Dog found abandoned, emaciated tied to Lewiston cemetery tree

LEWISTON — Officials are looking to identify the owner of a "severely emaciated" pit bull mix found tied to a cemetery tree Tuesday night.

The young, tan male weighed 37 pounds, almost 20 pounds under his ideal weight, according to Zachary Black, operations manager at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society.

"He's skin and bones and a super, super friendly guy," Black said. "We're not sure how someone could do that to (him.)"

Police brought the dog to the shelter after responding to a call of a dog tied to a tree at Riverside Cemetery. The dog was found with a leash and choke collar.

It's been good with people and other animals, and very hungry, Black said.

He estimated the dog's age at 10 months to a year. Its ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones are easily visible, he said.

State law requires the dog be held for seven days. The shelter hopes to put weight on him, neuter him, find a foster family and eventually find a home for him if the owner can't be located.

If the owner is found, he or she could face a possible summons for cruelty to animals, Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout said.

"This happened over a period of months," he said.

Anyone with information about the dog's owner can call Strout at 513-3111.

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JOHN PAINTER's picture

$50 Bounty

I'd be happy to put a $50 bounty out for information which leads to the successful prosecution of the individual(s) who did this, if the individual(s) does not do the right thing and turn themselves in by this time next week.

This behavior is as abhorrent as the individual who recently threw the kittens in the dumpster. In both cases there is a clear lack of conscience, and behavior not reflective of our community values.

I have two rescued dogs, one was a breeding dog from a puppy mill, the other was given up by a loving family who could not afford to keep him in these challenging economic times. I thoroughly understand when caring people due to circumstances beyond their control can not afford a pet, however the appropriate thing to do is adopt the pet out, or take it to the local humane society. If the individual(s) who abandoned this dog this way do not turn themselves in my offer of a bounty stands.

John L. Painter



This is just awful and when they find the person who did this they should starve them too!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Whatever was done or not done

Whatever was done or not done to that dog should be done to the owner when they catch him/her.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Good idea, I volunteer to tie him/her up to the tree.....

Does it matter if his/her feet are actually touching the ground????????

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Not one bit!!", screeched

"Not one bit!!", screeched the emotional parrot who claims to have known the dog from a previous relationship. Silly bird.



At least the person developed a conscience and left him so he could get help. Granted there are better ways to go about it - but at least the dog is getting help now.

Eventually the owner will be found. Unfortunately the penalties for animal abuse are not harsh enough to deter this type of treatment/abuse.

 's picture

Dog tied to tree

The person who is irresponsible for doing this to a defenceless dog, deserves to be found and locked up. Never be allowed to have another pet of any kind, and deserves to have the same punishment to them as well.


What is wrong with people??? I hope they find the owner and throw him/her in jail and don't feed them for about a month. They should never be allowed to own another animal as long as they live!!!!

Roger  Cyr's picture

dog found

Seriously, do you really think that whover did this will admit and claim the dog...I THINK NOT.Some thing needs to be done to people that do this to any animal.HARSHER PENELTY (sp).on those that do this...


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