don't Pay Enough? - Walter E. Williams

President Obama and the Democratic Party harp about tax fairness. Here's my fairness question to you: What standard of fairness dictates that the top 10 percent of income earners pay 71 percent of the federal income tax burden while 47 percent of Americans pay absolutely nothing?

Here's a photo of Williams and his credentials are here:

Question: Can you tell why you have never heard of this guy, despite being one of the most distinguished economists in the country? If you can't, you're blind.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

FBAR form missing ?

Romney has not disclosed all of his tax documents for 2010 itself -- the only year for which the GOP presidential nominee has presented any final tax forms. remember his father disclose 12 years- nothing to hide !?

Romney released his 2010 tax return in January 2012, it informed voters about the existence of his Swiss bank account and financial activities in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. YES, people who own foreign bank accounts are required to file a separate document with the IRS that provides additional details on such overseas bank holdings, and Romney has not released that form to the public for the 2010 year???? What is he hiding?

Tax experts say it's almost certain that Romney did file the form, known as a Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or "FBAR" . The penalty for not filing an FBAR can be pretty bad , and the IRS would have expected to receive the form since Romney listed the Swiss bank account on his tax return. Romney's missing FBAR form raises questions for tax policy experts about the function of his Swiss bank account, and whether or not Romney used other offshore bank accounts that did not generate interest
Romney needs to release the FBAR form -- .

MARK GRAVEL's picture

My advice to Romney would be

My advice to Romney would be to say I’ll release more tax data if Obama releases his college transcripts. Either both matter or neither matter so what is it?

His IRS form 1040 will include interest, dividends, and income from all foreign accounts and earnings.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


President Obama's father lived in Connecticut for awhile maybe he filled out the application for the SS Card like my mother filled out the one for me and sent it in.
Now lets see if Romney had done something "wrong" on his taxes the IRS would take him to court you said -- Well if Obama had done something wrong with his Social Security they would have take him to court .

I care about the mulit millionaire who move their money to off shore accounts to avoid paying income taxes resulting in the IRS losing 40+ billion dollars each year .in income tax revenue. They need to pay their fair share just like you and I . I want the multi millions to get out of my wallet!!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

But you have not problem putting your hand in Romney's wallet!

Perhaps if the government and people like stop you picking their wallet they would be less apt to find ways to hide their money. Just look at your own comments.

When you speak of fair, you are really speaking of an exponentially progressive tax rate. Fair means all Americans pay a flat percentage on their earnings, no deductions. How is it fair to tax someone at a higher rate than others simply because they earn more?

There comes a point of taxation that all of us will take steps to protect our income. In fact, we all do that now by taking all deductions that we are allotted. That said, if Romney has filed all the required paper with the IRA we can assume we is operating within the law – correct – just like you and I do when we take all our annual tax deductions.

So what really drives your opinion? Is it greed? Is it envy? Is it jealousy? What is it?

 's picture

I very much doubt ...

... that you'll ever have the heavy burden of millions in your wallet. Perhaps you meant millionaires? The only folks with their sticky fingers in my wallet are members of the entitlement class, who want a socialist government to redistribute money from those who earn it to those who don't.

Evidently you don't understand the difference between income and wealth, having little of the former and none of the latter. Wealth is income on which the earner has already paid income tax. Suppose a successful individual has $1 million left over after taxes one year, and he parks it in a savings account. After a year, if he's lucky, he will have earned about $10,000 in interest income on which he'll have to pay income tax. At that awful, evil rate of 13%, he'll cough up another $1,300.

Now suppose he moves the money to an off-shore account in the Caymans where he gets the same rate and earns the same interest. How much tax must he pay? The same $1,300!! Why? Because the US is one of a very few countries that taxes its citizens' income no matter where they earn it. If Romney did that, and did NOT pay the tax, he would be guilty of a felony. You prove that.

You can't and you won't even try. What you want is to tax that $1 million again, as if it were income a second time, and extract $130,000 to feed the cavernous maws of the entitlement class.

Keep your envious digits out of my wallet.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Since Crystal could very well

Since Crystal could very well be a recipient of said entitlements, she is using the transitive property – from your wallet to the Governments wallet to her wallet. Hence, her use of “my wallet” would be accurate in that case.

Their complaints are hollow and only whistle of jealousy, greed, and envy on their part.

Jason Theriault's picture


The real issue is that while most American's pay an average of 17%, while Romney is pay far less. He said him self that he paid no less that 13%, which means he paid 13% at least one year.

This isn't about taxing the rich more. This is about making the rich pay at least the same rate as the rest of us.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

No Jason, reality is that

No Jason, reality is that Bain Capital paid corporate taxes on its earnings, Romney paid taxes on his earns, and Romney is paying taxes on his investments.

What would you want Romney to do? Pay ordinary income taxes on dividends even though dividends are taxed at 15%? He would be an idiot for doing that.

Even at the current rate, Romney probably pays more tax revenue in a year then all of the readers of this blog will pay in a lifetime combined.

