L. Godin: Marriage is precious sacrament

A letter that appeared on Aug. 23 by Mike Aldrich against same-sex marriages couldn't have hit the nail on the head much better than I could have, especially when he stated that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, or Eve and Louise.

I read in my Prince of Peace church bulletin what I believe in: "The true nature of marriage, a husband and wife living in openness to life, is also a witness to the precious give of the child and the unique and irreplaceable roles of both a mother and father."

To me, marriage is a precious sacrament and was never meant to be shared by same-sex couples.

If the same-sex bill passes in November, it could lead to polygamy, and why not? It is all about love, is it not?

Louis Godin, Lewiston

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What is a sacrament?

The last I heard a sacrament was a religious ceremony. A ceremony conducted by an agent of the government between two non-religious people is not a sacrament by any definition that I ever heard of. In fact, if I recall, the Catholic church did not recognize a civil ceremony as a marriage and required that your marriage be blessed or your children were considered to be illigitimate. Now they want to make rules for civil marriages? Should they also be deciding who gets to get a driver's license, or who gets to vote? The government has no right to impose religion on anybody and as such cannot force anybody to participate in a sacrament. What the state chooses to call a ceremony binding two people is really none of the religious community's business. Making such a fuss over the use of a word is ridiculous. It reminds me of the big todo about the Redneck Olympics. Would anybody really confuse that with the real Olympics? No. It is just somebody wanting to bully someone with less clout.

Mike Aldrich's picture


Thanks for the compliment Louis. The last time I took a stand for traditional marriage I received sharp criticism and my house was vandalized. So this was very refreshing and appreciated.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'd like to recommend a good

I'd like to recommend a good law firm for dealing with future vandals; Smith and Wesson. I believe they're in the phone book.

AL PELLETIER's picture

OK, I'm confused.

Just watched the DMC warm up with an interview with Barney Frank. When asked about his recent marriage and if his partner was there, he said "yes" there goes my husband right there!
Does Barney's partner refer to Barney as his wife? Still confuses me and still muddies the meaning of "married".
A legal civil union should have every privilege of a man and wife, but a marriage, it is not. I'm not talking about the bible and sacraments, just the word " marriage".
I find it hard to believe that Barney is anyone's WIFE, but can understand "Partner".
I'm now wondering if gay folks are going to associate the word "PARTNER" with the "N" word. Yup! I see it coming.

Jason Theriault's picture

Are you being serious?

Are you being serious? They would both refer to the other as a husband.

Now as for "marriage" vs "Civil union" the problem is that they will never be equal. DOMA should be the only argument I have to make on that. And if that is the only issue, you realize your willing to deny people rights based purely on semantics?

Listen, have some guts. If you want to be against same sex marriage, do so. But don't try and hide behind civil unions or other BS.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"How the &^%#@% can two

"How the &^%#@% can two husbands be considered man and wife"???, screeched the equally bewildered parrot. Ellen Degeneres refers to her "married" partner as her wife. How can that NOT make Ellen the husband? You're the one who is wallowing semantics
BTW--your new logo does the same thing as a good Kirby. The previous one was far superior and more flattering. I know, I know; opinions are cheap.
Marriage is man and woman; husband and wife!! Why do so many find that so confusing?

Jason Theriault's picture

No it isn't pirate

They are not considered man and wife. They are considered man and man. Ellen's partner would call Ellen her wife as well. This isn't a role, like pilot and co-pilot. It's a relationship. A female significant other is a wife. a male significant other is a husband.

And by the way, it has very rarely in our history been Husband and Wife. One only needs to look at the bible to see that:
Genesis is littered with tales of polygamists.
Heck, King David had 22+ wives/concubines, and his son, Solomon HAD 700 WIVES and 300 CONCUBINES

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, and Plato kept a wife,

Yeah, and Plato kept a wife, a mistress, and a young boy all at the same time. And yet, cheating relationships are still innocently referred to as "Platonic",as if to provide proof of innocence, by the cheating participants.
Although I consider your opinions inaccurate as they pertain to husband/wife--wife/husband, they are still welcome here.
You look at any two gay men and you can almost always detect which one is the submissive 'wifely' one and which is the alpha male.
Same applies to lesbians; one can almost always detect the dominant alpha male type of the duo. They appear to role play the husband/wife, man/woman scenarios. I know I'm treading where angels fear to tread, because I have no first hand experience, but I've been studying gays and their mannerisms since I was a teenager, and I've become pretty accurate at spotting who's who. Important? Of course not, but it's a great pastime when at Oqunquit people watching while the wife hits the curio shops.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"A grand slam home run by

"A grand slam home run by Sweetfern" chorused the jubilant parrot.
Very well stated, Al, and no, you're not confused. I'd say you've got it pretty darn well figured. out. It's an absolute mess. How is a young adopted kid supposed to figure that out; he lives with two guys and one of them is his mom? Hiyoooo, Silver.
And yes, Al, we're going to have to be discreet in our use of the "P" word.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

And the way

God did create Adam and Steve in his image.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I'm glad that "marriage is a precious sacrament " to Louis

but that's not the issue. The religious sacrement is not at all affected or related to the November vote on same-sex marriage. No minister or priest acting as they do now as agents for the Government will be required to perform same-sex marriages. No Church or church facility is required to host a same-sex marriage. No church is required to recognize any marriage inconsistent with their beliefs. And no civil marriage is a "sacrement" for that would be Unconstitutional.
The idea that same-sex marriage leads to polygamy is bizarre. If it does then doesn't any marriage lead to polygamy. Its all about love isn't it. No. Polygamy is a completely different social relationship from monogamy. And has to be judged on its own terms.
Louis should feel very comfortable voting for same-sex marriage and against polygamy if the subject ever comes up.


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