Maine gas prices jump another nickel

AUGUSTA (AP) — The expected fall of gasoline prices with the end of the summer driving season still isn't here, as the average retail cost of a gallon of gas in Maine jumped nearly a nickel in the past week.

Price-monitoring website reports Monday that gas is up to $3.94 a gallon in Maine, 13 cents higher than the national average.

Prices are now more than 20 cents per gallon higher than the same day a year ago and more than 16 cents per gallon higher than a month ago.

A company analyst says supply remains tight and the oil industry is still bringing capacity back after Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf.

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Andrew Jones's picture

Iran! Oil refineries on fire!

Iran! Oil refineries on fire! Hurricane Issac! Anything to justify an increase.


MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps this is where

Perhaps this is where government should step in to incent new refinery construction. Like standardizing fuel mixtures, so supply can be shared between states, or cut red tape and EPA requirements, give 10 year tax free status to the first x-gallon per day for any new refinery build within the next 4-years for example.


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