The man is playing by the rules, so what is your problem? If you don’t like the tax structure you,re misplacing your anger. You should be angry that the dividend tax rate is 15% and take your case to Congress where it belongs.

If you continue to focus your anger at the man for playing by the rules, then you’re simply displaying some other human emotion, such as greed, envy, or jealousy. What is it?

 's picture

Most Americans pay 0%.

We're talking about federal income taxes. You will never change the status quo by diddling the rates. You have to change the rules for deductions, known as "loopholes" by those who can't use them.

I'll say it again another way. There are lots of Americans who have a million bucks. There are far fewer who earn a million bucks per year. This "fair share" you guys yammer about is a wealth tax, nothing less. That is, pure envy.

Jason Theriault's picture

I never used the word fair.

I never use the word fair. Life isn't fair. Not all people are equal. Some are smarter, some are more gifted, some have looser morals. Some make more money than others, some work extremely hard, and others do not.

No, as for loopholes, I COMPLETELY agree. There are way too many ways of playing games. However, I think we have opened other loopholes by taxes different incomes differently. Capital Gains should not be taxes differently that other incomes.

And I don't think anyone is talking about taxing wealth. Just income.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Short-term capital gains and

Short-term capital gains and non-qualifying dividends are tax at ordinary income rates. Only long-term capital gains and qualifying dividends are taxed at a lower rate as an incentive for investing.

Your right however, life is not fair, so what is all the complaining about. Romney already paid ordinary income tax on his money once.

Jason Theriault's picture

Did he?

I don't know if he paid he taxes at ordinary rates. But that's a different argument.

Long term capital gains should be taxed as normal income. When you start making exceptions is when you open loopholes. Hell, I might support a flat tax if:

1. All income was taxed the same(capital gains or not)
2. Since business are people they should be taxed the same. No deductions, and any business incorporated in the US has to pay taxes on ALL income, regardless if they earned it in the US or not(just like people)
3. NO deductions.

Then we wouldn't need to see anyone's tax returns as there wouldn't be room to fudge stuff.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

tax facts ?

Paul , No one has ever said that Mitt Romney did not file his tax froms each year
not even Harry Reid -- It is possible to file tax forms and end up paying no taxes after all the math is done. There would be no reason for the IRS to go after Romney for not filing --he did file each year . The question is how much did he pay in income taxes on the millions of dollors he made/ not did he file his forms. So far I paid a higher % on my fixed retirement income than he did (13%) on his millions and millions . Mitt Romney's father was the one who started the idea of releasing many years of returen ,he did 12 , when he ran for office --he said he had nothing to hide. So what does Mitt have to hide now??

would you please tell me your source for the connectcut soc. security card ?
And why does it matter -- is htere something wrong with Connecticut ?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Let’s turn this question

Let’s turn this question around. If Romney did no wrong related to his tax filings, why in the hell does it matter what he paid in taxes?
Do you enjoy the rush of envy it brings you to see how much he paid in taxes?

If Romney did no wrong related to his tax filings, why would it matter if he paid zero taxes similar to the 50% of the population?
Does that bring you excitement? How does that stimulate you psychologically?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"So far I paid a higher % on

"So far I paid a higher % on my fixed retirement income than he did (13%) on his millions and millions." And I, also am on fixed retirement income plus earned (I work) income and probably pay a higher percentage in taxes than YOU and Romey, and you know what? So what? It's time we get our heads out of other peoples' wallets and move on with our own business.

oBAMa and SSN from CT? When did he ever live there? What were the circumstances under which he got his SSN there? I would like to know. Just as you'd like to know why Romney is only paying 13% in taxes.
The liberal vetting of Romney is far more aggressive than any vetting oBAMa was ever subjected to. Why is that? Media bias, maybe?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Paul, We should also point


We should also point out that if Crystal really pays a higher percent of federal income tax than 13%, she has a sweet pension considering that most people on fixed incomes paid virtually nothing in federal taxes. Perhaps she is conveniently forgetting about that tax refund at the end of the year and only counting the withholdings. Something does not pass the sniff test and the proof lies on the claimant to prove her assertion.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate will drink to

The Pirate will drink to that. "PARROT!! Bring me me jug of Captain Jack!"

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


"there are NO Communists in presidents cabinet "

the term Czar to describe the head of something was"coined " by the republicans

 's picture

The term "czar" in any context ...

... has nothing to do with communism. Angus King called himself the "job czar" when running for governor. Unfortunately, what he meant was he would run out of state as many jobs as possible.

And no one is talking about the cabinet. We are talking about the appointed apparatchiks, unvetted by the Senate, regulating everything they can get their hands on.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

researched extensively????

