D. Ginn: Movie stars happy with Romney

Movie stars have come out for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, of course — they want that tax cut that Romney gives to the rich.

I cannot believe those actors. Don't they stop and think of how the tax cut will hurt the middle and lower classes? I guess they just want to sit on their piles of money.

Of course, they were happy when the middle and lower class folks made them rich by attending the showing of their movies. If they ever have movies come out again, I will not attend.

Look what Romney did in Ohio, where he showed up and the mine was closed. Those miners never got paid for the day.

How can a man or woman vote for a man like that?

That just takes the cake.

Dolores Ginn, Auburn

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Republicans will teach you

Republicans will teach you how to bake cakes and sell them so you can make lots of money. democrats will bake the cakes for you, but give you only the crumbs in small amounts so as to keep you on their dole.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do these criminals have

Do these criminals have names? How dare they go out and work hard so they can earn lots of money. They should be hunted down and stripped of all their wealth, which should then be given to the poor.
Next thing you know the democrats will be taking God out of the DNC Platform.

 's picture

3 out of several thousand?

Clint Eastwood, Kelsey Grammer and Pat Sajak - maybe Gary Senise - are the only Hollywood types with enough backbone to declare in public that they are on the right. There are likely many more who won't speak up for fear of being blacklisted. Most of them are hard leftists.

Ms. Ginn, pushing the national debt up to $16 trillion and keeping unemployment over 8% hurt the middle and lower classes far more than the upper. Letting the tax cuts expire in January will be the icing on that cake.

How can you vote again for a man like Obama?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Notice how unresponsive our

Notice how unresponsive our 'friends' are to this topic? What's your theory? I think it's because too many of their liberal ilk are a huge part of the filthy rich Hollywood crowd and they don't wish to get themselves trapped in the conflict.

 's picture

My theory for this is the same as ...

... my theory for why they are silent about off-shore shenanigans of the chosen few big corporations: Apple, GE, ...

If they (actors, corporations, ...) genuflect frequently enough and make the expected obeisances at the altar of liberal ideology, their sins will be forgiven.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great point.

Great point.


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