Turner man pleads guilty to hunting, drug charges

AUBURN — A former police officer charged with hunting-related crimes in Maine and Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges in connection with deer hunting and a drug-related felony.

Everett H Leonard
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Everett H. Leonard of Turner.

Everett H. "Lenny" Leonard, 61, of Turner pleaded guilty in Androscoggin County Superior Court on Monday to two charges of driving deer, each punishable by up to six months in jail. He agreed to a sentence of one week on each count, to be served at the same time.

He also pleaded guilty to a new charge, not brought by a grand jury, of unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs.

For that charge, he agreed to a sentence of three years in prison, with all but 90 days suspended. He will be allowed to argue before a judge at sentencing that he serve less jail time. He plans to seek home confinement for any actual jail time due to a medical condition, said his attorney, William Cote.

Leonard had been scheduled to go to trial later this month on multiple hunting- and drug-related charges.

A judge recently allowed the return of his cameras and other electronic equipment seized when he was charged last year with crimes in connection with illegal hunting activities in 2010 in Turner, Leeds and Auburn.

Leonard was also seeking to have returned to him an all-terrain vehicle and a security camera, but prosecutors didn't agree. Leonard, through his attorney Cote, said his wife needed the four-wheeler to get around their property and the camera was needed for personal safety. Justice MaryGay Kennedy scheduled a hearing during which witnesses are expected to testify in an effort to determine whether those items were seized illegally.

When Leonard and his son, Everett T. Leonard, 33, were arrested earlier this year, police seized hundreds of pounds of deer meat, firearms, deer antlers, bows and arrows, spotlights, a mounted hawk and owls, a computer, documents and other hunting-related equipment from their homes.

Charges handed up by an Androscoggin County grand jury against the older Leonard include four felony counts of unlawful trafficking of oxycodone in Turner in September and November; two counts of driving deer on Nov. 18 and Nov. 20 in Turner, in which he is accused of participating in a group hunt to purposely drive deer toward a group of three or more people; one count of trapping without a license; and one count of indecent conduct, accused of purposely exposing himself to someone with the purpose of alarming that person.

Prosecutors in Maine had postponed their pending case in this state while awaiting the completion of prosecution against the two Leonards in Pennsylvania, where they were convicted of multiple hunting-related crimes. A district attorney there called the Leonard cases "one of the most egregious" hunting-related criminal cases in that region.

Everett H. Leonard was sentenced to 15 days to two months in prison plus 18 months of probation. He was also fined $2,300.

He pleaded guilty to five illegal killings and a dozen other game violations, including road hunting, loaded firearms in vehicles, killing deer at night and license violations. He had faced up to seven years in prison and up to $43,000 in fines and costs.


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Dana Burgess's picture

Teflon Lenny

Nothing ever sticks on this guy. I can see him partying and laughing now. He got away with it again, if people only knew half of what illegal things he has done. He should have been in prison by now.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Turner criminal hunter

Lenny can not ever pay his dept to those he wronged in his capasity of Mechanic Falls Police Chief. I was hoping he would get his, however there sure does seem to be a good old boy syndrome happening here. Slap his friggin rist. Let him have property back that if he were anyone else, he would be a little less rich like cameras and etc. And now they are going to argue if he sweet Lori wife is going to get the ATV BACK. That is if her name is Lori, for all I know is she might not be with him now. Could be someone new. Anyhow I hope they do not return the ATV because he would have used that in the woods to scope out where the deer herds have been hiding . Never a more scary person in the world other than EVerett Lenny Lenord.
I will never forget how my husband and I were threatened by him at a Council meeting he told us we better be afraid of him right in front of the whole council. Oh course my husband told him we were not afraid of him he said well you better be. And guess what. within a five to seven day period our vehicle was totalled in our yard by skunk sense. Trappers lour, and guess who was a Trapper on the side. Yep! Lenny Heck the insurance company tried to salvage the vehicle and they could not. They poured the stuff in the engine and thru the whole inside of the car. We were pulled aside by a councilmen and told they took him to the carpet for it. And that they believed he was behind it and suggested he look for other employment Now I can not prove this. As the councilmen is long passed away and I am at least glad that Lenny now has a blemish. Though he wiggled out of most with most a slap on the hands. But let us citizens keep this in our minds and see where he goes from here. Maybe he will get worse because he is so darn sure of himself. So this is to Lenny I have not forgotten your cruelty and like the poor dogs you shot, in the name of animal control and thr. them in a pit up at the corner. Anyway may we all overcome this kind of human being.

Dana Burgess's picture

paid in full

I hope the judicial systems bill is marked paid in full to Lenny. Just so he can get what is coming to him the next time. This whole case is a farce slap on the wrist and let him go. I bet no jail time either just home arrest.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Turner man pleades guilty

He got of way to easy in my book and this so called former Mechanic Falls Chief of police was way over due to get caught, his pouching deer goes way back when another officer took the rap for his crimes. Look up the name Brown or Brownie. The court letting him decide his fate and plee bargining or what ever sure is not justice in my book. YOU GOT OFF EASY LENNY, MAY YOU GET CAUGHT AGAIN AND TAKE A WALK TO JAIL. No love for this underhanded crooked cop. Sad that he gets off so easy, both in PA and now here in Maine. Is it because he once was a cop, I think so. Be for real.

Dana Burgess's picture

Par for the course

He has gotten away with things like this his whole life.



Lenny has no remorse. Only sorry he got caught on this one.


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