1. there are NO comminist in the Presidents Cabinet . Now present your proof to disprove this statement
2. Do more research- remember just because it is on the internet does not make it a FACT - the presidents citizenship was beat on for months(still today by some media) only to have the facts show there was NO story -he was born in Hawaii( part of the USA) and his birth certificate was been produced over and over again ,even by this paper .
2. the President got into college on the basis of his ability !! he was a excellent student , he applied to Harvard like everyone else -- You seem more concerned about what an 18-23 year old did in college than what Romney has paid in income taxes on his millions and why he is hiding this ?transparency?? ?
3. the first amendment was written to protect ALL speech not just the speech you like -- most of the time it protect unpopular speech which is what mkes the USA FREE -we can speak. According to history the USA has made mistakes
"My country right or wrong --when right to be kept right when wrong to be put right "
4. Remember the founding fathers were treasonist, terrorist to the British during the American Revolution

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It isn't anyone's business

It isn't anyone's business what Romney has paid in taxes, though he has admitted to an average of 13% per year for the last 10 years. If Harry Reid were not lying, don't you suppose charges of some sort would be filed against Romney for tax evasion? No one gets away with not filing for 10 years. People do it, but they get caught.
Why was oBAMa's social security number issued in Connecticut? Did he ever live there?

Jason Theriault's picture


I disagree, and the reason I disagree is that the Presidency is about character. There are some questionable areas of Mitt Romney's financial planning that many would like answered. Like how he funded his SEP-IRA. There is speculations that he played fast and loose with his account to cram all sorts of money in there tax free.

Anyway, if the President has to release his birth certificate twice, your not going to have any ground to stand on with me about Romney's tax returns.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Are you sure you want to go

Are you sure you want to go head to head on character? Romney vs Obama? What a killing field. Romney is spotless compared to Obama – Chicago politics.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I didn't mention his birth

I didn't mention his birth certificate. I am asking about his social security number that was issued in the state of Connecticut. His birth certificates mean little as those can be made to say just about anything one wants them to. Romney is clean. You all are just using anything you can to make up for oBAMa's abysmal record of non-performance. He continues to be the most unqualified person in every room he enters. Romney has integrity and character; oBAMa has neither.
Excluding oBAMa and Romney, who would you support as a presidential candidate; his vice president?

Jason Theriault's picture


Romney is clean? Define clean. I don't think he broke the law. But just like Akin didn't break the law saying legitimate rape didn't result in pregnancies, that doesn't mean he's clean or in the clear. There are way too many question marks around his fortune.

As for his Social Security number, it was a clerical error.
The President's Hawaii zip code :96814
The Zip code for Danbury, CT. is: 06814
Look down at your keyboard. Where are the "0" and the "9" located?(don't look at the number pad. typewriters don't have a number pad)

But hey, whats the point? You're only going to find something else to "prove" that Obama wasn't born in America. I mean, every official in Hawaii has confirmed that he was born there. There is even an announcement in the local paper. The fact is that the FINAL arbiter, the Supreme Court, refused to hear the case, confirming that he was born in the United States. It's now writ. Let it go.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"There are way too many

"There are way too many question marks around his fortune."

Harry Reid earns $193K a year. He is allegedly worth $10 million. Are we naive enough to think that the path to wealth is unpure only for republicans?

They hit the correct keys on the keyboard 8 million other times, but in this one instance the 0 and the 9 became confusing.
"FAIRY DUST", belched the full bellied parrot after having consumed 2 Doritos Los Tacos.
Every official in Hawaii being a paid liar is more credible than the wrong keyboard scenario. I can't believe a logical mind such as yours is really buying that line of crap.

You talking about the same supreme court that 'arbited' the constitutionality of oBAMaCare?

Jason Theriault's picture

I'm not voting for Harry Reid

I would demand more transparency from Harry Reid if he was my Senator, or he would lose my vote(depending of course with whomever he was running against).

Do you work with government records? I do, and I can attest they did not hit the correct keys every other time.

"Every official in Hawaii being a paid liar is more credible than the wrong keyboard scenario. I can't believe a logical mind such as yours is really buying that line of crap."

Well, first off - Using logic, which seems more likely - that this is a simple clerical error or that every official in Hawaii is corrupted?
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, Pirate

And yes, the same court that rule the ACA constitutional. If you don't like the system of laws we have here, there are many fine countries with far less centralized governments, such as Angola and Liberia.

Jason Theriault's picture

This pisses me off.

You know why this really pisses me off? Because this is just another case of someone cutting a quote up to make it fit their point.

Here is what Obama said about Ayers:
"This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis. And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn't make much sense"

And the ONLY reason you want to see Obama's transcripts is to draw some sort of equivalency between that and Romney's tax returns.

And who is the communist? Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones? He resigned in 2009

So you said "As far as being mindful of the facts, I can say that I have researched them extensively." Really? Accusations and rhetoric do not constitute facts.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot sez if you don't

The parrot sez if you don't calm down, your shiny blue star will be rescinded.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Or the parrot will peck on

Or the parrot will peck on your sphincter.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot read your post.

The parrot read your post. Have you ever seen a parrot sweat? He thinks I',m gonna make him do it.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Sorry, no disrespect to the

Sorry, no disrespect to the parrot.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

He takes no offense. It is

He takes no offense. It is his belief that life is one big cracker.


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